Scott Horton Wins Austin Chronicle Award for Antiwar Radio

Our own Scott Horton has won the Austin Chronicle‘s “Best of Austin 2007” award for “Best Iraq War Insight and Play-by-Play.”

Scott won the “Critic’s Choice” award for Antiwar Radio (a division of, which is based in Austin and broadcast live on KAOS-FM.

The Austin Chronicle is that city’s alternative/entertainment weekly newspaper. Here’s what they said:

Best Iraq War Insight and Play-by-Play: ‘Anti-War Radio,’ 95.9/92.7FM
A locally based program broadcasting in Austin, streaming and podcasting worldwide online, Anti-War Radio offers high-caliber commentary and guest interviews on the ongoing Mideast misadventure. Host Scott Horton, armed to the teeth with little-reported news and info, jettisons the pleasantries and PC radio lingo and tells listeners how it really is. As an added bonus, Horton often verbally lays waste to those seeking to prolong the billion-dollar bloodbath. Anti-War Radio can be heard on local frequency KAOS 95.9 and 92.7 – twice recognized on these very pages for fine iconoclastic broadcasting: Arrrrrrr.

The “Best of Austin” link appears at the top of the paper’s website for the entire year.

10 thoughts on “Scott Horton Wins Austin Chronicle Award for Antiwar Radio”

  1. Scott Horton does an excellent job interviewing various writers, commentators etc. A big part of his interviews is his knowledge of the subject matter so detailed questioning and follow up questioning are accomplished.

    Best work in radio today is Scott Horton and Charls Goyette.
    Always enjoy listening to both these gentlemen and some of their wonderful guests.

      1. Way to go Scott! You deserve a little recognition for your
        diligent coverage of the war. Thanks for the service to the community.

  2. Way to go Scott. Huge props and tons of respect. Keep it up.

    Also, way to go Austin Chronicle for noticing. : )

  3. Props to Scott, Charles and Antiwar radio. It’s always one of the first places I visit on the net because of the top-quality guests. I hope everyone supports with donations to keep it going too =)

  4. Yeszz Scott, congratulations. Great!!! I’ve been listening since the Philip Dru shows some of which steered me in a way to rethink some rusty old (underlying) ideas: invaluable.

  5. I am so grateful for the internet which allows those of us outside Austin and beyond to listen. Someday, I hope to learn more about Scott’s background — how he became so astute and determined anti-war.

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