Ron Paul’s Disgraceful Ad

This new Ron Paul ad is absolutely, outrageously, tragically wrong:

“No visas for students from ‘terrorist nations’”?

Rarely has a more ignorant proposal been advanced – and it is made even worse by the fact that this is Ron Paul we’re talking about.

To begin with, it is odd, indeed, for a libertarian to be invoking the concept of collective guilt: is every citizen of these unnamed “terrorist nations” to be declared persona non grata on account of the actions of a minuscule number of their countrymen?

Secondly, just which nations is Rep. Paul talking about? Fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia: two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was Egyptian and another one hailed from Lebanon. Is Paul seriously saying that we should deport the thousands from these countries studying in the US? And why stop there? Why allow anyone from these so-called “terrorist nations” entry into the US for any reason whatsoever – just to be on the safe side?

This is pandering to the worst, Tom Tancredo-esque paranoia and outright ignorance (or do I repeat myself?) and is not worthy of Dr. Paul. I have the utmost respect for the candidate, but in using this unfortunate term, “terrorist nations,” the Good Doctor undermines his non-interventionist foreign policy stance. If these are, in truth, “terrorist nations” – which most will take to mean all predominantly Muslim nations — then why not invade them, kill the terrorists, and be done with it? This phraseology gives the War Party carte blanche – and, believe you me, they’ll use it.

As Murray Rothbard explained, the anti-interventionist conservatives of the 1950s made the same mistake when they jumped on Joe McCarthy’s bandwagon. The “red scare” was payback for the “brown scare” of the 1940s in which prominent conservatives were basically run out of public life on a rail for not getting with the program until Pearl Harbor. The original McCarthyite movement was directed against domestic reds, and was a sweet revenge for those conservatives who had been targeted as “subversive” and even “pro-Hitler” for being anti-interventionist during the Roosevelt era. However, it wasn’t long before the domestic witch-hunt spilled over the border and became an international armed crusade that roped us into NATO, lured us into Korea, and got us bogged down in Vietnam.

Thousands of students from the Middle East, North Africa, and the Muslim countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and elsewhere come to this country and bring home with them the ideas of liberty, tolerance, and fair play that are the predominant themes of our culture. Barring them would be politically foolish, economically counterproductive, and a prelude to much worse.

It saddens me to write this, and yet I cannot be silent in the face of such a brazenly ugly attempt to cash in on barely disguised anti-Muslim sentiment, especially since his proposal would penalize large numbers of perfectly innocent people, young people whose only “crime” is to want to come to America. The Paul campaign should scrap the ad, pronto.

UPDATE: Well, we certainly have gotten our share of comments: this blog entry was posted a mere two hours ago, and we already have 150 comments.

I want to state for the record that I am not: a) accusing Ron Paul of racism, b) arguing with his stand against illegal immigration, or c) arguing in favor of open borders.

What I am saying is that a blanket ban on visas for students from unspecified “terrorist nations” is pandering to the worst, lowest instincts of the American electorate – and, as Tom Tancredo’s pathetic failure of a campaign demonstrated, it isn’t good politics, either.

This is about allowing legal immigration – and, specifically, of a type that benefits us in many ways, economically and in terms of the good will generated throughout the world at a time when we sorely need it. No one objects to vetting each and every visa applicant: a blanket ban, however, is quite a different matter, for all the reasons detailed above.

637 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Disgraceful Ad”

  1. I heartily agree that this Ad stinks, His position on immigration needs to address the positives of streamlining the process of legal immigration in my opinion, furthermore not rewarding despotic folks in the countries to the south of the US would further aid the people there and here I think.

    There is a hearty level of disagreement and debate on the nature of sovereignty with regard to amnesty programs and the like that makes this sticky and difficult. I respect your criticism as usual. But overall, Ron’s still the best candidate.

    Thanks for the writing as always.

  2. Thank you, Justin, for your honesty and for not being afraid to say publicly how much this ad stinks. It is a very sad ad indeed for that stupid, vote-pandering, bullshit sentence of not allowing students “from terrorist nations”. I called the campaign today just to get more bullshit about “protecting America from terrorists”. I think this is a mistake – all the people I know, supporters from the first hour, are very disappointed. It’s sad, because the same line of argument can also be used to deny people their 2nd ammendment rights because of one Timothy McVeigh – and I thought this would be obvious to someone like Mr Paul.
    So, yeah, support is down from strong to lukewarm.

    1. ADD:

      just saw reference to HR 488 and read it. Looks like Mr. Paul is fully in line with this, and my fault for not researching Mr. Paul more closely. Good luck to you, then, Mr Paul. Guess Harry Browne was right after all: either vote libertarian or don’t vote at all. Ah, I miss Harry.

