A Request from the ‘Blackwater Family’

Here’s an interesting form letter that was brought to my attention. Seems like Blackwater is in damage control mode and sent the following to people on their mailing list:


A Request for Your Support

The Blackwater family is comprised of dedicated and active service
providers that work vigorously to support the American nation. In this
tumultuous political climate, Blackwater Worldwide has taken center
stage, our services and ethics aggressively challenged with
misinformation and fabrications. Letters, e-mails and calls to your
elected Congressional representatives can and will create a positive
impact by influencing the manner in which they gather and present

While we can’t ask that each supporter do everything, Blackwater asks
that everyone does something. Contact your lawmakers and tell them to
stand by the truth. Correspondence should be polite and professional.
We don’t support generating negative messages. Tell the Blackwater
story and encourage your representatives to seek the truth instead of
reading negative propaganda and drawing the wrong conclusions.

Suggested themes:

Cost efficiency of Blackwater – saving the US taxpayer millions of
dollars so that the US Government doesn’t have to take troops from
their missions or send more into harms way
– Professional population of service veterans and mature law
enforcement personnel

Sacrifice in lives lost by Blackwater saving US diplomats without one
single protectee harmed

If you see a lawmaker speaking good things about Blackwater, contact
their offices and let them know that they have your support. Find and
contact your federal, state, and local officials by visiting www.congress.org.

Expanding our communications effort starts with you. Pass the word –
pass the truth.

48 thoughts on “A Request from the ‘Blackwater Family’”

  1. I have a damage control suggestion:

    “Blackwater…only brown skined foreigners don’t like us”

  2. Blackwater can’t see through the suspended filth of their own murk. Why would any Blackwater independent contractor lobby Congress on behalf of a company that screws them over anytime there is trouble? No medical insurance, no employee benefits or pension, no traditional protection normal employees get from a respectable employer.

    Blackwater would do better to stick with its *other* hired guns: K Street lobbyists.

  3. “Cost efficiency of Blackwater – saving the US taxpayer millions of dollars so that the US Government doesn’t have to take troops from their missions or send more into harms way.”

    Oh, that’s double-plus good. Language doesn’t seem to mean anything at all anymore. We should just grunt at each other.

    “Professional population of service veterans and mature law
    enforcement personnel.”

    Mature? Strange choice of word. Old enough to drink, drive, and shoot at passing cars.

    “Sacrifice in lives lost by Blackwater saving US diplomats without one single protectee harmed.”

    Massive firepower trumps those sissy civilians anytime. I seem to recall those four contractors in Fallujah ended up getting a lot of troops killed, in addition to themselves. But that’s so 2004–and we wouldn’t want Condi to get hurt, would we?

    1. Much like how the soviets have conducted their wars..maybe the US should topple that outdated statue of liberty and replace it with a nice statue of Lenin or Trotzky.

  4. Blackwater is a criminal enterprise. It has absolutely no place in a constitutional republic. It is closer to being a Praetorian Guard for a potential dictatorship than anything else. It is NOT needed and its very existence should be illegal.
    I intend to contact both of California’s Senators to demand that Blackwater not be allowed to set up any facilities in the State of California. Close down for good this threat to our freedom.

  5. Hooeee! Nightwater saves the U.S. millions by substituting $150,000/yr. bodyguards and mercs for U.S. grunts? Must be that new-fangled math I keep hearing about.

    Nightwater brags about never having lost a protectee–if true, how does that compare to the other hired gun services, and is that because its gunners simply slaughter everyone in and around their paths? But it’s just Iraqis, right?

  6. “saving US taxpayers millions of Dollars””
    So please tell me how much a soldier’s salary is for a month, comparing to that of a Blackwater’s salary mensually too.
    I’m sure so many people like myself would like to know, Thanks.

  7. Fooled the United States
    government once, perhaps shame on just you, BLACKWATER. But fool them twice, SHAME ON U.S.

  8. If you see a lawmaker speaking good things about Blackwater, contact their offices and let them know that they have your support.

    Hell, they already HAVE Blackwater’s “support” (read: cash campaign contributions and gifts). How else would Blackwater be allowed to run so completely amok inside Occupied Iraq and with such utter impunity?

    1. Imperial Rome needed “auxiliary” troops to supplement their legions, also. Blackwater is just carrying on a long tradition of hiring psycopaths to do an empire’s dirty work.
      The USA is just another empire that commits kidnappings of “suspected terrorists” and tortures them. When you are terrorising half the world, you have to “outsource” a lot of this activity.
      Fortunately for the NWO, the USA will never run out of Lt. Calleys and Erik Princes and the like.
      My, what a comforting thought that must be for all the lovers of “democracy” [sic].

