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Speaking of WMDs that do exist…

For some reason or other, a few dozen Nobel prize-winning scientists and other smarty-pantses are concerned that America and Russia still have enough nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert to destroy civilization (“Nobel Laureates say ‘Take Nuclear Warheads off Hair-Trigger Alert’“). One of these Big-Brains Who HATE AMERICA!!! (irony alert), Nobel Peace Showoff scientist Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat (aka “the man who walked away from the Manhattan Project”) came up with the idea of raising money from the private sector to dismantle nuclear weapons. To this end, a long fundraising walk has been organized by the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund. The opening event — which includes a Japanese senator, Nobel prize winners, actor Steven Seagal, etc. — begins Saturday morning in San Francisco: click here for program. The walk starts at noon, heads down the peninsula, and over the next month hits NV, AZ, & NM, ending at the Trinity nuke test site: click here for walk schedule.

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3 months ago (“No Peaking“) I said that I’d answer some of my Peak Oil mail “in the next day or two.” I made a file of many of these e-mails and my replies, and then decided to write an article instead — which I still haven’t done. It’s a shame, ’cause I rec’d a number of good e-mails, both pro and con. When I finish the article I’m working on I’ll post a link to it here. Sorry about that.

London Bombing: Still No Iraqi Terrorists

Zahid Hussain, the London Times‘ correspondent in Pakistan explains “how Pakistan became a hotbed for terrorists“:

For quite some time, there has been a network of contacts between British extremists and the Jihadi organisations based in Pakistan. Once contact has been made with … young people, they become influenced by them and are encouraged to visit the training camps.

For the last two decades, sections of Pakistan have been under the influence of guerillas who were involved in the war against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan – with, it’s important to say, American support.

They had offices in all of the neighbourhoods and were recruiting people to fight in that war. A culture of jihad developed which has continued to this day. Many are still involved in the fighting in Kashmir and through this they have become battle-hardened fighters while others have gone over to Iraq.

Author: Sam Koritz

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