McCain: Lying or Just Wrong?

Video is not kind to demagoguing politicians like McCain. Establishment water-carrier Tim Russert clearly isn’t up to the task of pointing out McCain’s false statements, but YouTubers are.

15 thoughts on “McCain: Lying or Just Wrong?”

  1. Sometimes, when I hear McCain, it seems as if he has totally blocked out his days as a POW. There is an udercurrent of..just kill them all no matter how many body bags land at Dover. On Meet the Press, his face was heavily flushed every time Kerry contradicted him on facts, though his remarks sounded like the …GLORY DAYS IN IRAQ. Something is blocking his acceptance to the reality.
    Our Military is dying and getting maimed for nothing but for the warmongring war profiteers.
    Olde from the twenties.

  2. McCain never had much in the way of brains and his “maverick” reputation was simply spin on all his dumb self-contradictions. He never had a coherent view of anything. Now he has lost what little sense he had left. He knows his Presidential campaign is down the tubes and I suspect he is just blowing all the crap that is left out of his mind in frustration at how his future has disappeared.

    1. Which explains why the residents of my state have kept him in the Senate for nearly three decades, along with his equally corrupt and incompetent colleague, John Kyl. Only in Arizona…

  3. Why its just going to be the way John McCain understands it to be, its as simple as that, isn’t it? But let no one confuse McCain’s obstinance respecting detail with Bush’s regarding policy. While McCain’s is a kind of childish petulance, Bush’s is born more of the material of ideology, specifically the Hitlerian notion of the triumph of the will. And the two are world’s apart. In the one case you’re dealing with an infant, in the other with a lunatic. Such are two of the choices with which the system presents us.

    John Lowell

  4. It is ironic that McCain seems more comfortable to be in the company of draft dodgers who lover wars for others to fight than with many veterans who now comprise a sizable part of the anti-war movement.

  5. Tex says: “Is he lying, or…?” Silly question from a silly man. Clue: Are his lips moving? When are we going to learn that it’s all lies, all of it?

  6. Viewing John McCain, you are looking at a destroyed, convoluted, psychological mess; this paranoid creature is intent upon wreaking havoc upon ANYONE within his klaidascopic vision that has not gone through the travails he has. I personally knew and served with his father. He reminded me of General Patton. Bush the younger, as with McCain the younger, are the belligerent offspring brats that never could approach the character level of their esteemed parents. McCain certainly can’t try to coincide his ineptitude as a pilot with patriotism! Well he is, and now “the world will pay for that”.

  7. Best comedy moment in the last decade? I vote for:

    “John McCain, what a maverick. Somebody find out what fork he used on his salad, because I guarantee you it wasn’t a salad fork. He could have used a spoon! There’s no predicting him.”

    — Stephen Colbert at the Correpsondents’ Dinner

  8. Off topic, but I’ve heard Scott Horton refer to the Anbar “sheik” that was assassinated. I just came across this article on it.

    Here’s what you need to know that NPR won’t tell you.

    1. Sheik Abu Risha wasn’t a sheik.
    2. He wasn’t killed by Al Qaeda.
    3. The new alliance with former insurgents in Anbar is as fake as the sheik – and a murderous deceit.

  9. John Mc “stab your brother in the back”. Don’t listen to a former military man that’s dumb enough to tell you that an occupied war torn city is a safe place for foreigners. Only if you take a small army and helicopters along with you and make surprise visits.

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