  9. In the end, and there will always be an end, there will be war crimes trials. Unlike WWII, this time we shall hang them all.

    The end will be in sight when people fix their eyes on the global organized crime syndicate that Zionism is. It is only when we are all willing to be falsely labeled anti-semite that it will no longer have any power.

    And then, the end shall be near.

  10. How considerate of these gentleman of violence to ‘suggest’ and ever so subtle,plea for free advertisement on their behalf.
    The least that this Praetorian Prefect, Prince could do is a little research on the effect of money,something that his ancient ‘predecessors’understood quite well.
    After all,he took Uncle Sam for quite a lot.And yet he wants others, not only to bring, but pay for the vaseline???

  11. I think i will throw up now after reading such vile; total propaganda. It appears that Blackscum has kool-aid drinkers much like the Bushites have. I realize they are saving the taxpayer so much money paying their mercenaries 100,000 grand a year. Wow, are they on the nasdaq. If the United States was not running around the world stirring up trouble and being the world police, would we need Balckscum??

  12. Based on their daily billed rate of $1250 for security guards, a single individual can cost the U.S. government up to $456,000.

  13. Maybe if the Islamic terrorists were not hell bent on blowing up our diplomats or anyone who is not a radical Muslim we would not need to hire blackwater.

    Yeah, what blackwater did, if true, was a terrible thing if they shot innocent people. But its like nothing we do is every right. You guys always think of the US as the bad guy and the poor Iraqi terrorists as the good guys. That is just sick.

    1. Timmerman–good to see you trolling again. I like it, and enjoy taking the bait too. Of course, I get to eat the bait and spit the hook out, of course.

      So, America invades a country that it knew posed no threat to itself–a verifiable Nuremberg Trials offense, aggressive war being the main charge against the Nazis. America then causes directly or indirectly the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, the displacement of millions, the gross suffering of millions more, etc. A relative handful of Iraqis feel that, well, it has a right to fight against invaders. Sort of like what Americans would do if invaded.

      And pow! Don’tcha know that Ironic Tim rides to America’s rescue! How could we ever think America is the bad guy in this story? How dare anyone raise his hand against Imperial America! Don’t the wogs know that their duty, when we raise our scepter, is to kneel or die? The sheer cheek of some of these foreigners.

      1. It’s truly a shame when an empire attacks itself only to get it’s “allies” and subservants to attack a sovereign nation for it’s resources and not only do the subservants not comply in general but ridicule the “establishment”. Oh well a good bulls**t plan is a good bullshit plan but eventually the masses see through it for what it is and they lose interest. Maybe USA needs a new flag, boarders, representatives a spanking brand new bulls**t corporate political system cause this one has utterly crashed and burned much like the soviet union.

      2. So a question for R. Nelson:

        We invaded Iraq and overthrew a terrible dictator, a brutal tyrant, is that not correct?

        We helped the country to have free elections in which MILLIONS of Iraqis came out to vote, is that not correct?

        But yet according to some we are the bad guys, the “invaders” or “occupiers” ( you guys love that word, occupation) and so they have a right to kill us? Is that your position?

        Last question: This is one that I would really love an answer to. Everyone says we knew Iraq was no threat. If I had a dime for everytime they said “Bush lied” or it was all for “oil profits” I’d be a wealthy man. You said, “America invades a country that it knew posed no threat to itself.” Can you explain that?

        You say the President lied? Do you have proof of that? Did President Bill Clinton also lie way back in 1998 when he too said Saddam was working on WMD and needed to be taken out? Was Hillary Clinton and John Kerry lying when they went on the floor of the Senate in 2002 to explain why we need to take out Saddam? Do you have proof of that? And how about the intelligence services from England, France, and several other countries that all said the same thing? We’re they all lying too? And if so, what proof do you have?

        The fact that WMD was not found is not proof in itself. When someone makes a libelous allegation that the President of the United States willfully lied to the American people and sent us to war under false circumstances he should have solid proof to back up the allegation. So where is it?

