9 thoughts on “George and Condi sneak into Iraq again”

  1. Now my worrie is .. wheres Dead eye Dick hiding … yanno that man bears watching .. I trust him about as far as we can throw him ..

  2. The reason for Bush’s secret surprise visit to Iraq is obvious. To divert attention away from the midnight withdrawal of the British from Basra (and effectively Iraq), that would have been in the news and raised interesting comments on CONgress’ return.

  3. If Bush thinks everything in Iraq is so swimmingly improving securitywise…why doesn’t he take a walk down “Arab Street” through the Baghdad Bazaar to see what kind of a reception he gets? It might be bright…but won’t be bright flowers.

  4. Better yet, why doesn’t King George sign up his DAUGHTERS to do a little time in Baghdad!

  5. What’s the millions of displaced Iraqis doing in Syria, Iran and Jordan? They should ‘sneak’ into USA and live the good lives of freedom and democracy.

  6. Well, the lickspittle our Dear Leader installed in the Department of Offense has decided on what his report will say about the status of the occupying army in Iraq. The conclusions of this report, like the war in Iraq itself and the coming war with Iran, were preordained from the start and the facts are being fixed around the policy. The fact that the MSM is breathlessly awaiting the conclusions of this report and acting as if it is a major media event, and not a propaganda operation of the pentagon is further proof that the MSM is just another branch of the MIC. The report due on the "progress" of the surge in Iraq is going to be about as useful as a pile of bovine fecal matter, and will probably smell even worse.

  7. Bahrain,

    Bush’s mother warned the Katrina refugees, that although life is excellent on the floors of a Texas Stadium, they should not take it for granted, and better start making arrangements to return to New Orleans after they are served their third meal. Given that the Iraqis may prefer to stay where they are and not bother with American democracy as long as it comes with the First Mother.

  8. As much as I despise Bush and his war, I do find his 24/7, full-tilt defense of this miserable, criminal invasion to be amazing. Given his slacker performance at every other enterprise in his life, I have to marvel at his concentrated effort to somehow lie, bluff and just plain bs the dimmest 30% of our population into seeing roses growing in a sewer. How does he do it? Is it drugs, insanity or just the energy of a cornered rat?

  9. The garrison would not be complete without the permanent
    handprints of these 2 in concrete.

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