Antiwar Pop Music Falls Flat

I can’t even think of any modern antiwar pop music, actually, I just know of a few songs that have lamely hurled juvenile denunciations at Bush like little wet boogers. Pink has continued the tradition of crappy lyrics that try to hit home and fail. It’s not all bad — at this point I’m smiling at anything that picks on Bush for any reason — but some of the lyrics are just so much tired liberal candy. She mentions the homeless twice in the song. We get it, homeless bad. Abortion, gay daughters, it goes on. She does allude to war a couple times, but not with nearly as much punch as is packed when she says Bush has “come a long way from whiskey and cocaine” and “you don’t no nothin’ ’bout hard work” — not that that last one isn’t true.

Anyway, at least she has a good voice. Makes dumb lyrics sound better than they should. But something tells me the president isn’t crying in the Oval Office when this comes on the radio.