Republicans in the Military Support the Antiwar Candidate

According to the fourth quarter reports, the majority of military contributors supported Ron Paul, the one antiwar candidate in the Republican primaries.

Ron Paul received more contributions from servicemembers than the other three remaining GOP candidates:

Ron Paul – 1349
McCain – 413
Romney – 140
Huckabee – 99

And the Dems:
Obama: 466
Clinton: 181

This follows the same trend that was set in the second and third quarters of last year.

UPDATE: Ron Paul also received more total money from military contributors than all the Democratic candidates combined, or all the Republicans combined. Here are the totals in dollars for each candidate:

Ron Paul $392,721.00
Barack Obama $124,234.00
John S McCain $106,309.00
Hillary Clinton $75,258.00
Fred Thompson $58,373.00
Mike Huckabee $47,376.00
Mitt Romney $43,332.00
Rudolph Giuliani $23,430.00
Bill Richardson $21,175.00
John Edwards $20,711.00
Joseph Biden $10,940.00
Duncan Hunter $9,820.00
Thomas Gerald Tancredo $7,200.00
Samuel Dale Brownback $3,606.00
Dennis J Kucinich $2,952.00
Christopher J Dodd $1,098.00
Mike Gravel $970.00

Thanks to Tex McRae and Jeff Shulman.

20 thoughts on “Republicans in the Military Support the Antiwar Candidate”

  1. For better mass appeal and to really stress just what it is, it should be described as – Ron Paul received more contributions from service members than the other three remaining GOP candidates COMBINED.

    As for the substance – McCain, Romney and Huckabee and their media backers would have us all believe that more war is the answer, even in the face of those actually doing the fighting suggesting otherwise.

    And I’m hoping the new addition of contributors to his team will steer him towards making a run as an independent.

    1. That’s my hope, too, Green Party Guy, but currently, anyway, he seems smitten with the response to his candidacy, having expected little at first, and now enjoying, if not an avalanche of votes, at least the enthusiasm and financial support of so many devotees. None of this will change the realities for him in his Quixotesque pursuit of the Republican nomination, of course, so if he has service to perform it can only be as an independent. I feel confident he get the needed signatures for ballot position in the several states, but he’s got to get going, he can’t wax reverentially about “the Cause” and “the response”. For one thing, the folks that have given him money haven’t done so to watch him go up in a puff of smoke at the Republican convention. He’s no Mike Huckabee with nowhere else to go, there are other options open to him. Someone needs to stick a pin in him.

  2. I sent the following question for “John Insane” to Keith Olbermann, since it’s unlikely to ever be asked at a debate.

    “Senator John McCain, my question is about Iraq:

    You supported and continue to support the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    Present authoritative reports state the cost of the operation to include:

    o The deaths of one million Iraqi citizens

    o The deaths or dismemberment of tens of thousands of US servicemembers

    o Two TRILLION dollars in debts or lost revenues to US citizens

    o Worsened relations with two of our closest Middle East allies, Turkey and Pakistan

    o Increased instability in the region, including the successful recruitment by jihadists of thousands of potential

    o Continued danger to well over one hundred thousand US servicemembers in the region, with no end in sight

    All this, for a war executed without a Constitutionally mandated declaration, based on, at best, “failed intelligence” and, at worst, bald-faced lies by the Bush administration and its supporters.

    Given you swore an oath, both as a military officer and as a US Senator, to “support and defend the Constitution,” just what do you offer voters other than your arrogance, your condescension, your hypocrisy and your betrayal of the US Constitution?”

    Given Olbermann’s pro-Democrat bias, this question may otherwise not see the light of day other than this blog.

    Robert Fallin

  3. Ron Paul’s an enigma, isn’t he? He gets more contributions from military members than the other candidates combined, yet I’m willing to bet that no mainstream newspaper, television station or Internet site touches this…no, it’ll be the typical treat-it-like-it’s-stinking-feces bulls**t it always is. Drives me frigging mad – and I’m not even a Paulite, for God’s sakes! I’m just someone who wants every last candidate for president accorded the same possibilities for exposure. And you know (it’s so easy to forget) that includes Peace & Freedom candidates, Green, etc. (If a Martian came down and only watched television and read newspapers – and, hey, surfed the Internets – the Martian would surely think, “300 million people, and only 4 of them running for president? Must be a pretty bogus job that nobody wants,” unaware that there are probably 20 people running for president – and even that’s pathetic, in the face of 300 million!)

