Don’t you dare call it terrorism!

A Bosnian Muslim man was apprehended Monday as he tried to enter the U.S. embassy in Vienna, Austria with an explosive-laden backpack. Another Bosnian was arrested later Monday, suspected of being an accomplice.

It is nothing short of a miracle that the suspects were actually identified as “Bosnians” as opposed to “former Yugoslavs” or some such rubbish (as was the case with ethnic Albanians charged in the plot to attack Fort Dix earlier this year). Satisfied with this nod to the obvious, however, neither the Austrian government nor the media covering the event are willing to go any further. So the Austrians publicly state they “can’t say anything at the moment about a possible motive.” Indeed, Austria’s top cop (“general manager for public security”) Eric Buxbaum said “It is too early to speak of an Islamist background,” while Doris Edelbacher, identified by the AP as chief spokeswoman for Austria’s federal counterterrorism office, is said to have “played down speculation… that the thwarted attack may have been motivated by radical Islamic ideology.”

Because, you see, the wannabe-bomber and his handler were Bosnian Muslims, and that just can’t happen. The two suspects are Muslims? Check. There’s a jihadist imam in Graz, preaching jihad and murder of infidels? Check. The backpack bomb is the kind of device routinely used to blow up Israelis? Check. A Muslim prayer book is found in the backpack? Check. They are from where? Well, then, they can’t possibly be jihadists. Call off the search, boys, motive unknown.

What on earth could possibly be a motive for a jihad-style attack by a Muslim on a U.S. embassy? Jihad? Of course not! Out of the question! Never! Must be because… they didn’t process his visa request fast enough! That’s it! Perhaps he should sue the American government for causing him undue hardship; he wouldn’t be the first.

Already the mainstream press is saying that the main suspect has “sought psychiatric help” in the past, trying to suggest he was just a nutcase. Maybe there is something to it; but on the other hand, the fact that he panicked, threw the bomb away and tried to run, instead of blowing himself up, suggest that “Asim C.” is not mentally ill. I’m not so sure about those trying to spin his inept attempt at martyrdom as anything but.

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  1. Weren’t these guys the ones that Bubba supposedly saved from genocide? How odd……. Ingrates!!!

  2. Of courese it could not have been terrorism! Remember Islam is a peaceful religion and they love everybody and respect every human being’s basic rights. The Jihadists have not blown up thousands of people, have they? Its only big bad america and big bad Israel that upsets all of these lovely peaceful people who just want to live in peace and harmony and who want to help promote freedom and equality, especially for women and gays. And those nasty passages in the Quran, oh they are just misinterpreted so don’t you worry about that.

    1. Yes it is big bad America and Israel that are the problem terrorists. Muslisms are simply defending themselves against the world bullies.

    2. I read your comments which is absurd and baseless. Ignorance is not the answer. If you really wants to know, read the holy
      book of Quran before you even say anything. Don’t act like
      a child. Few bad people can’t change the beautiful religion of Islam. I strongly recommend you to learn more knowledge not from CNN but International media.

      “Timothy Mcveigh was not a Muslim”

      Thanks for reading this.

    3. When they attack us it’s “terrorism”, when we attack them it’s righteous self-defense.

      Welcome to the “truthiness” (ie reality disconnect)of the brain dead.

      It was an asymmetric attack on an outpost of the criminal US/Israeli imperium. Utterly predictable and completely justified.

      If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    4. The white man (civilized society) has been liberating and civilizing savages since 1095 with billions served and still counting.

  3. Judeo-Christianity is a peaceful religion, also. Remember the Ten Commandments? What about “Thou shall not kill”?

    1. To Bill Petty,

      Judeo christianity and Islam are as peaceful as any other religion. But Most killing are done by Christians in the world……. Please read history and count. Count people died because of Islamic extremists all over and Western powers killed in WW1, WW2, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Panama, Vietnam, Vietcong…..gosh list never ends.

      Who hanged or poisioned a scholor for telling the world that earth revolves around sun? I think it was some Muslim and may be is taught in Quran……..

      Who was hanging innocent human beings in Southern USA in recent history…..

      1. I lived in the southern USA .I never saw one hanging person . parttial correction I did see the picture of one innocent black boy hung in Missippi . The three criminals were prosecuted . I also saw a picture of dozens of christians heads on top of muslim spears in Kosovo . not one muslim has ever been held accountable in the new muslim state of Kosovo .

  4. To Tim,
    I invite you to come to the South of India and experience the harmony that exists between Muslims, Hindus and Christians. In the north of India things are not so good but they are not bad.Unlike Europe where people cannot wear symbols of their religion in public, in India, virtually everyone wears what they want without offending anyone else.
    The Muslims of India, who read the Koran everyday, do not go out and practice Jihad in this country. If they are aggressive in the Middle East, it is because they have been the target of much injustice and all because they have the curse of oil beneath the ground they live on. The Ottaman empire was redrawn and parcelled out so that there would be friendly despots to keep the oil fed engines of Britain and the West running. Israel was perpetrated on them without so much as “by your leave” to get rid of an inconvenient people in Christian Europe and also to be a bulwark for the West in the Middle East (Read Balfour’s statements on this).
    I suggest you get educated about Judaism and Christianity too. Let me tell you about what the Old Testament orders for women “caught’ in adultery (not the men , mind you).They were to be stoned to death. Leviticus calls for the killing of gays (Lev 20.13) and death is the reward for all those people who have comitted bestiality. Christianity also thought that women could not teach and had to sit in Church with their heads covered and that homosexuality was unclean. That is why there is this ruckus about gay bishops and women priests in North America.
    You are right. Big, bad US of A is responsible,directly or indirectly, for most of the violence in this world.Martin Luther King said as much even though he loved your country. And Israel which practices racism and apartheid and yet has the sanction of Christian America is really living in on territory that it grabbed from its original owners at the point of a gun claiming authority from, would you believe it, the Old Testament!! So don’t point fingers at the Koran alone.
    I am BTW a believing Indian Christian

    1. George, you make some interesting points and I thank you for them. Briefly, let me just address a few: I agree with you that in the Old Testament there some awful, repugnant passages. And yes, Christianity too, at one time, was violent and spread with the sword. But do you know what the difference is? Jews and Christians have progressed a great deal since then. When was the last time you heard of a Rabbi or a Priest wanting to stone someone to death for adultury, homosexuality, or bestiality? Jews and Christians just don’t do those things anymore.

