8 thoughts on “Training the Iraqi Army”

  1. Dang, aren’t we lucky to have such shipshape allies? Our government sure knows how to pick’em.

  2. This makes me think that the Iraqis in this film have never tried jumping jacks before in their lives. I recall how it was way back in grade school when we learned this exercise. Not many kids were able to get it right away either. This is humorous, but also an honest statement of the differences between two cultures.

  3. This video is probably fake. I count only 11 “Iraqis.” A real training session would involve a much larger number. And, what kind of head gear is that? However, it does look like a fairly good representation of what is going on.

  4. It is really irrelevant how well they can do jumping jacks. What matters is how well they can take pot shots with their AK-47/AKM’s at the “Liberators” when they are not looking and then disappear into the night with their free complimentary assault rifle to use their new training in a Militia of their choice.

    Also it remains to be seen if these (likely Shi’ite) recruits decide that Iran offers better “benefits” when they are assigned to protect US soldier’s backs during that future war of aggression.

    1. I thought we were at war with Sunni al-qaeda. Why would shiites be angry at us? You seem to be helplessly confused.

  5. And Al-Sadr is what? Al-Qaeda is a smoke screen. The US military is simply killing anyone who disagrees with the Occupation, and the Blackwater thugs are just acting like lawless trigger happy psychopaths.

    And if the US attacks Iran just remember – “blood is thicker than water”. An attack on one Shi’ite people is an an attack on all Shi’ites. And since there are many Shi’ites in the Iraqi “Army” then it should get very interesting.

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