        1. Yes, Tim R, Bush has gotten a bad rap from us lousy liberals. Reminds me of the hachet job we did on poor AH. I mean what was the poor guy supposed to do – wait for the Soviet union to get ready and attack innocent Germany first. We all knew that Stalin was a nasty dictator who had killed his own people; Hollywood seems to have forgotten that. True, AH had to go through Poland first, but he brought democracy to those Poles and the benefits of modern technology too. Were they grateful? Most were (but the media never printed that) and the “dead-enders” were retrained in the camps with new skills and important jobs in the defense industry. You could say that Germany shared its values with Poland, but all you ever hear is “occupation, occupation”.

        2. You know Richard, people like you, who have the nerve to comapare the President of the United States to Hitler just make me sick. The comment is so devoid of all reason and logic I will not even deign to dignify it with a response.

          But I will say this, if that is how you truly feel that way about the President then get up off your lazy ass and move to another country. I mean it is one thing to disagree strongly with the policies of your President and to work to see that he or his supporters are not elected again, but it is quite another to compare him to Adolph Hitler.

          I’m sick and tired of all the people who say “America is evil” and “the President is evil and worse then Hitler” but they still live here in the USA. They are the worst kinds of hypocrites. Its as if a person lives in a large, magnificent house and has plenty of food to eat and enjoys the riches of the house and is protected by the owner of the house but every day says how evil the owners of the house are. Well, then why do you live there you hypocrite?

        3. Well, unfortunately I wrote a nice, reasoned rebuttal to Timmerman’s questions and it didn’t take on this blog for some reason. Maybe I’ll try again tonight, but I can’t afford screwing away time like this for nothing.

        4. Tim R, So sorry I make you sick. I guess you have an allergy to the truth. And the main reason you don’t attack my rationale is because you really aren’t up to the task, Son.
          And, yes, I believe that the neocons and the Bush Administration are like the Nazis. And, yes, absolutely I will leave this country if ever I think that most Americans go along with this fascist junk (probably South America as I know some Spanish). But as far as I can tell, most Americans are still somewhat on the fence. They were rattled from 9/11, still confused by Zionist propaganda, and still unbelieving that Bush/Cheney could be so brazen as to be pulling this phoney War on Terror stunts. But they are starting to wise up. So you keep peddling your Kool Aid and I will peddle mine. And if you eventually figure out what a fool the neocons made of you, do you have any travel plans of your own?

        5. Unlike you Richard, I was born in this country and I love this country and have no travel plans. I know we have made some awful and inexcusable mistakes in our history ( as have all countries) and we continue to have a lot of work to do, but the bottom line is I’m a loyal American. Clearly, loyalty is not a word in your dictionary.

          You on the other hand are a disloyal ingrate. You, and people like you, bite the proverbial hand that feeds them. Why don’t you stop making excuses and just move to another country right now? Put your money where your mouth is! In 2004, the majority of the American people voted for President Bush and Vice President Cheney ( guys you call Hitler), we here in the good ole U S of A call that an election, and so I guess the majority of Americans are like Adolph Hilter too, at least in your perverted eyes.

          So if the President and his entire administration and the majority of the American people are like Hitler, why are you still here?! Because you have a big fat mouth but no backbone. So stop talking already and start packing. Go move to Venezuela or Cuba and practice your Spanish and then, once you formally renounce your American citizenship you can tell the world how evil your former country is.

          PS: Why don’t you read the “Phaedo” sometime? In that great work you might learn a thing or two about loyalty to your country, perhaps Socrates knew a thing or two about that.

        6. What the heck–was I censored? Well, try, try again. Nothing I said previously in the vanished reply matches the above vituperation.

          Anyway, to answer Timmerman’s question with a question: By what authority does the federal government take our money and our children to war against countries that do not pose a threat to us? We have acted in the most lawless possible way America can.

          Consider that our glorious adventure in Iraq (now they can vote!) has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, maimed countless more, and displaced millions. Oh, I get it. We’ll pistol whip the victim into accepting our gifts.

          Who gave us the right to settle other countries’ internal affairs? The Nazis were principally condemned at the Nuremberg trials for waging aggressive war. If our war with Iraq was not such a war, perhaps Timmer would be so good as to explain what would be. Suppose Britain and France decided to invade America around 1840 to put an end to the slavery of millions and the persecution of indigenous tribes. How exactly, on your grounds, Tim, would you argue that they wouldn’t be justified in attacking? Or does do-gooding at the point of a rifle only work in one direction?

          Legally, constitutionally, and morally our invasion was unjustified. And pragmatically, too, as an overview of America’s countless meddlings and interventions over the past 110 years shows that we’ve typically worsened matters, not improved them. Our idiotic intervention in the colonial European war, WWI, guaranteed WWII and, ironically, the formation of a new country named Iraq.

