Antiwar GOP Rep. Ron Paul Running for President!

The news is good — for once. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the libertarian congressman whose dedication to principle is one of the wonders of the world, is running for the GOP presidential nomination (hat tip: Lew Rockwell).

At last — a Republican who opposes our interventionist foreign policy (consistently and articulately) and who has this to say about the Iraq war. Rep. Paul opposed this rotten war from the very beginning — and, what’s going to be delightful, is that he is not going to be outdone by any Democrat regarding the Iraq issue.

Better yet, this will exacerbate the split in the GOP over the war and give antiwar activists a banner around which to repair during an election season that would otherwise feature the same rogues gallery of warmongers, fence-straddlers, and all-too-familiar faces.

7 thoughts on “Antiwar GOP Rep. Ron Paul Running for President!”

  1. YES IT IS. Ron Paul is a candidate that truly appeals to both sides. I just got done reviewing some new Ron Paul Shirts based off The Big Lebowski…take a look!

  2. Yea, Ron Paul; back to common sense in Government and the end of these wars that are causing hatred of our nation all around the world. Support him, for he may be our last vestige of constitutional liberty.

  3. Hello!

    I want to encorage fellow American supporters of Ron Paul to press on with the fight even though we lost the NH round recently.

    I have invited hundreds of my friends to support Ron Paul from Asia. And this is my first comic creation on Ron Paul and i have embedded it on my blog. Many more Ron Paul comics are on the way. Please be my comic fan on

    See my Ron Paul comic here:-

    It’s not only Americans who need Ron Paul. The world needs Ron Paul too!

    Live Free or Die!!!

    Jairus, Singapore

  4. I urge everyone to vote Ron Paul! He is the one true candidate… it couldn’t matter less what party he is in, he just cares about where this country is going and that’s what we need!!

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