OMG, Like, Go Levantine High!

Is Palestine a high school full of tantrum-throwing teenagers? I don’t know why I’m only now compelled to bitch about this odd situation wherein Israel will not stop sanctioning, roadblocking, kidnapping, squatting on, shooting, and bombing the Palestinians and their land unless Hamas — the radical Islamic group forged by Israeli hands, and which up until this week dominated the Palestinian Authority — recognizes the right of Israel to exist as an exclusive Jewish state. And now that Palestine has a unity government which includes Fatah and other, independent political figures, the US will continue to boycott the PA because it will still not recognize Israel.

One could easily say to the Palestinians: Why won’t you just recognize Israel and end the misery? But one could just as easily say the same to Israeli leaders: Why won’t you grow the hell up and stop caring what your mortal enemies think of you?

Flashback to 1996, Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Florida: Marissa will never stop spreading rumors about Becky because she said she doesn’t like Marissa’s new nose. But Marissa, like, totally stole Becky’s boyfriend last year and they have hated each other ever since, anyhow, so like, why does Marissa even care what Becky thinks? Ugh, anywayyys-uh.

Israel: you’re supposed to be the sane, Western liberal democratic society, right? Act like it, not a spoiled brat.