      Yes, there were the Crusades and the Inquisitions but that was hundreds of years ago. On the other hand, what about the Muslims? In many parts of the world they are still violent and they stone people to death and cut off body parts and subjugate women. That is a fact. When the Pope or an artist dares to say something critical of their prophet they take to the streets and riot and spill innocent blood. Also, I invite you to look at the official website of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC. They don’t hide anything. You can find on that website a list of various laws, Sharia laws, that are followed.

      Saudi Arabia is home to Mecca and it is where thousands of devout Muslims flock to for the “Hajj” and look at the disgusting and vile laws they have? And you talk of racism in Israel? How about Saudi Arabia? Can a Jews or Christians openly practice their faith Saudi Arabia? And how about in Iran where they allow 9 year old girls to be raped and call it “marriage” or in Jordan where if a women gets raped she can be killed to restore the honor of the family.

      Where is the outrage about that? And if Muslims in your part of India are modern and moderate then that is wonderful! I am happy to hear that but why don’t they stand up to the radicals and try to reform their religion?

      And one more thing: Please don’t make excuses for terrorism and violence. Don’t tell me that the muslims in the middle east are subject to injustice and that is a reason for their violence. There is no excuse for it. You mentioned The Rev. Dr. King, he was subjected to great injustice but he NEVER engaged in violence nor did he tolerate or have anything to do with those who did. So please don’t disrespect his memory my mentioning him in a discussion of radical Islam.

      1. Ignorance, injustice and oppression is practiced in the guise of religions all over the world and Muslims certainly don’t possess the monopoly.
        There is absolutely no justification or excuse for the killing of civilians, whether a bomb is carried in a belt or dropped from an F16.
        I sense an attempt in your response to be objective, but it is still a biased view. The crusades are not a distant memory and a subject in our history books, they are continuing today, Pres. Bush has called the current wars a crusade on numerous occasions, and he has also stated he has taken his instruction God. 1M Iraqis dead! >100 thousand Afghanis dead! to say that the we in the west, a Christian society have evolved above the pale is itself ignorant. The USA still practice capital punishment second only after S.Arabia.
        No society is perfect and terrorism should not be used in such broad terms as to include anybody or action that opposes personal interest.

        1. I think you are going with antiwar death rates on the muslim side , but you are certianly right about there is no reason for christians and muslims to be involved in the buisnessmens wars . As a matter of fact it is against our rules to kill one and another . It would truley be comical if the muslims and christians refused to participate in wars . I have often thought of the jews muslims and christians all baning together and refusing to kill anyone . I'am sure the world will turn out this way sooner or latter after the Jews and christian learn to submit themselves to muslim rule .

      2. Actually Tim, your assertions are hypocritical (or simply ignorant). Right wing christians in the US have been running their own “jihads” for 30-40 years now – and in the process killing millions of people worldwide (far more than moslems).

        Look into the role of Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. in killing Indonesians in the 1970s or the role of our christian jiahdists in killing 300,000 catholics in the 1980s – here is a good place to start:

        Testament of the Death Squads
        Good Christ, Bad Christ

    2. Wow BTW. What a History lesson in few paragraphs. I commend you for your writing and hope that the truth seeker will enjoy and eternal racists will crunch.

    3. Although modern Christianity had completely lost any right to associate with the name of Jesus – since he quite clearly did not teach to kill the unfaithful, quite the opposite, as well as stressed the importance of substance over form (“know them by their deeds, not words”) – having said that modern Christianity is NOT the basis for modern and 20th century day “christian” nations military aggressions all over the world (US, Germany).

      On the other hand, Jihadists certainly act in the name of Islam, and millions (if not billions) of muslism support directly (or indirectly) such actions.

      So, one good step would be to equate Islam with German national-socializm and ban it, but only in conjunction with exact same measures towards zionizm (a.k.a. neo-convervatizm/ “trotsko-democracizm”).

      The rest of political teachings and religions are so-so.

      If that would happen beofore I die, I would be very happy…

    4. “Christianity also thought that women could not teach and had to sit in Church with their heads covered and that homosexuality was unclean.”

      Now – this seems to me certainly MUCH less harsh then stoning… there is certain difference between *moral” judgments and death penalty…

    5. Islam and Judaism are close to the same teaching . Allaha when he talked to Mohmad must have told him the same thing . or else mohmad copied the bible . When Abarham put Isac up for a sacrafice to God for the Jews Abraham brought Ishmael for the muslims . Only diferance was Abraham used a axe or a knife . The christians believe God sacrificing his son instead of the other way around . It is all very confusing to non believers , but sacrificing your son is the ultimate sacrifice that anyone can imagine . So God must love us a lot .

  5. I must say, you lost me with this bigoted article. Is turning a new leaf, or had I missed this undercurrent of anti-Islam bias before?

