5 thoughts on “Nucking Futs, or Crazy Like a Fox?”

  1. dear sir/madam
    i saw your video finnally i would like to join with you and your org if you given really change for me i will do my best dear,,
    Som Raj Ghale

  2. I’m a Christian… what i see when i consider the video and the video showing is a lot of people who dont even understand what they are talking about. Yes The Lord is coming back… you can be sure of that… none on earth has nothing to do with it… yes we should pray for israel… the Bible commands it. for you who don’t believe… remember my commentary when millions around the globe disapear in one second… in the twinkle of an eye…

  3. One this is for sure, the religious nuts will lead the whole world to war due to their insane thinking and inability to grasp reality. Its time to get rid of faith and start using reason.

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