13 thoughts on “What If They Expand Their Mounted Cavalry?”

  1. Mr. Bandow is right. Prior to U.S. involvement in the 2002 coup which would have abolshed Venzuela’s constitution and re-started the good old days of a Latin dictator, President Chavez was portrayed as a populist buffoon. After Bush rapidly recognized the illegal (and brief) junta, Chavez was handed every justification to fear the U.S.

    President Bush again embarrassed our republic with his meddling. I’d rather Bush stay in Crawford the remainder of his term than engage in any more of this absurd foreign policy.

    Venezuela’s resources and government are not United States territory. I notice we continue to purchase oil from Venezuela, as well as some other vicious regimes- such as Saudi Arabia.

    1. John Nielsen (evidently just another Yankee Dildo Dandy with a PhD in International Relations from the University of Comedy Central at South Park) reckons Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are “vicious regimes”. On what basis?

      Maybe “they killed Kenny” (the bastards), but when did either one test nuclear weapons on civilians “just because”? Or wantonly attack any other countries (many other countries) for any reason (let alone no reason)?

  2. I’d rather that Bush was castrated with a rusty spoon, by Leona Bobbitt, and then we got nasty, but I’d settle for his being sent to the gallows, where he is long overdue.

    For heavens sakes the diseased Nazi bastard is planning to start a war on Iran!

    1. Skip the castration. Let us be men, unilke the bastards who lord themselves over us. And as for the gallows, and be satisfied with mass impeachment of the entire Executive branch. Too bad 90% of Congress needs impeachment. Promote Ron Paul shamelessly!

  3. D.J Weber-You got it right sir.Bush isnt really all that should be feared.He’s just an idiot, it’s not really his fault he actually really doesnt know what he is doing! Its hard to believe but i think he really is that dumb. Cheney is the one who we shoud worry about not only is he a crazed lunatic, but he is smart too.He knows how to manipulate information to get what he wants.

  4. The problem is deeper than Bush & Cheney. The Democrats are already hinting that they will continue the aggression-based foreign policy that Bush built up. Come to think of it, he inherited a rather hostile foreign policy from Bill Clinton (remember Kosovo?)

    When politicos crank up the polemic of removing bad leaders and democratizing the world, watch out. It’s the equivalent of a crowd of Muslims shouting “Allahu akbar!” It means we’re getting ready to perpetrate more aggression.

    Our only hope, slim thought it be, is to champion the institution of the sovereign nation-state. That would return us to dialogue, and put military force in the background where it belongs.

    A strong Iran is in our interest; they put Al Qaeda members behind bars. The same goes for a strong Russia, China, India, etc. Our enemies are non-national guerrilla networks, not “evil” nations.

  5. Interesting cartoon I saw recently. Rove dropped his puppit strings to Bush, but Cheney still holds a set. Rove was mostly interested in political corruption of the Republican party- make bush a dictator for life-there was some discussion after 9/11 to extend indefinitely the terms of the president. cheney is out to control the world for US oil companies and that company he nearly bankrupted when he was president-Haliburton

  6. Is it not time to rename Washington: Tel Aviv WEST and London: Tel Aviv NORTH and Sydney: Tel Aviv SOUTH. Is there a Tel Aviv EAST

    1. or just make Israel the 51st state, and while we are at it, might as well make it the new US Capital as well.

  7. It is always funny to read this administration being afraid of other countries military spending. Just like here, 5000 rifles compare to the 190 000 lost in Iraq? One is a security risk, the other one is “oobs” problem.

  8. Russian doctrine is to have a Dragunov equipped sniper in each squad, as opposed to the American deployment of snipers in detached teams. Perhaps Venezuela is getting some Russian training in infantry tactics.

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