    A thought struck me today: your average conservative/Republican feels about taxes the way Hillary feels about Obama, yet you mention Ron Paul wanting to abolish the IRS and you get nothing but tut-tuts and grave utterances like “Away with you, child, thou knowest the ways of the adults.” Funny little disconnect, that one. I mean, Grover Norquist, shouldn’t you be all over canceling the IRS’s charter? Shouldn’t you, Grover?

    1. The reason you only see or hear about the four finishing “frontrunners”, very little about Ron Paul, and absolutely nothing about any of those from the other parties (this right from the beginning) is because the “mainstream” selectees from the “mainstream” field are all vetted through and approved by the “Hidden Government.” If you don’t know what the Hidden Government is, Google “The Bilderbergers” and go from there to The Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission. That’ll give you a good idea on who’s really running the country and a hefty part of the world. Victories (and even significant pluralities) of guys like Ron Paul or any third party candidate tend to upset their plans for global control.

      1. It's worse than that. If it were a formal conspiracy of Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Skull and Bones or what have you, it would be possible to expose it and fight it.

        There's no formal conspiracy. There's no need for one. People with huge amounts of money have simply all act according to their own perceived self-interest and the ideologies that support those interests. There's no formal conspiracy to expose, which makes it even harder to fight.

      2. The power of the people should not be forgotten, is the only slogan that makes sense against the hidden government. Our masters do not want to televise the Ron Paul Revolution, or let it happen.

  4. Hello, it’s your non-voting geriatric signing on once more. In a recent thread I defended Kristol because he looks very much like my son, and I’ve always counted my son the handsomest guy in the room…ANY room. Now this Dr. Paul character looks very much like my late husband, a WWII bomber who never donated to anyone, because he believed in private property and the second amendment with insular fervency. Actually, he sort of frightened me. But he did cut a dashing figure in his travelling salesman suit, and Dr. Paul cuts a similar figure. If Dr. Paul wins Maine, where I live (and where he has “a shot,” according to, my only news source as a confrimed populist) I hope he runs as an independent with Lou Dobbs (who looks nothing like my husband but suspiciously like his Keynesian brother) just so I can see him in those suits on television. The old flapper in me wishes he’d jump off the Gold Standard and into my lap!!!

  5. Hello All
    The first casualties of war are truth and freedom. As Long as we are at war we will have neither the funds or the freedom to pay for health care, infrastructure, education or any thing else. It’s not “the economy stupid”. It’s the war! It’s killing our soldiers our economy and our constitution. You must get on line and go everywhere you can and tell everyone you can that the only way to end this war is to get Ron Paul elected as president. He is the only one who will get the troops home without delay. Others say they will end the war but not for a long time. Obama has even talked about going into Pakistan. And Hillary has sided with the Bush Administration in declaring the Iranian Republican Guard a terrorist organization. That is like some one else calling our National Guard a terrorist organization. Bush Has said he will go after terrorist and the countries that harbor them that means that he is going after Iran and Hillary would do the same thing. Ron Paul may be hard to swallow for some democrats but he is our only hope of ending this war. None of the other candidates not Obama not Clinton not Huckabee not McCain and not Romney will end this war. There is a reason that Ron Paul has more support from military personnel than any other candidate and that is because they will receive the first benefits of peace (not getting shot at and blown up) It’s Ron Paul or it is National ID cards, suspension of the Bill of Rights and mass detention facilities


  6. There is a disconnect between what it is that the people say they want–change–and the fact that they vote in large numbers for Washington insiders and career politicians like McCain and Hillary. In this regard I believe that people are freightened about this terrosim nonsense ,and so dependent on government that change is the last thing they want.

    Most people think the only reason thet the government exists is to give them something–free medical care, free prescriptions drugs, free day care, a free college education,mortgage and credit card bail outs, and all the other goodies the Welfare state and most of the candidates promise.

