A ‘Visible Yet Sinister Group’

The “war on terrorism” as a project of the “visible yet sinister group” known as the neoconservatives — that’s the theme of this brilliant and beautiful video:

Andrew Sullivan, who supposedly has had a turnaround on the war, calls this “Nazi-like.” What’s so “Nazi-like” about it? Well, you see, the evidence is “in its concern with aesthetics.” So any “skillful” use of film in the service of making a political point is ”Nazi-like”? “Somehow,” Andy babbles on, ”I feel the irony was lost on it creators.” The irony here is that Sullivan’s use of the “Big Lie” technique is itself Nazi-like. As for the film, Sullivan clearly refuses to pay attention to its trenchant critique of managed “corporatist” economics and military expansionism, reducing it to epithets like “Chomsky-esque” when in fact it is much closer to what Old Right critics of militarism and big government, like John T. Flynn, were saying in the aftermath of World War II.