The Wacky World of David Horowitz


Basra’s academics face a wave of assassination in the southern city of Basra, probably at the hands of Shiite religious militias. You wonder if David Horowitz is happy that more “balance” is being achieved in Iraq history departments, what with the rubbing out of those secular liberal humanist professors.”

Speaking of the wild, wacky, wing-dingy world of David Horowitz, the blog of his “Frontpage” online magazine has got to be read to be believed. The latest battiness from “Moonbat Central”: because a Scottish daily, The Scotsman, once did an article on suspected Israeli agents in America who cheered and danced when the World Trade Center was attacked — and were arrested and deported — that newspaper has been consigned by Moonbat-par-excellence Steven Plaut to the status of “a moonbat far-Left Scottish newspaper that loves moronic conspiracy ‘theories.'” So how come Glenn Reynolds is citing them as an authoritative source?

C’mon guys, get your story straight!