    Ron Paul will fight against the Welfae-Warfare state that has an agressive foreign policy abroad and restricted liberties at home.Unfortunately, most people will choose security over liberty.In other words, people love big, intrusive, aggresssive government.

    1. The disconnect is at least partly miscounted votes.

      The Republicans stole Ohio against Gore–that was where the real vote fraud was, without which Florida was irrelevant.

      That is why Kucinich asked for a recount in NH.

      Reforming fraudulent machine counting is a key part of his analysis.

    2. This disconnect is extremely frustrating to me as well. If 70% of Americans want an end to the war in Iraq, why aren’t 70% of Americans voting for an end to it? The answer to me seems to be that the American people have lost their streak of independence that made us reputed as the bearers of democracy throughout the world until the most recent administration. They’re scared. And after decades of welfare and warfare, what do the American people do when they’re scared? They cling desperately onto the status quo in the hopes that nothing out of the mainstream will occur to shake up their comfortable lives. Only our lives aren’t as comfortable as they once were. I’m afraid that the future of the economy will make Americans look back at Ron Paul six months after the election and think that hey, maybe he did know what he was talking about. And maybe he was right when he pointed out (as more and more critics and experts are these days) that American policy towards terrorism (including the war) has made us less safe. I fear what will happen to our nation under a Clinton or McCain presidency, and only less so under an Obama one. Ron Paul is what the American people want and need, but the media does all it can to make sure they don’t realize it.

      1. I think the 70& are told over and over that a Paul has no electability. You must vote for the chosen 4, if you vote for a Paul you will split the vote and usher in the wrong party. There were only 2 democrat candidates focused on from the very beginning. Clinton and Obama was shoved down our throats.

  7. Amen, Mr. Costa,

    Until the electronic voting machines are left out of the equation and a sound, tamper-proof way of validating the voting process is put into place, the present charade we call our elections will go on – and all of our anxiety and wringing of hands will be for naught. We must get rid of these damn machines now!

    I wish every American would watch “Hacking Democracy” from HBO, available for free viewing on Youtube. It just might get our friends and neighbors to open their eyes to the fact that NO – YOUR VOTE DOESN’T MATTER. Beverly Harris, the woman who almost single-handedly exposed this fraud, now there’s a true American patriot my friends.

  8. The troops want Ron Paul, the public doesn’t care for him. Would support the troops not include helping them get what they want? Support the troops my foot!

    1. There is some clear suggestion that military votes were also miscounted in the the last two presidential elections. Certainly, there was in place a systematic bias toward engineering military votes for Bush.

  9. I think very clear-headed analysis is needed on the whole subject of this seeming disconnect. No doubt some of it is psychological, but the psychological makes some a little less suspicious of the mechanical, which is outright vote fraud.

    The Neo-Cons are still aiming at an presidential electoral victory, if they can possibly pull it off.

    The popular vote is irrelevant to them, as long as it is a close enough contest so that a victory in the Electoral College is possible.

    Ohio will be harder to steal this year, but the strategy is the same.

    Too the bases are covered on both sides of the fence, just as they were covered with Gore-Lieberman versus Bush-Cheney.

    The key to Neo-Con manipulation is that it is not based on a static exoteric ideology, but is externally contingent.

  10. As Justin pointed out in “The Madness of John McCain”, when McCain was first in Congress, just out of the service and not too many years out of POW camp, he was as anti-imperialist as current GI’s are. But now he’s older, wiser, more realistic; he understands that war is money and money is what gets you elected.

    The wonder is how Ron Paul managed to get elected 10 times. Charlie Wilson was elected 11 times to represent a district that adjoins both of Paul’s districts, apparently with defense industry financing in exchange for leaving his hot tub long enough to vote for every military appropriations bill that came along. That’s the norm, but somehow Ron Paul stayed in Congress without riding that gravy train. I’d like to know what’s unique about his part of Texas.

  11. um. It’s safe to say that you are a JACKASS if you vote for Ron Paul based on the fact that hes against the war and that he wants us out of IRAQ.

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