More US Troops Deaths than 9/11 Deaths

Buried deep in the story about the capture of the No. 2 of al-Qaeda in Iraq, we find out that with the death of 4 US troops in Iraq, “the total number of Americans killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts [is] above the number of Americans and foreign nationals killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” How many more have to die?

2 thoughts on “More US Troops Deaths than 9/11 Deaths”

  1. We lost more troops on D-Day in Europe than the years we’ve been in Iraq. We are in a “war” people need to stop whinning.

  2. The point is examining the insanity of the diminishing returns of violence, in losing more men fighting a war than were lost in the (falsely claimed) cause of the war and which could be expected to be lost later by not going to war. It’s not about exact numbers–“Oh, we lost more men doing some other thing than we did this”–it’s a simple cost-benefit analysis.

    If your neighbor’s dog kills your cat, do you gather up your family and assault him in his yard and not stop even though he’s knocked out your daughter’s teeth, broken your son’s arm, and you’ve escalated to putting a stake through his wife’s heart? Especially if you knew it was some stray who actually killed your cat and not your neighbor’s dog?

    It forces us to ask: how have those deaths served to give meaning to the deaths of those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attack? Or are we just piling pointless death and misery on-top-of pointless death and misery?

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