    The article conveniently ignores the carnage of Muslims in both Iraq and Afghanistan as possible motivations for Muslim militants and instead chooses to engage in the typical villification of Islam spewed by Zionists.

    Our actions in predominantly Muslim countries have led to untold numbers of civilian fatalities. Can you say Falluja and Haditha? By some estimates well over 1 million dead civilians in Iraq alone. This is beyond terrorism. This is genocide. And in the name of what? Imperialism? Capitalism? Zionism? All of the above?

    I don’t support the killing of innocents, but if we are to condemn terrorism, let’s not be selective about it and let’s delve into the causes. This article is ameteur night, even by normal bigot standards.

    1. I certianly agree with you droping bombs from airplanes is the samething as sending in maryters to blow themselves up . Thats what war realy is terrorism .

  6. Daoud — has a bug up its you-know-what when it comes to Yugoslav Muslims. Vestiges of an overdone pro-Serbian bias in ex-Yugoslavia’s bloody polygamous divorce.

  7. This article is more of a swipe at how the terrorist label is reserved for certain individuals (the Iraqi Insurgents) but not other similarly motivated actors because it fits the agenda. The mainstream media and the Government can’t call Bosnian Muslim extremists “terrorists” because then that would cast some doubt on NATO’s involvement over there and the true nature of the mission that was begun by President Clinton under the false pretense of stopping genocide. Never mind the expansion of NATO far beyond its original charter. No, according to the MSM, the only villains in Bosnia are Serbs and we’re needed to protect the helpless minorities from ethnic cleansing.

    1. Thank you. I was trying to reply to Daoud Ali to explain how he/she missed the point of the article, but you did it way better than me.

    2. I think you have it right . It was the Serbs that have been ethnicaly cleansed in Croatia , Bosnia and Kosovo . But dont exspect NATO to worry about them ,becuase they are christians . If NATO had not been there Serbs would be ruling as much of Yugoslavia they wanted to . most likely Yugoslavia would still be a country . Serbs were the largest ethnic groupe you know . I dont think the west has any idea how disapointed this made Russia . But I think there are going to be many consequences that west hasn't even imagined yet .

  8. I hardly think “Radical Islamic Ideology” has much to do with any young Muslem male wanting to kill westerners or being motivated to do “terrorism”.

    That the west is killing their co-religionists by the bushel load is the motivation. It is called revenge. And one hardly need be particularly religious to act on such feelings.

    I am not the most religious of people (I wish I was)- but if the center of my faith were under assault by armies of self interested post modern barbarians – if they had stormed burned and bombed numerous cathedrals in Europe- if a million Italian Catholics had been killed as a result of this foreign armies invasion- and another 4 million refugees were living in misery- it wouldn’t take much for me to be radicalized either.

    If numerous western countries were ruled over by Muslem backed stooges and dictators and muslem military bases dotted Christian lands along with on going slaughters in two Christian countries at the hands of Muslem murderers bent on theivery and plunder it wouldn’t be the rantings of some “Radical Catholic Priest” that would motivate me. Just the images of carnage and murder and of the mass suffering (that we in this country are never shown of Iraq and Afghanistan by our “free media”) would be enough.

    Would I be one of the brave few to do something about it? Would I want to walk into a embassey and blow up Muslems? I don’t know. I hope I wouldn’t be a pussy though and do nothing.

    Frankly- I am amazed that more Muslems in the west haven’t bugged out and tried to seek vengence.

    1. Follow the teachings of Ghandi, eh? Yeah, his suicide bombings really worked on influencing world opinion. Oh wait……….he used peaceful means to protest British imperialism and it worked. My bad……

  9. “Ethnic Cleansing” is only done by governments that are not under US/Western hegemoney.

    So the Serbs were “enthic cleansers” of the poor Albanians- but the Serbs driven out under a near total western media blackout in the last several years were not “cleansed” since it was done by the stooges of American power- the Albanians.

    Likewise- the mass ethnic cleansing going on in Iraq right now isn’t happening. We know this becuase our “Free press” ignores it. We have Katie Couric go to the depopulated city of Fallujah or Ramadi and announce “progress”. That is what we get. See- Fallujah is “less violent” now and there is “progress”. Nevermind that half the city is depopulated and living in tents in the desert or, if lucky- is some camp in Syria or Iran.

  10. “Jews and Christians have progressed a great deal since then. When was the last time you heard of a Rabbi or a Priest wanting to stone someone to death for adultury, homosexuality, or bestiality?”

    Maybe you should open your eyes and ears young Tim. Those things are happening every day. Far more muslims are dying at the hands of christians and jews than vice versa.

    Look at the christian militias operating in African hotspots. Look at the enablers of the genocide in Rwanda. Look at the political tinkering in the 3rd world of the RCs. Look at how many high ranking masons are involved at the top of the world’s troubles.

    Are you aware that the Sudanese crisis was kicked off by a US and Israeli backed insurgency funded by US christians masquerading as charities? Are you aware that Darfur is an oil rich area?

    Read up on Blackwater Tim. Now there’s a good honest peaceful Christian organisation for you.

    You want outrage? What is outrageous is your wingnut bigotry and double standards when it comes to muslims fighting back from the excesses and greed in the christian and jewish world, Tim.

    1. I do not know about this . I read all about the radical muslims killing the christians and jews of course . In Bosnia , Kosovo ,Sudan ,Keneya ,Chinia , Russia , Spain , England , Pakistan ,Afganistan . and even here at our military bases in the United States .

