Sibel Edmonds’ Story Makes the MSM!

Thanks very much to O.E., who writes:

It was shocking, but a pleasant surprise, to find Philip Giraldi’s “Found in Translation” article reprinted, at least in part, in today’s Dallas Morning News. They did leave out the part about the Valerie Plame, but with graphics the article does fill the entire back page of the opinion section.

(Also, Marc Grossman’s name does not make it into article and the DMN article is over 1000 words shorter than what appeared in the American Conservative article.)

Even with the heavy editing, the DMN version of Giraldi’s American Conservative article should be enough to get the main point across. It should also prove to other media organizations in this country that they CAN touch this story – if only with a ten-foot pole…

Author: Scott Horton

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  1. Finally a mainstream media producer is giving this story some exposure; it is long past due for the American public to know that there are those in power that will be commit treason if they think they can get away with it and there is enough money involved.

    1. Its just not the American public or the people in higher power. This is true for every human being on earth. Everyone has a price. Everyone is more than willing to give up parts of themselves or the ones around them in order to better them selves. Its been happening for years so why now do we call it out and make such spectical of it?

      1. Sorry to let you know that this issue have been sitting for awhile Sibel was muted by the Bush administration about 4 to 5 years ago, Sibel had been trying to get this story out to the main street media for about 4 years but was silented by the government of the Bush and Cheney admin, Sibel decided to give her news to europe news media that is where I saw it first a few years ago, she said that she is willing to rist herself to let the peoples of the United States know what she had heard and received at her job at the cia, the reason that this is important is because it let you see what was going on inside to the leadup of the invasion of Iraq and the inside deal that were going on to the selling of wmd’s to the enemies, as a country America can’t afford another JFK, MLK, or RFK shush back room deals any longer.


  3. This is a scandal that has been going on for decades: deep-state CIA narcotraffickiing, illegal weapons sales, and so on.

    Sibel Edmonds has snared one tentacle of the octopus that has been dealing in narcotics, nuclear secrets, and illegal weapons sales for decades. The blog Antifascist Calling has just posted another very detailed piece on this international criminal network, titled Deep State, Corporate Crime. It’s a must-read.

    The term “deep state” refers to a political system, composed of high-level elements within the military, security and intelligence services, the judicial branch, and important commanders of organized crime. Although the term originated to describe Turkey’s political system, it also correctly describes the USA, Great Britain, Pakistan, Israel, and others from roughly the 1970s through today. A peek at the ATC board members listed in Deep State, Corporate Crime gives one an idea of the numerous players who benefit politically and financially from deep state politics. Keep in mind the ATC board is one of hundreds of deep state lobbies and CIA cutouts created to carry out ilegal and deadly deep state activities.

    Deep state activities during the 1970s and 1980s are well documented, though higly complex. The now defunct bank BCCI was one of the primary institutions used to launder the money used in this illegal narcotics, nuclear, and weapons trade. Although it is well-known that BCCI functioned as the CIA’s money-laundering facility, Democratic Senator John Kerry helped whitewash the CIA’s connections to BCCI during the investigations of the failed bank’s criminal activities during poppy Bush’s presidency.

    While the Bush crime family is well-known, with poppy Bush a former CIA chief, and generations of war profiteering and graft, the role of the Clinton crime family in deep state politics is more well-hidden. Here are a few of Clinton’s connections to the 1990s deep state. Support of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, well-known for heroin trafficking, and the war on Serbia to ensure a secure flow of heroin from Turkey to western Europe is one. Another is the assistance governor Clinton provided to help cover for the CIA’s cocaine trafficking into Mena, AK. One of the best summaries of Bill Clinton’s connections to deep state politics is in this chart (top of page), depicting the relationships various Clinton associate had to BCCI, and this compilation of sales and thefts of weapons techology to China.

    To learn more about the USA’s deep state activities prior to 1990, start with The Politics of Heroin; CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade by Alfred McCoy, The Last Circle by Carolyn Marshall, and books by Peter Dale Scott.

    It’s a steep learning curve to bring oneself up to speed on decades of CIA and deep state criminal activity, but it is crucial to know the context of Sibel Edmonds’ revelations, 9-11, and the threat posed by unaccountable intelligence agencies that also control much of the world’s narcotics and illegal weapons trade. The threat posed to democratic societies, and the world in general, by intelligence agencies run amok makes CIA asset al Qaeda look like a cuddy teddy bear. The war on terror is a mere cover for the profits and operations of those who control deep state politics.

  4. Well dontreallycare above is a pleasant sort.
    I for one do not have a price and most of the people I chose to associate with do not either.

    We will not sell out ever Go Ron Paul Revolution, the good people of this country need to take their country back.

