Antiwar March in DC Saturday – Ron Paul Supporters Contact Info

There will be a big antiwar march in Washington on Saturday. The march is sponsored by scores of organizations; ANSWER is the prime mover. I disagree with them on plenty of economic and social issues, but they are right on the war.   The main event starts around noon at Lafayette Square next to the White House.

The weather forecast is sunny.   Plus, there are several excellent breweries along the march route from the White House to the Capitol.   And there will be lots of entertaining signs and folks at the event.

There will reportedly be pro-war counterdemonstrators along the march route, so that should spice up the day nicely.

Libertarian activist Aaron Biterman is organizing Ron Paul supporters to march with RP and pro-freedom signs.  He emailed me: “Ron Paul supporters are going to gather AT 11:30am at the METRO CENTER Metro Stop (607 13th St. NW). …  Exit the subway at Metro Center on the UPPER LEVEL (red line) via the 13th and G exit (furthest west exit — closest to the white house).  I will be at the corner of 13th and G with a Ron Paul t-shirt and sign.”  His email is

This might be the last chance for awhile to march against Bush & Co.  One never knows what the Absolutists in the White House might do, especially if Bush attacks Iran and Americans finally wake up…

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Here is a photo I took of a Centurion near the White House at an antiwar demo two years ago….  (( A full size version of the photo is available at my Flickr page )