Marines killed in booby-trapped outpost

It seems I was right when I thought that the story put out by the military to account for the death of ten Marines and the wounding of eleven more was fishy. Still, the new account doesn’t seem all that forthcoming, either. CNN reports:

An insurgent homemade bomb that killed 10 Marines and wounded 11 others last week in Iraq was triggered as troops were leaving a promotion ceremony, Marine Corps officials said Tuesday.

Military officials originally said the Marines died December 1 while on foot patrol near the restive city of Falluja in western Iraq.

Misreporting up the chain of command led to the incorrect reporting of the location to the media, Marine officials said

Officials determined the blast went off at an abandoned flour factory used by the Marines as an outpost. It’s believed one of the Marines stepped on a pressure plate, setting off the explosion, officials said. (Marines identified)

Two of the Marines killed — from the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force — had been promoted at the ceremony. The area around the abandoned factory had been swept for explosives before the company commander’s arrival.

The bomb was believed to have been made up of at least four artillery shells.

I still don’t understand why a promotion ceremony was held in an abandoned flour factory, even if it was used as an “outpost”, whatever that means. Maybe eventually the whole story will come out, Tillman-style.

You’ve got to wonder how insurgents got into the flour factory and booby trapped it with four wired together artillery shells while it was in service as an outpost. An inside job?

UPDATE: OK, people are emailing links to this video and asking things like:

But if this new story is true, then why did the insurgents quickly release a video showing themselves detonating a roadside bomb?

Who is telling the truth? Why tape a different event and release it? They seem to like to tape their exploits, so why not tape the factory and release that?

All I can see in that video are 8 soldiers (Marines if this is the video of the 10 killed.) Assuming there are 2 in the humvee, that could account for 10 casualties. But, there were supposed to be 21! Where are the other eleven?