          Tim asks for evidence that Bush and his fellow warmongers lied. I could fill pages, but let antiwar.com correct his ignorance. Rather, let’s up-end Tim’s question. How do you know that Bush and co. sincerely believed that Iraq posed a threat to us? From a lunatic named “Curveball”? Hydrogen gas-making trailers trumped up as WMD petri dishes? Aluminum tubes that various admin. experts said were inapplicable to uranium refining? From convicted felon Chalabi? Bush believed what he wanted to and rejected the rest. This is pure dishonesty. As the Downing Street memo points out, “intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.” All the memos are well worth reading.

          I suspect you despise and distrust Clinton, except the one time he agrees with your warmongering. Ah, the infallible intel of Clinton, who bombed abandoned terrorist sites and medicine factories. And all those western intel agencies, drinking out of the same tainted cup and thus spewing the same nonsense. E.g. , the Niger yellowcake forgery.

          Four times Tenet and the CIA told the Bushies that the Niger document was a crock, but Bush put it into his Cincinnati speech anyway. Made great copy.

          In sum, we waged an aggressive war under a pack of lies and have caused vast human suffering and even more,instability in the Mideast. But hey, we’re America, and we do as we damn well please.

        7. Nothing like a good debate!

          R. Nelson, can you explain a few things to me?

          First, why did you not address my question? I ask again: Do you think Bill Clinton was lying when in the mid and late 90’s he said Saddam had WMD and was a serious threat to our national security? Were John Kerry and Hillary Clinton lying when they said the same thing in 2002?

          Second, you asked a very good question in your analogy to slavery in 1840. Well, actually, yes, I think Britain and France would have been justified if they invaded the United States in order to stop a horrible crime like slavery. You see, I think ALL human beings are created with fundamental and inalienable human rights. The basic rights are embodied in our Bill of Rights. Any government that violates those rights is not a sovereign state but nothing more than a criminal gang. And we have a right to work to undermine such regimes and rescue people from oppression. As M.L.K. once said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” If it were up to me I would have already bombed the government of Sudan for promoting a genocide in Darfur.

        8. First, although Kerry and Hillary need to justify their votes for war when other Democrats had the good sense to vote nay, they can at least claim that they believed the president of the United States. They don’t have their own intel agencies, so they can shoulder off part of the blame onto Bush.

          As with so many things, including illicit surveillance, Bush is not the first to diminish our constitutional rights, although he’s been the most damaging. Clinton clearly lied or ignored contrary evidence(essentially the same thing) about Iraqi WMD. He surely knew of Saddam’s son-in-law’s testimony that Saddam had destroyed the WMD by 1995. After his confession Iraq did a document dump that affirmed his statements and helped fill in gaps in the U.N. inspection team’s reports.

          In 2004 Hans Blix noted that the western intelligence agencies for years had been far too willing to accept at face value dubious testimony from Iraqi defectors.

          Clinton exercised great hostility toward Iraq, but he didn’t start a lunatic war.

          At least you’re consistent about invading countries that don’t measure up to your moral standards, including America. I really doubt you, as an American, would have been pleased to see your country invaded, but who knows? The point is, the Constitution does not allow military invasions across the earth for any reason, good or bad, except for our “common defence.” Our common defence does not include warring in Iraq, or bombing Serbia, or protecting South Vietnam, ad infinitum. Britain and France have no such restrictions as the supreme law of the land. We do.

          There is no theoretical difference between making war to spread democracy, and things such as trampling states’ rights to affirm civil rights, or picking our pockets to fund a welfare state, or any number of issues we feel are so important we may trample the law and the Constitution to do them. It’s off the point, but clearly America’s use of illegal shortcuts to do what it thinks is right has actually been pernicious to us and the world.

          And now to ask you: how do you distinguish our war of aggression from wars the Nuremberg protocols condemn? Sorry, “noble intentions” are not a Nuremberg justification–in fact, intentions are irrelevant, for what should be obvious reasons. Our government already said that Darfur was not genocide, before political pressure was brought to bear. Since there is no good guy in that conflict (read up on it), which side would you bomb, and what unintended consequences are you willing to bear?

        9. To R. Nelson:

          Thank you for a thought provoking response. I think you made some great points and I wish I could respond to them all right now. But for now let me just mention a few:

          If you agree that Clinton also lied over Iraq and was hostile to it(he bombed it all the time) why was he not taken to task for those lies? Why does the left only attack Bush but gives Clinton a free pass? The left wing venerates Clinton and villifies Bush.