  11. To Justaguy:

    To the denizens of Pee Panters who “fear” the guy they call “Islam” (all muslems are reduced in their pee brain to one stupid lock step guy- called “islam”) – there is no such thing as Muslem self defense- not even in their own countries. It is all “terrorism.” Conversely- there is no such thing as an American war of aggression. They literally can’t envision what one would even look like. All wars waged by their holy DC government are, by definition, good- just- and necessary wars of defense.

    I guess if the US government waved a Nazi flag around and started and wore placards around their necks saying “WE ARE EVIL and WANT TO KILL BABIES” then maybe- the reich wing legions might think that their Government might be waging an unjust war. But as long as DC says nice things- then it is all good- kill murder rape torture rob . . . whatever. If DC does it- it is good. If a dirty moooslem does it- evil.

  12. This site is awful when it comes to Bosnia. Isn’t it possible to oppose NATO aggression in Bosnia & Kosovo without whitewashing Serbian atrocities or by engaging in Islamophobic depictions of Bosnian Mulsims that would make Daniel Pipes proud?

  13. Who is Nebojsa Malic ? He is bosnian from Sarajevo
    “Nebojsa Malic left his home in Bosnia after the Dayton Accords and currently resides in the United States. During the Bosnian War he had exposure to diplomatic and media affairs in Sarajevo. As a historian who specializes in international relations and the Balkans, Malic has written numerous essays on the Kosovo War, Bosnia, and Serbian politics. His exclusive column for debuted in November 2000.”
    this post is nice work for neo-cons ! nice work for anti-muslim agenda , more than bilion muslims exist on this planet , and how many terorist ataks after 9/11 on american soil ? or muslim ataks on NATO troops in Bosnia? answer ; zero ! none ! 0 !
    thanks !

    1. O zero Nato expounds the muslim agenda , how many muslim attacks on the Talaban or Al Qaida maybe you should check on orthadox church explosions in Kosovo or how many heads cut off in africia , how

      1. I see Muslim governments killing gays. Well, since my country has propped up so many regimes in the Muslim world , I see Iran killing homosexuals. I see Israel doing everything in it’s power to exterminate Palestinians
        and influencing our foreign policy to declare war on any regime that cannot be bought in the region. I see my country being led by zionist Christians and Jews to wars
        against Islamic countries they cannot buy. If these religions are for peace, I think they have been grossly misrepresented by their governments.

  14. To those who first came to this site because of Iraq, you need to realize this website started because of the US aggression in the Balkans. In those early days, the blood thirsty prowar hordes were primarily the liberals. Some (me for one) called them the “humanitarian bombers”. This group did have an ally on the right. This group was the neocons. Liberals didn’t seem at all bothered by violating international law and the UN and NATO Charters when it came to Serbia. They also didn’t mind false prowar reporting or war crimes against the Serbs. Heck, they even loved the neocons back then.

    From those early years, warned about the neocons. They have always been consistent about this. Justin has also always pointing out that there isn’t a real significant difference nowadays between the republicans and the democrats. They are both controlled by the war party (aka – the military industrial complex). To be honest, I didn’t believe this at first. Now, I believe. has been a beacon of truth through so-called liberal or conservative misinformation. As for Malic, God bless him! If you people would read his previous articles (and could retain that thought for more than a millisecond), you would see where Malic has taken opposition to the Iraqi situation as well. To call him a neocon or state that he is a bigot only display’s ones own ignorance. Malic is right to point out how the US government and MSM contorts the truth to the point where it is simply amazing.

    It is not enough to claim you are antiwar if you are opposing a president of the other party. The question is, will you oppose the wrongful use of force if your guy is in charge?

    1. Mark, I agree with what you’re saying. My compaint is that this article is very Islamopobic. It makes the Tim R’s of the world cukoo for cocoa puffs; they live off this stuff. More importantly, it alianates a lot of people that would otherwise agree with your overall position.

      1. Daoud, the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims, that is a statistical fact. It can’t be denied. To deny it one has to be foolish or willfully blind. So how does that make one “Islamophobic” to point that out? Incidentally, well over 90% of all violent crimes in America are carried out by males, does it make me sexist to point that out? It is just a fact pure and simple.

        We have a right to be more suspicious of Muslims since they are the ones carrying out these horrible attacks. I will not have my head in the sand just to be politically correct like you.

        1. Daoud,

          Your point is well taken that we should all be more carefull of the way we express ourselves. Self constraint is a virtue often missing nowadays. I contantly struggle with that. Just wish it wasn’t so fun to jab the other guy sometimes:)

        2. You know what Tim, you are right, but the titles are messed up. It’s just that no one calls out troops “terrorists”. Just look at the civilian body counts from recent and longer history of intervention in the middle east and tell me what you see. Who is the terrorist. It’s not terrorism when we do it, huh? I think that name is useless because it’s misused in the way that you do and probably don’t even realize. We won’t change your mind, but the vast majority of people on this site can see the truth. Go join the army or shut up, punk! They’re dying (literally) for people like you. Good luck!

        3. Ok, you don’t want to call them terrorists? So call them Islamo-Faschists or Islamic Nazis or radical muslims, whatever you want to call them the fact is that they are lunatics, blinded by religious insanity and fervor, hell bent on destroying the United States and western civilization.

          Also, do you think Hillary and Barach Obama and all the other candidates democrats who never served should also join the army? Do you have to have service in the army to have an opinion on the matter?

