Mehlis Aforethought

From the AP:

    BERLIN – The U.N.’s lead investigator in the inquiry into the assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister said Wednesday he believes a spate of recent killings in the country are linked.

    “These are not isolated attacks,” Detlev Mehlis told reporters at a news conference after returning home to Berlin from the U.N. assignment. “It’s pretty clear that there are connections, even if I can’t prove it.”

    Mehlis did not elaborate on his comments, citing the ongoing investigation. He said he could not predict how long the probe would take.

This is a major self-inflicted blow to Mehlis’ credibility. Isn’t it the job of an investigator to put up or shut up? What is the purpose of such statements, other than the geopolitical equivalent of jury-tampering? And if Mehlis doesn’t feel the need to prove what he already deems “clear,” then why doesn’t he go ahead and tell us what those connections are? No need to observe formalities after a statement like that.