          Next Point: Who would I bomb in Darfur? The official government in Khartoum. Give the President of Sudan an ultimatum: Let in UN peacekeepers and put an end to genocide or you( and your palaces and other treasures) will be held directly responsible and the United States Air Force will dole out your punishment. And by the way, you erred when you mentioned that our government said it was not a genocide. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called it a genocide as far back as 2003 if I recall correctly.

          Last point: I disagree with your presumption that we are in a war of aggression, hence the Nuremberg laws are inapplicable here. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Under the aegis of the United Nations, America fought Saddam and expelled him from Kuwait. He signed a peace treaty that was blatently disregarded. He was suppossed to not kill Kurds in the north or massacre Shia in the South, which he most certainly did. He was suppossed to open up his country to weapons inspectors who would have full and unfettered access to all of his palaces and facilities. Instead he toyed with the inspectors for years and finally just kicked them all out in 1998. So you see, he violated the peace treaty and therefore we had a right to respond.

          But on a deeper level, I must tell you that we just see the world differently. This is not just a war against Iraq. We could pull out of Iraq tomorrow and not much would change. Iraq is just one battle. Nor is this a war on “terrorism” for terrorism is just a tactic.

          This is a war against radical Islam. It is Islamic terror we are fighting. We are at war with anyone who believes in, supports, or gives safe harbor to Islamic radicals. We have been attacked time and time again by Islamic radicals. And I believe we are not in a war of agression but are simply trying to defend ourselves for ISLAMIC aggression. Therefore, under the important Nuremberg principles you cite, I contend that we have every right to defend ourselves against Islamic aggression.

        10. My computer’s down and time at the library is limited, so let me just remark: It’s too easy to say “I’m Ok, you’re Ok about our worldviews. There is a right and wrong here, and warmongering is wrong.

          Secondly, and here I just cannot fathom your reasoning: If Iraq never attacked or threatened us, how in God’s name can our illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral war there have anything to do with Islamic terrorism? It cannot be self-defense, by definition, if we were never threatened.

      3. Tim R, What a coincidence! I was born in this country too. I am even a VietNam War vet. So where do you get off telling me to leave just because I call a spade a spade (actually a lying, authoritarian moron a Nazi)? You need to make sure that your loyalty is really to this country and not just to the Republican Party.

  14. A relative handful of Iraqis feel that, well, it has a right to fight against invaders. Sort of like what Americans would do if invaded.

    Wrong there…america is under invasion but when the system is so corrupted doing all it can to cover that fact up most wont even catch on. They’ll just consider it “freedom”, “democracy” and “diversity”. Quiet revolutions and genocides are t3h b3st! Ask the israelis.

  15. Imagine if Blackwater had been around since the start of this country:

    Patrick Henry – “Give me Liberty or give me 600 bucks a day plus per-diem”

    Gen Sherman – “War is Hell….without a professionally planned tax abatement plan”

    Nathan Hale – “I only regret that I will not get to cash my check”

  16. Blackwater + Dobson + Bush/Cheney = 1984(+23) [and, yes, they are all known associates]

    Imagine what becomes of trained killers for hire accustomed to mowing down civilians at their whim when they “reenter society.” Just like the “retired” CIA, FBI and police personnel who felt that laws and the Bill of Rights restricted them from “saving” their fascist vision of Amerika while working for the government, some of these goons will probably continue to act on the behalf of extreme-right-wing religiod nutters while civilians.

    You can take the boy from the fascists, but you can’t take the fascist out of the boy.


    A long long time ago
    One Erik Prince
    Called himself Christian–though
    Christ too would wince.

    Security within Iraq
    Is critical–and colored black:
    Protecting U.S. VIPs
    Gives private firms a wholesale lease,
    Impunity from murder, O,
    And what could be absurder, O,
    Than that the CEO in charge
    Call himself Christian–living large!

    A long long time ago
    One Erik Prince
    Called himself Christian–though
    Christ too would wince.

    Morality according to
    This Christian can be murky too,
    A stagnant, stultified backwater
    Known infamously as “Blackwater,”
    But there are other sources, O,
    Marshalled of private forces, O,
    Dishing it the Christian way–
    Who thought that murder could be gay!

    A long long time ago
    One Erik Prince
    Called himself Christian–though
    Christ too would wince.

    Drive not too close: that caravan
    Will fire on woman, child and man
    Sans provocation–unprovoked
    “Shooting to kill” so Christ has joked
    The Gospel message choking, O,
    For Jesus went for broking, O,
    As doctrine is interpreted
    By princes who can´t raise the dead.

