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David D. Friedman & his readers suggest some things Obama can do get libertarian Republicans to vote for him (“Thoughts for Obama“):

“[A] possibility that occurs to me is to take advantage of the budgetary implications of Obama’s opposition to the Iraq War. If the U.S. pulls out, we will get a ‘peace dividend’ — a whole lot of money now being spent on the war will be available for other purposes. No doubt lots of people, in both parties, will have ideas for ways of spending it.

“Suppose Obama commits himself not to let the peace dividend be spent on new projects, or at least not all of it. Suppose, for instance, that he promises that at least half of the saving will be used to reduce the budget deficit. That puts him in the position of the fiscally responsible candidate, which should appeal to conservatives as well as libertarians. And it is a pledge that McCain cannot match, since he supports the war and so is not going to have any peace dividend to allocate. …”



Author: Sam Koritz

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  1. Fiscally responsible is another name for Hooverian Austerity, which is not really libertarian to me. I hope that Obama sees some sort of light on keeping the Bush tax cuts.

        1. The stock market is pricing in Obama’s victory and a repeal of Bush’s investment tax cuts.

          As for the real economy, Greenspan and Bernanke killed it with eight interest rate hikes. (They meant to kill it, that’s why they raise rates.) But forget Ron Paul figuring that out, he was totally addled.

  2. I think it would be a very hard sell for Obama to go for the Libertarian vote. He has the most liberal record in Congress the total amount of bills he has written or sponsored is huge this is some of it.

    This info was from Sandy Sand over at opednews.

    During his first eight years in the Illinois legislature, Obama sponsored more than 820 bills.

    * 233 regarding healthcare reform
    * 125 on poverty and public assistance
    * 112 crime fighting bills
    * 97 economic bills
    * 60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills
    * 21 ethics reform bills
    * 15 gun control
    * 6 veterans affairs and many others
    * Many more miscellaneous bills

    In all, since entering the U.S. Senate, Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1,096.

    Hillary on the other hand has sponsored very few something like 20, most of which were pure fluff. Mostly they were naming post offices and libraries, purple heart day, that kind of thing. However, I doubt if the Libertarians would go for her either but she might have a better shot based on what she has proposed. Of course based on her voting record I wouldn’t say so.

    Who knows but I really don’t think many Libertarians would go for either of them. It’s always possible that Ron Paul could lose his seat and then make a third part run. He would get most of the Libertarian vote. (no one would get all of it, we are just way to divided)

    Don’t get me wrong I would vote for Obama over war monger McCain if the war was my only issue. As it stands I will write in Ron Paul. I think it’s better to vote for the best man and stand on my priciples than support a straight up Liberal or a War Monger wannabe Conservative.


  3. Why does Obama need the Libertarian vote? That’s right, he doesn’t. He has the brainwashed masses vote, which is arguably more important than Dumbdero.

  4. I heard Obama speak in Houston the other night. Did I hear him right when he said he wanted to close down Guantanamo, end torture, and restore Habeas Corpus? Does he really advocate that? But then the other day I heard that he voted to reinstate the Patriot Act? Where does this guy stand on civil liberties??

  5. .. Where does this guy stand on civil liberties? ..
    he speaks from three sides of his mouth :)

    how on the earth this person and his readers expect there to be ” obama peace dividend ” when he / advisers want another 100000 soldiers , more money for war machine ( ” strong on defense ” ) more war in afghanistan and on and on..
    this is in no way to defend or support hillary or the repub nominee . they are pretty bad too .

  6. My advice for Obama and for Hillary as well is to stand up for what is right. Watching the debate in Texas tonight was nauseating. The way they kept kissing up and pandering for Latino votes. Why the hell should we have to apologize for putting up a fence on our own border damn it?! Why is it that Mexico has strict laws against illegal immigrants but they have the nerve to tell us that we can’t have a fence to secure our own border? Why is it that the CNN debate was co-sponsored by Univision? If people can’t speak English they are not United States Citizens, and if they are aliens they can’t vote in a Presidential election!

