Andrew Sullivan Lies — But Not Very Convincingly

Andrew Sullivan, who has accused the antiwar movement of being a “fifth column,” is hallucinating again: he accuses me of “peddling” the story that “the Jews knew about the London bombings in advance” — a brazen lie, as anyone who reads my column can see for themselves. (Sullivan, the supposed Uber-Blogger, doesn’t even give the correct link to it. Typical.)

Let’s clear this up right here and now: Israeli intelligence is not “the Jews.” Indeed, there is no such collective entity as “the Jews.” There is, however, a nation called Israel, with a very efficient intelligence service that makes it its business to know what the jihadists are up to. What is so blatantly dishonest about Sullivan’s smear, however, is that he nowhere refers to the basis of my speculation that the Israelis may have known about the bombings in advance: an Associated Press news story that says:

“British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday’s explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.
Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said.

“… Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. He did not say whether British police made any link to the economic conference. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the nature of his position.” offers this analysis:

“Contrary to original claims that Israel was warned ‘minutes before’ the first attack, unconfirmed rumors in intelligence circles indicate that the Israeli government actually warned London of the attacks “a couple of days” previous. Israel has apparently given other warnings about possible attacks that turned out to be aborted operations. The British government did not want to disrupt the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to London, hoping this would be another false alarm.”

And finally, here’s Tommy Preston, of Preston Global, a 40-year veteran of intelligence work, who says that it wasn’t the Brits who warned Netanyahu, but the Israeli Embassy:

“Terrorism expert Tommy Preston of Preston Global in Frankfort, Kentucky, said sources in the intelligence community reported that at least one person in London, England was warned of Thursday morning’s terrorist attacks moments before the initial blast. Preston, citing sources in the intelligence community, said former Israeli Prime Minister and current Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in London this morning for an economic forum. ‘Just before the first blast, Netanyahu got a call from the Israeli Embassy telling him to stay in his hotel room. The hotel is located next to the subway station where the first attack occurred and he did stay put and shortly after that, there was the explosion,’ Preston said.”

Sullivan, who’s been smearing me and for years, doesn’t care one whit about evidence. He poses as a reasonable right-winger, but when it comes to defending Israel no matter what, he stands alongside Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and the born-again dispensationalist nutballs who believe that Israel can do no wrong.

Sullivan also gets in a tizzy because the heroic Paul Craig Roberts calls Tony Blair a war criminal. Oh yeah, that’s really really outrageous — so outrageous that the British government was scared shitless that their illegal war would indeed make them liable for war crimes, as internal documents show. So get your head out of your ass, Sullivan, and quit lying. And what’s even more ridiculous: he throws me — an openly gay man — in with FRED PHELPS, the Baptist “minister” who goes around holding demonstrations with his tiny clique of followers who carry signs saying “God Hates Fags.” Oh yeah, and I’m also supposedly somehow associated with Charles Colson — who has more in common with laptop bombardier Sullivan, and certainly zero in common with me. What is Sullivan smoking?

As I said in this column the other day:

“The War Party is getting desperate. Unhinged by the complete collapse of public support, and hounded by those who insist on recalling the rosy scenarios predicted by advocates of “democratizing” Iraq by force – they were supposed to shower us with rose petals, it was going to be a “cake walk,” remember? – they are flailing about, lashing out at their enemies with the weapon of last resort – brazen smears, backed up by nothing but arbitrary assertions and Stalinesque rhetoric. You’re bound to see an increase in this as the War Party is further discredited and some of them even face a few, uh, legal problems. Their hysteria is a prelude to their final disintegration, and, as such, it is a good sign. Until they are finally and totally defeated, however, we can only be sure of one thing: it’s going to get a lot uglier.”

Sullivan is a pompous has-been who’s too smart to not know what he’s doing. He concludes his smear-job with this:

“I see little to distinguish these people from the Democratic Underground types. Except that the mainstream right is too squeamish sometimes in condemning them. Ever seen one of these guys ripped up on O’Reilly? Thought not.”

Please, please, please — put me on O’Reilly! With Sullivan, preferably. With one or both hands tied behind my back …

NOTE: I edited the ending of this entry and deleted some particularly harsh (even for me) rhetoric, because my good friend Arthur Silber made an excellent point: it detracts from the message. I wouldn’t want to sink the level of my enemies.