  3. Well Stan, the least I can say is that you are right when you say white "immigrants" built Amerika…from exterminating the Indians, to killing black slaves en masse during the War for Southern Independence and then cynically using them as pawns during the Federal occupation of the south (the logical, though wholly unjustifiable reaction to which was a century of racist oppression against blacks from their white neighbors), to the wars of aggression against Inperial Spain and Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq (need I continue?), Anglo-Saxons are responsible for our present imperialist Federal monstrosity…H.L. Mencken was hilariously correct in pointing out the "hereditary cowardice" of the Anglo-Saxon, as both the British and American empires have been built by ganging up on weak, friendless nations…not to mention the Puritan sense of moral certitude which turns everything it sees into an apocalyptic crusade between God's annointed killers and the legions of hell (just listen to the corpulent Christo-fascist John Hagee discuss Iran sometime)…but before you complain about the present mores too much, Stan, remember who is REALLY responsible for our sad present state of affairs. (PS I don't believe in collective guilt — for Jews, Germans, or Americans — and I think other white people, as well as people of every race, have done great things for America)

  4. I’m a huge Ron Paul supporter and I have to admit that is the absolute worst ad I’ve ever seen for him. It undermines most of the reasons I’m voting for him.

    I’m against illegal immigration but I’m not anti-Hispanic. Heck, I don’t even buy the crap about “terrorist nations” . . . I thought student visas were a *legal* way to visit . . . so is Saudi Arabia a terrorist nation now??

    *Very disappointed*, but I still plan to vote Paul on February 5th. As a registered Republican he’s still far and away my best choice.

    [I posted this at reason when they picked up your story but I thought I’d come post here too.]

    1. What, not even his racism can get you to dislike him? Why *are* you voting for him? It must be a pretty darn good reason.

      Tip: this ad isn’t any coincidence!

      1. It’s pretty clear to me that Paul himself is not a racist. His quotes about ‘collectivist labels’ for people are pretty dang good. [ ]People should be evaluated based on their values and actions not on conditions they do not control like their place of birth. Many of us believe the Paul campaign has simply overgrown anything Paul is used to dealing with and now he’s hiring the same type of heartless thugs that run the campaigns of all the other major contenders. That would cut right to Paul’s leadership ability (for anything larger than his congressional seat, for something like, you know *President* maybe) and would be a reason for me to consider dropping support of Paul, but it looks to me like he’s getting things back in order.

        I genuinely believe Paul is the real deal. He seems to me a kind-hearted, well-informed, responsible, sensible person — perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the attention the good ideas he promulgates are finally getting — but not too bowled over by it.

        I’m not sure what your opposition is based on Aggro-crag. Enlighten me and perhaps I’ll change my tune. If he truly doesn’t deserve it, I won’t vote for him.

        As far as ‘anti-war’ goes, only Kucinich can match him on both ‘walking the walk’ and ‘talking the talk’. As far as the racism goes, that kept me away from Paul for months while I investigated the guy. I finally decided that while the ‘ghostwriter’ escapade seemed hokey to me, not only was it twenty years ago, but he has clearly, publicly, consistently, and rightfully disavowed himself from such attitudes.

        His current platform is the least racist of any of the candidates [in my opinion] – certainly amongst the Republicans.

        Paul is the only one that doesn’t equate being born Arab with being less-than-human-future-collateral-damage. He’s the only candidate who says he’s tired of the hypocritical “Christian” candidates arguing theology at the expense of issues, and – other than that ad that offended me – the only one that talks about addressing *illegal* immigration without equating being born south of the border with being less human than himself.

  5. Hmmmm. None of the posters here sound Native American. Just how many of you anti-immigration flag-waving jingoists here had very recent ancestors who were no more than horsethieves in Europe, and who had nothing more to commend them but the price of a ticket in steerage? Remember, immigration laws were enacted somewhere during the 1920*s.

  6. Hahaha, this ad is great. People don’t realize how big of a joke Ron Paul is! It’s a shame he’s convinced so many internet nerds to follow him and his horrible ideals, but out side of the ‘net he’s just another dumb guy.

  7. are you kidding?? Ron Paul is absolutely correct! How can anyone look at Cali and not see what this 3rd world invasion is doing to our nation?

    no, immigration laws were changed in 1965 with the Hart-Celler Act and supported by the Kennedy’s, and now Fatboy Kennedy is admitting he is wrong and our country’s in trouble, well thank you very much you low IQ idiot!

  8. We need a moratorium on ALL immigration. After the last great wave, we had a time out for those who came to assimilate. Now, they come by the millions, have no intention of assimilating, will not adopt the language and, in general, could care less about obeying our laws. If we want to exist as a nation, an entity that can be a world leader and help the unfortunate of the world, then we must conserve our natural resources, our finances, our language, culture and traditions. We have, instead, become a multilingual bunch of enclaves
    that will never become one- e pluribus unam – this is not the cohesive nation that we must have. All those who are here illegally need to leave and further immigration, in maybe five years, will be on OUR terms, not theirs!

  9. This ad is sensible and realistic. The only thing they forgot to mention was massive round-the-clock deportations.

    Quit your whining, ladies.

  10. Senator MaCarthy was so right.
    Now that those Blacklisted Commies are back in hollywood, you can enjoy all the perversions and filth you desire. The enemy is international communism, dummies. Destroy the family, destroy the peoples faith in a higher power, the State will protect you, the State will feed you, the State will teach you, We are all brothers? Not.

