Cindy Sheehan and the threat of peace

The debate continues to rage in the blogs over the number one Technorati search topic, Cindy Sheehan. Fortunately one of my favorite bloggers, Michael Dietz of Reading A1, sorts through the most interesting of the clashes, that of John Cole of Balloon Juice vs. Andrew Northrup of The Poorman:

Radical grief. 

So I come to check the blogs of a silly Saturday, when you don’t expect much to be happening, and hey lookee, there’s been something of a dust-up: at The Poor Man, The Editors has administered a righteous and thoroughly deserved ass-whupping to John Cole, on the occasion of this rancid little screed re: Cindy Sheehan, in which Cole rips off the mask of thoughtfulness and civility that had seduced a few lefty bloggers (er, ahem, harrr) into thinking he was some sort of reachable conservative.  So thoroughly did The Poor Man eviscerate the poor man, so petulant and incoherent the victim’s response, that anything further from me would be piling on.

Allow me, then, to pile on.

Read, as they say, the rest.

The Huffington Post has a Sliming Cindy update.  If you were wondering just how low the HawkBlogs could go in their insane, desperate quest to Joe Wilson Cindy Sheehan, here’s the answer.  I must admit that I don’t understand how Cindy and her husband separating is relevant to Cindy’s confrontation with G WMD Bush any more than I could understand how Valerie Wilson’s identity had anything to do with whether Niger sold  yellowcake to Iraq or not.  I guess you have to have a secret Republican Wingnut Family Values Decoder ring or something.