Let’s Press the Press

Alright folks. Sibel Edmonds needs your help. She has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court on the heels of the explosive new Vanity Fair article which cites government investigators saying that the covering up of House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s (among others’) corruption is the reason for the Justice Department’s violation of her rights, gagging her with the state secrets privilege – a privilege that does not even exist in any American statute. Now it is certain: the only national security Sibel threatens with her story is the job security of corrupt politicians.

Don’t let this story die! Call, write, fax, email, cajole and complain until Edmonds gets some real coverage in the press.


The New York Times The Washington Post The Dallas Morning News The Chicago Tribune The Miami Herald

How shameful is it, that after all this time, it took a Brit to come to America, land of the first amendment, to write this story for a fashion magazine?

Very shameful.

Christopher Deliso’s interview of Edmonds here.

My interview of her here.

Edmonds’ homepage is here, her petition is here, and her Antiwar.com archives are here.

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of Antiwar.com, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from ScottHorton.org. He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.