    This debate made me sick. What would FDR, JFK, and Harry Truman think of these two pathetic wimps, answering questions posed to them in Spanish. Is this what the once great Democratic party has come to? This is a America, speak English damn it! Stop trying to pander to illegal immigrants. Don’t tell me they all want jobs and are only here for honest work. Hundreds of thousands of them are in our nation’s jails because they are thugs and criminals. And if you think we should allow in illegal immigrants, how about we put them in YOUR HOME. Hypocrites. If illegal immigrants camped out in Obama or Clintons home would they let them stay there? Or would they have them thrown the hell out and arrested? But we, the American people, are suppossed to accept this crap from our suppossed leaders? Hillary and Obama were basically apologizing for voting to put up a fence. They make me sick. They should be apologizing to the American people for not voting to put it up sooner and to stop this invasion.

    1. By gar, Tim R., I think you’re right on this. Of course, Hillobama are no more pandering to the Latino vote than McCain, Bush, Reagan, and other Republicans.

      1. I agree with you R. Nelson, Bush and the Republicans have been full of crap on this issue as well. Congressman Tom Tancredo was the only one who stood up against it.

    2. Tim R., you obviously need to get laid. If you think there should be a border fence, then you should also advocate that there should be a block on capital flows between the US and Mexico. Or do you think capital should have more rights than people?

  7. Obama is just placating to his base of blacks, liberals, antiwar types. Watch him run to the middle after getting the nom….

  8. Schmitz, what makes you assume Obama wants to be the leader of Muslims in this country?

    You do not speak for Americans here. Do you ever ask yourself why you are there in the Middle East in the first place?

    What did those people do to you or this country? They weren’t involved in the attack on the Trade Center.

    Don’t drink the kool-aid. Think for yourself.

  9. I saw my first democratic debate last night, or half of it. Hillary was awful. If you haven’t seen her action you should watch. She’s very very over rated in my opinion. She would make a great communist. She has the most ambitious agenda ever, all of it well outside the perview of the government of the constitution. Obama was excellent. He at least bears a passing resemblence to a sensible person.

    put it this way: i would actually vote for mcain over hillary.

  10. If Hillary gets the nomination, I will vote third-party or not vote. If Obama gets the nomination, whether I vote for him depends on how much sucking up he does to the Israel-firsters in this country.

  11. Obama is a Democrat, which is to say he is a socialist. The peace "dividend", rather than being kept by those from whom it is confiscated, will more than likely be spent "for the greater good", a truly socialist phrase and undertaking. Anyone holding their breath on this one will certainly turn blue.

    The above "peace dividend" tripe assumes he would, indeed, take us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the friends of socialists have not had their chance to profiteer, unlike the friends of the fascists, we will be in those two hellholes longer. After all, fair is fair and one side cannot profiteer without the other side having their chance.

  12. I would prefer Ron Paul to Obama but the priority now has to be stop Madman McCain. Also, there is a chance that Obama, once in office, would do a Jimmy Carter and take a much more even-handed approach to the Middle East.

  13. If Obama is elected, he will have no choice but to move to the left.
    If you were CIA, or a contractor, would you waterboard for Obama? I don’t think so! Would you eavesdrop for Obama? I doubt it! In fact, you would be very afraid to do anything which was not completely defensible on legal and moral grounds. Would you trust Obama to cover and pardon your lawbreaking? I very much doubt it.
    Obama has only one possible route to success. He must clean out all the neo-cons, theo-cons, incompetents and crooks in the federal government and the Armed Forces, lest they come after him, and make governing impossible, or worse.
    The latest reports are that Obama cannot even trust the Secret Service to adequately protect him.
    Do you think the right is ready to cozy up to him? I doubt it.

    1. That is my big fear. There are powerful interests that could make life very, very hard for him, to say the least.

  14. …suppose Obama becomes someone other than Obama…

    Give me a break!

    I’m not voting for Barak McClinton, who voted for the USA PATRIOT Act and Iraq war funding.

    What is this, or

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