        4. No, only pro-war chicken hawks like you should join. Consider this, if the whole world were atheist, we would still have terrorism because of interventionism. Do you honestly beleive that they were just riding their camels around the oasis one day and said, “Man, I’m bored, what are we going to do?”. And the other one said, “I know, lets go kill some infidels!” Notice they don’t attack lots of other countries that don’t mess with them. I am not defending them, but this is a war than cannot be won in this manner. We DO have to defend ourselves from extremists, but we also have to stop making more than we kill. And Islam is NOT the cause, it is only the context. I see just as many evil Christians and Jews, they’re just rich enough to hire others to commit their murder for them. Right now it is the policy to make the problem worse (because it’s profitable to corporations and to the PNAC cause) and you just buy right into it. Enjoy!

    2. 100% Agreement………..look at Sudan as the cause celbre’ of the liberal establishment. The Dems were downright bloodthirsty in their calls for bombing campaigns during the debates. The Democratic Party is not the party of peace despite their inaccurate claims. They’re Socialist warmongers. They could end Iraq immediately if they wanted to by defunding it but it works too well for them politically. Hillary will be their “peace candidate.” Ah…….the gullibility of the general public.

  15. Yes, I would. The vast majority of Bosnian Muslims are of course not terrorists. Just simply normal people wishing to go about their own business. However, it has been known that Bosnia has been a center for terrorist groups moving through Europe. Bosnian passports have been used repeatedly by terrorists penetrating Europe.

    Now to this topic, you would suggest it is a “wrongful characterization” to suggest that a Bosnian Muslim who tried to enter the U.S. embassy in Vienna, Austria with an explosive-laden backpack is a terrorist, or that the Fort Dix Six (Albanian Muslims that stated they wanted to kill as many American soldiers as possible) weren’t terrorists? I don’t believe I am the one blinded by personal politics.

    1. I disagree Mark, the site preaches about the fearmongering in this country when the government foils so-called terrorist plots but now their disappointed that the media and Vienna aren’t jumping the gun.

      Either way, the “Muslim prayer book” is a tell for me.

  16. Hey Nebojsa, What do you call the British SAS commandos who were captured by police in Basra after they were stopped at a local intersection and exchanged gunfire with police? The undercover commandos, who were responsible for the death of two police officers, were dressed in local clothing and were found to be carrying vast quantities of explosives. Were they terrorists? Maybe even Christian Terrorists? How about the US forces observed to set explosives in the February 2006 bombing of the Grand Mosque at Samarra? Terrorists again? Maybe even Christian Terrorists?
    I don’t believe they were Christians. I am convinced, however,
    they were all robot lackeys working for the empire. What do you think? Or will you answer that only after you cash your check.

  17. I am Bosnian , born in Sarajevo and my father have muslim heritage , my mother have catholic heritage ( granmother is from Poland )and I have many serbians friends too ,
    muslim extremists exist in Bosnia , yes ! that is correct ! but ? how many of them ? after serbian genocide Bosnian muslims still struggle for place in Europe, muslim leaders in bosnia is corrupt and criminals but dont support terorists ( why Turkey is not member of European Union ? because that is muslim country , for Bulgaria and Romania that is not problem ? because Romania and Bulgaria have soldiers in Iraq ! plus ! USA have air base for “WAR AGAINST TEROR” ) anti-bosnian and anti-muslim outburst of hate from Nebojsa Malic and his hate against Bosnian and Albanians is not for peace , that is pro – serbian extremists lobby, normal serbian citizens want peace too , but nationalistic government in Belgrade want new war and “great serbia ” ( with russian president Putin support and dirty games hand by hand with neo-cons in west ) pull down the mask !
    peace , respect and thanks !

  18. To Ab,

    Telling a citizen that he needs to give up his rights, money, and morals so they can be protected against murderers and thieves around every corner and behind every bush is fearmongering. Keeping the citizen informed of the real world is not. Most want the world to simply be black or white, red or blue, false or true, one or zero. It is a binary approach that fails to take into account the very real complex world. It is also a simplistic approach that is easily manipulated by those in charge. Keep the ignorant masses after each other instead of letting them figure out the real deal. Just because our government uses Muslim terrorism for fearmongering purposes doesn’t mean that there aren’t some Muslim terrorists in the world.

    As for the telling sign of a “Muslim prayer book”, it is hardly surprizing a Muslim Prayer Book would be found on a Muslim terrorist. Does that mean anyone that carries a Muslim Prayer Book is a terrorist? Of course not. All faiths have people who twist or misunderstand the meanings of their faith. There are good people who have Bibles who live by the real meaning in the Bible. Then there are those who justify the most horrible of actions based on their own interpretation of a couple of verses (which are totally out of context with the whole of the Bible). What the Muslim Prayer Book tells us is that the Muslim faith is important to this guy going into the US embassy with the explosives in his backpack. It doesn’t mean he has the true understanding of the Muslim faith. I repeat, did you see the part where he was headed into the US embassy with explosives in his backpack? By all means, have a fair trial. Please people, forget liberal or conservative or other titles. Use the good sense your Creator gave you.

  19. To Richard M & beachich,

    Please do some research before making the kind of statements you just made. To claim Russia or Malic are on the same side of the neocons is complete nonsense. The Serbs and the Russians have been on the receiving end of the neocon hatred. All of Malic’s articles go against the actions of the empire. You guys simply cannot breakout of your self limited world view. Take the horseblinders off. Good Grief!

  20. To Mark
    Russia ? yeah ! nice example for country contaminate with ortodox nationalism , and where is differnce between neo-cons right wing “christianity” in USA and ortodox nationalism in Russia ? Chechenia ? Iraq ?
    I am atheist with respect for religion of any kind , but ? when religion and nationalism is together in political agenda , that is dangerous combination .
    Is not personal , but Nebojsa Malic is master of missinterpretation and extrem nationalist without respect for difference in religion.
    thanks !

