Glenn Reynolds’ Warning

Jonathan Schwarz has some important thoughts on Glenn Reynolds’ warning to antiwar Americans, particularly his stunning update, here. And let’s be perfectly clear about this: Ingemi and Reynolds are warning us to shut the f*ck up about war crimes or face the armed wrath of the war-supporters.

Now Alan Dershowitz has shown that law profs at even elite universities are not necessarily geniuses, but anyone who can pass the reading comprehension portion of the GED knows exactly what Ingemi meant. His (and Reynolds’) more-in-sadness-than-in-anger tone doesn’t change anything, nor does the fact (alluded to in one of Reynolds’ updates) that a minor New York politician made a stupid joke about shooting Bush. I have no doubt that Ingemi, Reynolds, and their ilk are, for the most part, blustering wimps who faint at the sight of blood, but a warning is a warning. Take heed.