    A long long time ago
    One Erik Prince
    Called himself Christian–though
    Christ too would wince.

    Can´t raise the dead but surely knows
    To lay them down–do you suppose
    Despite its thumping really it´s
    A brand of Bible hypocrites
    As fearlessly will murder, O,
    An antichrist their herder, O,
    While the Good Shepherd shakes his head
    And merely weeps and weeps instead.

  18. “much like how the soviets have conducted their wars..”

    Which wars would those be?

    Certainly not in Afghanistan – Z. Brezinski, president Carter’s security advisor, boasted in the French newspaper La Nouvelle Observateur in 1998 that the US had sent Muslim fundamentalists into Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet Union sent troops there. See former CIA chief Robert Gates’ memoirs From the Shadows for confirmation.

    Som of the same Islamic fundamentalists were sent by the Clinton administration to fight in Bosnia, according to a report by the US Senate Republican Committee on Foreign Relations.

    For more on US support of so-called mujahedin, see John Cooley, Unholy Wars.

    Soviet wars in other countries – please list them.

    Ignorance is not an excuse.

    1. Come now .. why do you think forces such as Nato were established in the first place? It wasn’t to help the soviets expand into western europe. It was to counter them. Forgetting history is the ultimate ignorance.

    2. Although what NATO has become these days is a mockery of what it once stood for, just as much as USA has become.

  19. I have to ask. Was this form letter also given to Soldier of Fortune Magazine or would that be to obvious for Blackwater?

  20. Blackwater along with a host of others, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, et al, was thought to be necessary because of the small forces that the geniuses, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and company, the same people who belived attacking a sovereign country that was no threat to this nation was a good idea, decided would be optimum for their conquest of Iraq. This small force had the initial advantage of being relatively cheap and also providing less of a ripple effect throughout the society as far as casualties and deprivations go. One of the main sales pitches for the “invasion” was the “war would pay for itself”-Wolfowitz. In other words, cheap. Take that concept to the hardships and casualties that might have occured had a major mobilization been employed. It was no accident that Bremer rammed through the law by edict absolving contractors of any resposibility for whatever level of mayhem they might be guilty. There were to be no niceties governing the protection of Bremmer and other American proconsuls, subconsuls, and whatever. No diplomat was going to have to worry that some contractor might pause a deadly second pondering the legalities of his actions. There was a saying in a faraway place a long time back that some of you reading this will remember, “Kill’em all and let God sort ’em out.” In that place then at the unit level this much more represented a fatalistic attitude rather than actual action even in free fire zones by the regular troops, although this was not true in the strategic case of indiscriminate bombing carried out by both the Johnson and the Nixon administration. It appears it is not the case by a longshot for Blackwater and their other mercenary cohorts.

    And this is a pure colonialist, or neo-colonialist, if you prefer, approach. The French had the Foreign Legion, the British the native troops of the Rag and other native regiments recruited from the most poverty stricken corners of the empire, the Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese, their motley squads of misfits, sociopaths, and adventurers who would hardly be missed by the home fronts. The Roman army of the frontier in the last two hundred and fifty years of the Roman Empire had devolved from a citizen army-an army in which one had to a Roman citizen to be acceptable-into an almost entirely mercenary organization from mid-level officers on down. We all, I hopefully assume, are aware of what happened to these empires.

  21. I agree, the red white and blue has lost most of it’s once respected reputation. Too much diversity, too many social elements that have nothing in common pulling in their own direction, too much corruption. USA needs to be broken up because it just ain’t going to work.

  22. Whilst there is arguement that the US personnel employed by Blackwater may or may not be Mercenaries Blackwater employs Chilean Personell and these definitely ARE Mercenaries. As Such the Executives of the company are Knowingly using Mercenaries and as such are Co Conspirators of War Crimes.

    Blackwater claims that it is saving the US from training these men with their excessive costings being because it costs money to train the men. Were not the majority of Blackwaters men trained by the US military in Special ops teams like the Rangers and SEALS. It cost Blackwater how much to train Rangers and Seals after they poached them from the US Military. To be blunt these men that have left the Rangers and SEALS to work for an increased monetary fee instead of the Pentagon and the President of the United States.

    If these Men are so Gung Ho why isnt the Pentagon madatorally recalling these men back to Active service. With Stop loss and all the other excuse used on the Average soldier being abused Why are Special Forces Personnel being allowed to escape the Dragnet of the Military.

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