  21. It is very much a “binary” world, isn’t it? “With us or against us” isn’t just Bush the Lesser’s slogan, but just about everyone else’s. So, to oppose the Empire’s aggression and de facto genocide in Iraq I would have to be an Islamophile or look sympathetically on Jihad? To be considered real opposition to Bush, I’d have to praise Hillary? I love it how people say “it’s not personal” but immediately seize upon my ethnic origin as “proof” my arguments are invalid. Who’s the bigot here, then?

    If a Muslim walks into an American embassy with a bomb, what do you think is his primary motivation? Occam’s razor, people. It’s not that his dog got run over or his wife left him. It’s jihad. But the Austrians and the legacy media refuse to consider it, because it would be “politically incorrect” and “Islamophobic.”
    (How is it “Islamophobic” to identify someone as a jihadist? Isn’t jihad a *good* thing in Islam?!)

    And for the record, I don’t think any Bosnian Muslim involvement in jihadist or terrorist activities has anything to do with Iraq or Israel. For a number of people, from Izetbegovic to Ceric and I would even argue Silajdzic, the Bosnian war was a jihad. Certainly the mujahedin who came to the country by the thousands, and Muslims all over the world who sent money and weapons, saw it that way.

    1. Was it jihad in Bosnia ? or nazis reserting themselves like in Croatia . ? are they working together again ?

  22. Mark, you missed my point. I didn’t deny the existence of terrorism one bit. My basic point is that our government turns even the most insignificant cases into massive victories on the so-called War on Terrorism and uses it as an excuse to further erode civil liberties. I trend that I’m sure troubles us all. But when it comes to this subject, with the case still fresh, has jumped the gun because it suits their case. Jose Padilla anyone? I’m not claiming these men are innocent but being disappointed that they’re not called “terrorists” or “jihadists” is a bit much. And Mark, you’re right, the world is “complex” but this type of hastiness to persecute will only “keep the ignorant masses after each other.”

    As far as the Muslim Prayer Book, I probably should have made myself clear. What does the author mean by Muslim Prayer book? The Quran? That doesn’t make sense. A book given to children to learn the 5 daily prayers? An odd thing for a jihadist to carry. So Mark, the tell for me is that I’ve ran across another expert on Islam.

    1. To Ab,

      I apologize if I missed your point and I agree with your concern about our civil liberties being further eroded. I did also say the explosive back packer should be given a fair trial. That said, I think we are at a place of disagreement because we are looking at the same issue from two different viewpoints. While wanting to be civil and carefully choosing my words, it simply is not a major leap of logic to initially conclude this guy was attempting a terrorist act. Again, give him a fair trial and all of that. When you watch one of those police shows where some guy gets pulled over with a quarry load of cocaine rocks in his car I bet you think he is probably a dealer. If a young white punk with short hair gets caught behind a black church with explosives you would probably think he is a KKK leaning skinhead. It is just common sense. We hold trials to make certain if they are really guilty or not.

      You are probably right it is best to let all the facts come out first, but when were the Serbs ever given the benefit of doubt on anything? I can’t think of any group of people in recent memory that suffered more slandar than the Serbs. Not that long ago there was some Bosnian Muslim kid that went bezerk with a gun in a mall somewhere in the US West killing multiple people. The media wouldn’t even entertain the possibility he committed a terrorist act, yet it was somehow ok to suggest the cause of his crime was due to trama suffered by the Serbs. WHAT??? The kid wasn’t even in Bosnia during the war.

      The US gives the Serbs all sorts of grief, yet I have never once heard of a terrorist act against US by a Serb. I haven’t even heard a threat of a terrorist act from any Serbs against US. The Serbs even peacefully gave us their nuclear supplies. How do we repay them? We are blatantly trying to rip off 15% of their territory and give it to Kosovars. Call me old fashion, but I believe that is for the Serbs and the Kosovars to work out. Imposing a decision on one side will only prolong the tensions in the area as the resolution will not be a mutual agreement.

      So in short, I can not fault Malic if he uses wording that is not as politically correct as some wish to hear. He has actually used incredible restraint IMHO given the history of the whole thing.

      Two last items. Number one, I am not a Serb. I am an American with mostly German ancestory. Number two, yes the Serbs did commit some atrocities. In truth, atrocities were committed on all sides. I even heard of a certain NATO nation that is strongly associated with some atrocities as well (against some Muslims). Go figure.

  23. This is funny in an ironic way if we remember that Bill Clinton intervened in the strife in the Balkans which resulted in giving the Muslims a victory. The term ‘Blowback’ is now used to describe such situations. We aided the Taliban in Afghanistan in their efforts to drvie the Soviets out. We gave them sophistaicated weapons such as Stinger Missiles and taught them how to use them. Most Americans cheered whenever there was a video clip on the evening TV news showing an Arab shooting down a Soviet plane, many of which were civilian. But these students became good learners and with this newly acquired training they easily converted to attacking and shooting down the teachers, US.

  24. Attack on US institution, outside of the US can’t be called terrorism. It’s an act of war against the US. Such qualification is unrelated to approving or disapproving such an act.
    On the other hand – welcome to Jihad in Europe. One bit is still missing – Kosovo.

    Why US is supporting Kosovo’s muslims? “Humanitarian values” (based on lies and propoganda)? Some amazingly naive and mechanistic idea that the jihad nation somehow would be gratefull for Kosovo to the US? This is so absurd that even taking low G.W.Bush’s IQ into consideration I find it difficult to believe.
    The real cause can be only the desire to turn Europe into some sort of Middle East like battleground. Then the US would supposedly reigh the world. Now, this plan is as absurd as Hitler’s plan to occupy Russia… actually even worse. But since one supposedely sane nation (Germans) once bought some such, why not?

