How Media & Intellectuals Subvert US Democracy

The Globalist website posted an article of mine on how the media and intellectuals subvert American democracy.  Here’s the lead of the piece –

Why is it that in the United States, the vast majority of government abuses and failures either never show up on the  intellectual radar screen, or are merely one or two blips — and then forever gone?

One reason is that many intellectuals have long disdained the specific details of government policies.

The more coercive government becomes, the more tactless it is to admit that government coerces. Looking at the actual details of government policy is left to the auditors and accountants, the congressional staffers — or perhaps the interns.

The politically correct attitude looks beyond the government’s past failings and current botches — and focuses instead on the idea of government……..

Full text of the article is at the Globalist website  and on my blog  – = where comments & condemnations are always welcome