  11. I am shocked that Antiwar is taking the pro-illegal alien position. I beleive that Justin should stick to matters of war and not poke his head into the immigration debate. Just as war and mass murder are not Conservative/Liberal issues but moral issues, so is illegal immigration. It is immoral to flood this country with millions of un-educated non-English speaking people simply so the local Best Western can have cheap labor.

    I can’t support if they are going to start advocating the invasion of the US by illegals.

  12. it will be years before we recognize how lucky we were that someone like paul even ran. a paul loss will only show just how wasteful and out-of-touch american society has become with what it strives to stand for.

    support for paul is support for the rights and liberties of all americans. there is no other candidate on either side comparable to such a platform, and that goes far beyond net rhetoric.

  13. For all of you that think you have the answer/knowledge, how many muslims live in Mexico? I didnt think you knew, its easier just to shoot your mouth off without doing research.
    I’ll give you the answer. 500,000
    Most of them with strong ties back to the Middle East. The terrorists could be crossing the southern border as we speak.
    Oh, but lets not secure the border, lets take away civil liberties to the American people to protect the American people.
    Go look it up. The borders need to be closed.
    I could give statistics and facts for the rest of Ron’s views, but my point here, is, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
    And oh yeah, lets give Visas to students in terrorist nations.
    Terrorist nation schools teach from a very young age to hate America. hmmmmm. They are taught to hate and kill at a very young age. If we were to get the heck outta there, there would be no fuel to make the fire and hatred larger.

  14. This critique is so childish.

    The War in Iraq, awful and wasteful as it may be, is not the only important issue in this campaign. Border security IS an important matter. Railing against our Bush-Clinton induced broken borders–with their endgoal of an Amero state–does not make Ron Paul look “racist”.

    My only complaint on ads emphasizing his position regarding illegal immigration is that it is redundant by comparison to the positions of the other GOP candidates, while Paul ads need to be hammering other issues as well–like our decaying civil liberties.

  15. Sometimes you can tell more about a candidate based on the comments of the people who support him, than the comments of the candidate himself/herself. Based on the comments I see here in support of Dr. Paul, there is no wonder why I don’t support him. Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

  16. It is unfortunate that Ron Paul campaigns like this. I hope his reasons for it are only practical. The only reasonable explanation is that he wants votes, well, from a large group of people. Considering that people would actually vote for Huckabee, for following Jeehsus, and playing the bass guitar, it is conceivable that a mixed strategy leads to better results. I actually was a Nader fan in 2000, but I now understand that he had no chance. Nader´s campaign strategy was based on discussing the real problems America faced (and still faces), and his presentation included sentences with main and subordinate clauses (often more than one), whose content consisted of propositions to solve the aforementioned problems. No Jeehsus, no balloons, no emotional screaming, etc.

  17. Ron Paul has stood up for the issues and against George Bush’s agenda like no other Congressman. Democrats, whom are supposed to be the “legitimate” check on power, decided to vote their careers over the people. So now the Libs, fearing he will steel constituents, have labeled him a racist. That’s low.










  19. How long before Homeland Security officially declares Libertarianism and any other group that finds itself at odds with the governmental status quo (Churches,Green al ) as domestic security threats? My guess? Not long. Our Elitist leaders know they are very close to installing new, and re-organizing current Global institutions into a more powerful form of Global Governance. And despite the fact the the American populace is either ignorant or apathetic towards to agenda in Washington, they (i.e. globalist) are not willing to risk any sort of public awareness concerning their agenda. DHS will make sure to infiltrate and discredit all those whom might throw the final agenda of global governace off it fast track. Oh…, it's true.

  20. as always eveyone forgets to mention the fact that the cowards who hijacked the jets were here on EXPIRED visas. all the tapes and theorist explainations i only heard one person actually say about HOW they were able to do this. our weak immigration policies help spineless lowlifes from sandnations do their dirty work here because you don't want to upset their rights! my wife is also from russia and is now a u.s. citizen and speaks better english than the mumblemouth dirt bags that we allow in this country to stay and soak up our resources.try to walk around in russia with fake i.d.s.they have a great system you need your passport for all legal you can get a fake ss number on any street corner.they would have put those narrowassed terrorists in gulags before they could say alla. keep putting people like we have now in office and we will be on the fast track to becoming a third world nation!

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  24. am surprised at this ad and position. The Ad is disheartning coming from Ron Paul.I was hopping that he would not resort to use rhetrorics that appeal our fearmongring inner sleves.I thought Dr,Paul would be the one candidate who would not resort to demagoguery like the rest of the candidates.

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  26. I am a big Paul supporter and agree with him on 95% of his platform, but his immigration stance is the one issue. I still believe in the candidate, but not in the management of his campaign. The grass root supporters do a much better job. This ad should be pulled immediately!

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  28. No More Student Visas From Terrorist Nations"

    I'll play the political spin on this.

    We will not increase the quotes of students coming from terrorist nations. No more "per year".

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  32. My friend mentioned to me your blog, so I thought I’d read it for myself. Very interesting insights, will be back for more!

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