  25. Mark, I actually agree with you on most of the things you are saying. My main disagreement is with the language of the blog. The same tired rhetoric I hear everyday. As a Muslim, I’ve seen an assault on Islam and by proxy the Arabic language. Jihad, madrassa, fatwa, and so on. I also am a little suspect about Malic’s comment:

    “If a Muslim walks into an American embassy with a bomb, what do you think is his primary motivation? Occam’s razor, people. It’s not that his dog got run over or his wife left him. It’s jihad. But the Austrians and the legacy media refuse to consider it, because it would be “politically incorrect” and “Islamophobic.”
    (How is it “Islamophobic” to identify someone as a jihadist? Isn’t jihad a *good* thing in Islam?!)”

    Again the broad use of “jihad” seems propagandist to me. Dr. Paul, rightfully, tells us to listen to the reasons why terrorists attack us but Malic chalks it up to a general “jihad.” Furthermore, why use quotations when mentioning islamophobia in his parenthetical query? The implication is, at least to me, he doesn’t believe in its existence. Reminds me of neocons rallying against CAIR and their “invented phrase.” Google “Islamophobia+invented” and you’ll know what I mean.

    Of course, there’s the possibility Malic meant none of the above and possesses just a casual knowledge of Islam but as a Muslim that runs across at least a couple of stomach turning bits a day I grow weary. And in my lone quiet voice will I stand up when I can (even if it’s a comment section) and voice my displeasure even with a website I generally consider essential. Either way Mark, I do respect your incredibly well thought out opinions and it’s always great cordially debating a subject.

    1. Hello Ab,

      I see where you quoted Dr. Paul. That means we are not so far apart after all. It seems we are coming to the same point from two different roads. I am coming in on the western road and you are coming in on the eastern road.

      By the way, I understand very well your weariness of seeing your faith being put into a negative light. I am a Christian (Lutheran persuasion). I see Christianity being attacked all the time. To be honest, a lot of it has unfortunately been earned. Too many American Christians seem to confuse the difference between being an American and being a Christian. Part of this binary lumping effect. In any case, I have been greatly embarrassed by what many self proclaimed Christian leaders have stated in public. Heck, I am not very popular with many members in my own church as I have the bad habit of not following the group think and keep bringing up inconvenient facts that they doen’t wish to acknowledge. See, I win friends where ever I go:) Still, it hurts me deeply to see my faith ridiculed or insulted. For instance, people like Bill Maher and Ted Turner are always making antiChristian statements. All I can do is try to live my faith as best as I can (many times I fall short of that goal). Still, I keep trying. In addition, I love Christ enough that I try to hold many who claim to be Christian accountable for their actions and statements. Not to put them down, but to keep our faith true to God’s intent. There have been some swipes at Christian groups here on To be honest, most of them were unfortunately deserved. Doesn’t mean I still like it. I have emailed the authors of some of those articles to remind them that not Christians share the belief or behaviors of the ones they took issue with.

      But enough of all that. I have some errands to do. Ab, I always enjoy debating with someone I respect. I appreciate your honest, calm, cool, and reasoned responses. Now if only we could have some world leaders conduct themselves in the same manner our world would indeed be a better place.

  26. Question: What percentage of terrorist attacks are committed by non muslims? 99% of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims who want Jihad. That is just a fact. Wake up to it.

    1. It comes down to your selective interpretation of terrorism. The actions of the US, Britain et al contitute terrorism on a grand scale. In terms of fatalities, injuries, torture, imprisonment, rape, etc. there is no contest. Terror by Muslims is a small fraction of the total terror comitted. The US, Britain, Israel, etc. are the world’s biggest terrorists and constitute the biggest threat to peace. That is a fact.

      1. Dauoud, I agree with, surprise! I don’t think innocent civilians should EVER be targeted, period. Not by individual arab suicide bombers or by a United States Air Force missile.

        However, with that said, the problem is, you see moral equivalence. Our cause is just and right, their’s is not.
        We fight for liberty and freedom, the muslim radicals fight for oppression of women and militant Islamic theocracy. When we bomb an Al Quida hideout, it is to defend ourselves from their terrorist aggression. When they bomb us it is to just deliberatly kill as many innocent people as they can.

        1. Dauoud, you say that “terrorism by muslims is a small fraction of the total terror committed.”

          If that is the case how would you explain the following list I compiled?

          what have the radical Muslims done since the 1970’s?

          1974: Muslims blow up TWA Flight 841, killing 88

          1979: Muslims sieze our embassy in Tehran, kidnap 52 American Citizens and hold them hostate for 444 days.\

          1983: Muslims bomb US Embassy in Beirut, killing 63

          1983: Muslims bomb United States Marine Barracks in Beirut, killing 241.

          1985: Muslims hijack a TWA flight, kill an Amerian Navy Serviceman on board, and hold 145 passengers hostage for 17 days

          1985: Muslims hijack the Achille Lauro cruise ship, 700 held hostage and one American Citizen, an elderly, wheel-chair bound man is murdered and pushed over board.

          1988: Muslims blow up Pan Am 103 over Scotland killing all 259 on board.

          1993: Muslims bomb the World Trade Center in New York, 6 killed, 1,000 injured

          1996: Muslims bomb Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, 19 US military serviceman killed.

          1997: Muslim opens fire at the Empire State Building in New York, killing one, wounding several

          1998: Muslims bomb US Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania

          2000: Muslims bomb the USS Cole, killing 17 sailors

          September 11th 2001: A date that speaks for itself

          2001: Muslims attack the Indian Parliament Building

          2002: Muslims kidnap and kill Daniel Pearl in Pakistan

          2002: Muslim car bomb kills over 200 in Bali, Indonesia

          2004: Muslims bomb the subways in Madrid, Spain

          2004: Muslims take over a school in Beslan, Russia. 334 civilians killed, over half of them CHILDREN.

