Horowitz Blog Expires — of its own silliness

This morning, as I sat down to the computer, I did what I do every morning: went straight to David Horowitz’s Frontpage website. I need a good laugh first thing. This particular morning, however, I noticed something rather odd. Something seemed to be missing. At first, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but as the fog of sleep slowly dissipated with an infusion of live-saving caffeine, I realized what it was: the newly-installed “blog,” called “Moonbat Central” (out of a general lack of any sense of irony) by Horowitz and his employees, was … GONE!

My heart sank. Omigod, I thought: am I to be spared nothing?!

After all, when I think of all the … good times we had: the stupid smears, the juvenile name-calling, the kooky rants posted by the inimitable Steven Plaut, crackpot ultra-Likudnik and defender of the terrorist followers of Meir Kahane… well, I was in shock. Who will soon forget the time he made up a phony “quote” purportedly from Middle East scholar Juan Cole, and then refused to acknowledge that he did it out of sheer malice — or even that he did it at all? Then there was the well-meaning but essentially clueless Richard Poe, Jacob “Smarty Pants” Laksin, and that cute little stud-muffin Myles Kantor (oh, those Cubanos!) — where oh where are they now?, I wondered. What’s become of them and their testy little tirades? When I think of all the fun I had with “Moonbat Central” the tears gather at the corners of my eyes and shyly trickle down — you know, it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure, and this example of the neocon-ized “conservative” movement’s utter nuttiness gave me many hours of hedonistic abandon. And to think that it’s all gone — GONE! — without even an acknowledgement from The Horowitz.

Oh, the sheer awfulness of it all!

The smears, the conjuration of senseless fears, the demagoguery, the intricate weaving of nonexistent conspiracies — all of it wiped out, with not a trace left behind.

Go ahead: go there and look. There’s a friggin’ real estate ad where my heart’s desire used to be. Go there — and weep!

P.S. Thanks to Google, we can still go visit classic posts of the past, and the old links still work: but the erasure of “Moonbat Central” from the front page of Frontpage — what can it mean? Is it temporary, or are we permanently consigned to this Moonbat-less Hell?

UPDATE: There is a God! The erasure of “Moonbat Central” was due, I guess, to a technical error, or maybe an overly strenuous pillow fight over in Horowitz-land. In any case, the Moonbats are back in the bellfry — and all’s right with the world!