Bolton Hopes North Koreans ‘Are Not Serious About Denuclearization’

In an interview with CNN this morning, former UN ambassador John Bolton slammed today’s deal with North Korea as a “sham,” comparing it to the agreement reached in the 1990s by the Clinton Administration.

In response to a quote from Condoleezza Rice praising the agreement, Bolton said:

“The best thing you can say about this deal is that it’s so incomplete, and that the North Koreans may yet save us from ourselves by overreaching. They violated the 1994 agreed framework because they want to have it both ways. They want to keep the nuclear program and get these economic benefits. So I’m hoping the North Koreans will come to our rescue and show they’re not really serious here about denuclearization, because I don’t think they are.” (emphasis added)

I am assuming when Bolton says “come to our rescue” he is referring to the Neocons, not humanity.