          2005: Muslims bomb the subways in London, killing 52.

          This list is IN NO WAY EXHAUSTIVE. I did not list many other attacks because it would take all day, you could write a book on it.

        2. Vassili writes that only citizens of a country have the right to choose the mode of political and econommic operation. Ok, that sounds reasonable enough. But I ask you, if women make up 50% of the population of a country and the Islamic radicals don't allow them the right to vote or to have any say in the political process, how can you say that this country is choosing anything? The radical muslim males are IMPOSING their will upon women.

          Also, what about a country like Iraq that was ruled by the iron fist of a tyrant. Did the Iraqi people ever choose to have Saddam Hussein as their ruler? I believe in government by consent of the governed and it seems to me that in many of these muslim nations there is no consent. Radical Islamic law is imposed upon the people whether they like it or not.

        3. From a 3rd party point of view there is NO difference between Jihad (I will call it this way, in Vakhabit tradition), and changing regimes all over the world by force, which is done by the US since the times of the Korean War, Vietnam, Yogoslavia and now Iraq, under the false pretext of “democracy”, “liberal values” and such.

          Since only citizens of any country that have the right to choose political and economical mode of operation. Granted, US can have an opinion about a certain regime, but using military force to promote, not even “liberal” regimes, but rather “liberal US protectorates”, having no real souveregnity (Iraq, Eastern Europe, Germany) is as unacceptable, as Jihad is.

          Jihad is unacceptable though, since it’s not just the war against the US agression all over the world, it’s a war against the whole world, in a way similar to what US is doing. Basically both US and Jihad’s slogan is “Kill the unfaithfull”, whereas the faith is slightly different, but those killed as a result can’t care less.

          And notice the enthusiasm with which civil liberties (the pretext for all these invasions) are being dismantled in the US nowdays.

  27. Oh and this is a Mujahedin movie too

    just a warning thats them right before they behead that poor fella in Bosnia toward the end the Mujahedin tells the others where to cut that prisoner on the neck. He also tries to get the prisoner to say “Allah Akbar” and beats him when he curses at them.

    I am not giving my opinion on this, in War one side’s heroes are another’s worst nightmare. What I am however saying is that when Bosniaks, Croats and Albanians call Serbs Evil it is very much the Pot Calling the Kettle Black. Or for those who speak it “Nije Shija nego Vrat!”

    Both sides can find each others attrocities, the question is how do they find a way to live near one another when its all over. All hands are stained the only difference is that the Serbs made the mistake of apologizing thus making themselves seem more guilty, the other three parties have no such intention. If they did they can no longer play the victim card.

  28. one of my other comments is missing, I can’t reproduce it unfortunately it went above this one… or perhaps I don’t understand this sites functionality correctly.

  29. OK ! numbers and statitics ;
    year 1992 in Sarajevo , Bosnian army (members was chatolics , atheists , serbs and muslims all together )= 10 000 soldiers with 5000 pistols (?)and AK-47 , no heavy artilery and only 2 tanks !( number of Mujahedins ? zero ! none ! in that time )
    serbian army ( only serbs , mostly from serbia )= 250tanks , 350 heavy artilery items , 50 000 soldiers combat ready, and about 1000 russians “dogs of war”
    result; 1300 killed children and 10 000 civilians killed in Sarajevo after 4 years under siege
    that is crime ? no for god sake ! no! that is only muslims ! ( that is not correct , in Sarajevo 1992 was about 40% muslims )
    Srebrenica ? Nebojsa Malic says ; “nope!” in that case muslims kill muslims… ! check the UNHCR or UN statistics and than leave comments !

  30. Beachich, I think you’ve fallen off the Deep end. I’m amused that you can put words into Malic’s mouth so readily interpretting his statements for us, getting at the deeper “truth” of what he really means. As if you know what that is, you are paranoid and seem to have a strange love of punctuation that can only end in tragedy.

    You look like a nutjob foaming at the mouth. Relax, No one is saying the Every day Muslim Bosniak is a god damn Terrorist. What they are saying is that there are an Element in Bosnia that have embraced the not so, what do you call it, “Humane” aspects of Islam.

    You know the ones “Behead the Infidels”, “Convert the Chafir or Force them to pay the Jizya.”

    That same Element is aiding and abetting those people who wish to do harm in the West. In this case the fellow with the back pack is perhaps going far beyond Aiding and Abetting, he seemingly has joined with those who wish to do harm.

    Now man take a deep breath, relax and realize that the old days of War in Bosnia are gone.

    Now the only thing that can happen that can spark a similar war is if the Republic of Srpska decides to secede from Bosnia. That would most likely occur if Kosovo becomes independent. In which case the Muslim Croat Federation would most likely attempt to hold RS by force and their roles will have effectively reveresed. the MCF would be doing what the Yugoslavs tried to do and hold on to RS and RS will try to defend and free itself. In the end it is again the Pot calling the Kettle Black and “Nije Sija nego vrat.”

    1. Comment by Spectacles

      “As if you know what that is, you are paranoid and seem to have a strange love of punctuation that can only end in tragedy.”


  31. Kosovo is albanian country what is wrong with ya’ people ? 2 milion albanians is over there , and what ?
    I am born in ex-yugoslavia , and kosovo albanians was under nationalist siege from Belgrade for more than 20 years ,( education people ! ) learn ! and leave comments !

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