  5. 911 WAS an inside job. If the laws of physics were in place on 9/11, the towers were demolished with incendiaries (thermate has been proven to be used by Prof. Steven Jones). A total collapse AT FREE FALL SPEED is a physical impossibility without the structure being progressively demolished ahead of the collapse front. FACT. FACT. Even if the towers DID begin to collapse from impact and fire (they didn’t), then the top of the building COULD NOT HAVE FALLEN THROUGH THE STRONGEST STRUCTURE (the rest of the building) EVER BUILT AT FREE FALL SPEED! Can I make myself any clearer? Try to wake up friends, co-workers and family before it’s too late.

    1. 1) That would be “thermite”
      2) Everytime some posts the “demolition charges” argument on the Internet, God kills a kitten. THINK OF THE KITTEN, MAN!

      1. 1) no, thermate is a variant of thermite – remember what Einstein said “the only thing interfering with my learning is my education” or Socrates “all I know is that I know nothing.”

        2) Everytime that kitten dies somebody prefers ignorance to truth.

  6. I did my own informal and unscientific survey of co-workers. I asked 10 people if they’d ever heard of Sibel Edmonds. Zero. Not one. Then I asked them if there was evidence of possible trading of nuclear secrets in exchange for money, would they consider that treason? All ten said yes.

    So why is it that Watergate, a simple burglary, could touch off countless stories, hearings, indictments, and decades of mistrust of government malfeasance, yet this far more damaging scandal is completely ignored?

    Who in the media is keeping this under wraps? What do they gain for their silence?

    Whatever the reason, the media’s complicity in this affair is shameful. Are journalists the slightest bit embarrassed by all of this?

  7. Sibel Edmonds is hot. She should give her story to _Playboy_ and do a photo shoot along with it.

    The sad truth is that a magazine like that is much more likely to buy it than something like _Time_.

  8. I hear that among the Ivy League elites treason is now considered a career chioce? What in hell do they teach at Yale?

  9. I’m glad 9/11 is coming out of the closet. Its about time. We of the 9/11 truth movement needed a spark like SE to ignite the flame of justice that 9/11 deserves. As 9/11 has been buried too long by the MSM I await the full exposure of all the facts, one of them being —

    If one jet plane could bring a tall steel framed highrise so perfectly straight down like its claimed happened that day, how come demolition experts don’t use the comparatively cheap method of igniting multi-gallons of jetfuel(karosene) instead of the millions spent on intricately rigged controlled demolition which it obviously was.

    Think about it.

  10. 9/11 Truth requires a huge paradigm shift – and to be considered ‘nuts’ in the media could be career killing.. that’s partially why it hasn’t come out. Pride. The fear of being judged negatively by society – too hard for most people to handle.

  11. The problem with the concept of a “deep state” is that it’s the nature of EVERY state.

    You can’t have a criminal state if you don’t have a state in the first place.

    You can’t have “corporations’ running the state if 1) you realize that corporations are creations of the state, and 2) you don’t have a state to create them.

    But it’s irrelevant to point this out because the state is an ingrained concept in human culture at this point – like the notion of religion – and it will never be excised – except by the appropriate technology.

    Fortunately, we Transhumans will have that technology in another few decades.

    And then both the state and religion will be destroyed, and human nature will be transcended, and human history brought to a deserved end.

    In the meantime, as the villain in the movie “Gorky Park” said, “You see, corruption is part of us. All of us. The very heart of us…”

  12. Missing nuke? Did someone mention a missing nuke? So, according to Sibel Edmonds, treason by highly placed U.S. officials resulted in U.S. nuclear secrets being sold to:

    N. Korea, Iran, and others. Not only that, Turkey could very well build a bomb and Israel can upgrade their nuclear arsenal. As for a missing nuke?

    Maybe. Then again, what better way to cover up a crime by detonating a “terrorist”… I mean “missing nuke” on an American city. Just think about this scenario. Congress is in session at the same time as The Supreme Court. The President and/or Vice President just so happens to be away from Washington D.C. when…
    Boom! Mushroom cloud rising over The Mall.

    Bye bye, Congress. Bye bye, Supreme Court. A crying President and/or Vice-President left as the sole branch of government. How fast do you think they will “reconstitute” the other two branches? Especially since they will be in sole dictatorial command of the nation.

    Not fast enough. And this is how I could imagine The U.S. becoming a dictatorship. And then we bomb the f*ck out of the offending, terrorist haven (Iran/Syria) when we should be shoo… I mean, trying the traitors currently occupying all three branches of government.

    Just a little mind exercise. Enjoy.

  13. You can help Sibel Edmonds! It’s encouraging to read all of your posts and to know that so many of us support Sibel and the truth. Sibel Edmonds has stated that if she is to be successful we all must get involved. Here’s what you can do to help. I know because I have done it.

    Contact your local Congressman’s office and ask for a meeting. Show up with materials for them to read regarding Sibel Edmond’s case (You can download all that you need from her website.) Bring them a copy of Sibel’s documentary “Kill the Messenger” or give them links to the Youtube version.

    Give your Congressman a signed letter requesting his support for public hearings for Sibel’s case, and schedule a follow up meeting. Encourage others to do the same.

    We have a voice. We just need to use it!

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