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  1. Always admired Barr for his service in the Clinton impeachment matter. But his bona fides as a walk-the-walk social conservative appear to have come into question largely as a result of some attempts by Larry Flynt to retaliate for his impeachment efforts. It is alleged that Barr is a values phoney, with three marriages, some child support failures and the financing of an abortion for one of his wives. Barr apparently sued as a consequence but had his suit dismissed by a federal judge who didn’t see the allegations as disproved. I know nothing of the justice or lack of it in these charges but I would not vote for Barr if he’d paid for an abortion. Can anyone offer some light here?

    1. anyone involved in the clinton impeachment is a clown. there were so many reasons to impeach clinton, but the things that these dopes latched onto was ridiculous.

      shooting a wad on some chick’s dress is the end of the world, but presiding over the death of a million people via the sanctions of mass destruction, and the slaughter of who-knows-how-many in yugoslavia, the sudan, etc., is no big deal. it shows you what the phony ‘values conservatives’ are all about. killing is fine, just don’t cheat on your wife. only in american politics.

      1. Stephen, the reason for impeachment was that Clinton LIED under oath. Dick Morris told Clinton in January 1998 that based on his (Morris) pollings, the public would forgive Clinton for his actions, but the public wouldn’t forgive Clinton for lying. That was Clinton’s biggest mistake, LYING about the affair. Hey, who could resist a hot young babe flashing her thong underwear at you?? I know I couldn’t. All I have is a strong right hand and a vivid imagination.

        1. even more ridiculous. lying is not a crime. the government is under no obligation to tell anyone the truth about anything, therefore no one has an obligation to tell them the truth. it’s stupid.

      2. Barr pushed to impeach Clinton before anyone ever heard of Lewinsky, and once they started, he continued to push for articles based on Clinton’s felonious connections to the Riady family.

    2. His family relationships are a private matter.

      If any member of any family is called upon to support any legal medical procedures, and, for any reason, they failed to do so, then I see a reason for not supporting that person.

      But, not vice-versa.

  2. Ron Paul’s campaign was a neap tide for freedom.

    Could a Barr candidacy be the spring tide we’ve been waiting for?

    Here’s hoping…

  3. What is the relevance of whether Bob Barr paid for an abortion as to whether he would be a better President than the other two idiots running?

    “He who is without sin should cast the first stone”.

    1. The “relevance” is simply this, Phil: The vote is mine and I won’t support someone that pays for abortions, either their’s or someone else’s. Politicians don’t exist in a moral vacuum. Persons serve as Presidents and persons are moral agents, not kinds of abstractions called “better-than-the-other-two”. And if that person is so degraded as to be complicit in an act of murder, I don’t vote for him, period.

  4. He was my Congressman some years ago, and I met him personally in “town meetings” and liked the man as a sincere believer in conservative Republican principles (particularly RKBA, which we discussed in depth at one of those meetings). If he runs for president as a Libertarian, he can count on MY vote.

  5. I recall that Barr wasn’t too happy about the decision to base the impeachment only on Clinton’s lying. He wanted to go after him over the business over Chinese money to the Clinton campaign. This wasn’t done because of the Republican “leadership” pulling the usual crap they are renown for- showing a combination of cowardice and political expediency.

    Barr was the first one to introduce a resolution calling for Clinton’s impeachment. This was long before the Lewinsky affair.

    Older posts on the from the original Bob Barr blog.

    1. Janet Reno allowed Starr to go after Clinton over sex because she knew he would never be removed from office over that, but she always said there was not enough evidence concerning the campaign scandals to warrant an investigation over. In other words, she threw the Republicans a few crumbs to keep them from investigating the real serious matters of which Clinton could have been proven to be a traitor (selling secret information to China) that could bring down his Presidency.

  6. Eric,

    Check your spam filter, please. A post of mine with a hotlink in it is trapped there, I believe.

  7. One good thing about Barr’s candidacy is that maybe he will take conservative Republican votes away from McCain and help defeat the angry warmonger.

  8. John L.,

    Abortion is a circular argument that the Establishment uses to divide and conquer us all. You are being played for a sucker and are a slave to your religion. I am a former Catholic, now a Christian, who never looked back. I am free man because Jesus Christ has set me free.

    Abortion, lying, stealing, adultery are all the same. They are sins and all of us are sinners, none excepted.

    I am personally against abortion but I do not require others to share my views. What really intrigues me is that many who are against abortion, supported and continue to support this war. Now, that is the really hypocrisy.

    If you are looking for a holy man, you will be looking for a long time and there is indeed a degree of self righteousness in all of your writings.

    1. Now, I’d never have put you to the task of reporting that sad personal history, phil, that’s all your own doing, of course. For me, it was quite enough to know that I’ve displeased you by raising questions about Barr, not that I was taking a sampling here for the Gallup poll.

      I should tell you, though, that I confess enthusiastically to being a slave to my religion which is, of course, all about participating in the life of God the Son, Jesus Christ, who is freedom itself. And, yes, I’m afraid that I am, indeed, looking for someone more a holy man than those we’re rather regularly asked to consider, not that I have any hope of locating him in the sewer which is American politics.

      Know that your baptism’s still good; come back when you tire of the war advocacy over there. :-)

  9. I was baptised into the true faith in 1986. I will never return to the slavery of the Catholic Church and it is you who needs to move on into the light of righteousness and simplicity of Jesus Christ.

    The Catholic faith is nothing but the false traditions of men. It is not of the Bible and never has been.

    I am not sad at all but I grieve for you who are deceived.

    1. Sounds like the supporters of the Easter Bunny denouncing the supporters of Santa Claus again.

      1. How are we to count this little vingette, Garris, the opening scene of a five minute hate? Its truly remarkable when the webmaster and managing editor of this site, the very person charged with governing abuse here, abuses the faith of those that come – and contribute – here. It seems to me strange that you can manage time for something like this yet not answer your e-mail. I’ll have an apology for the insult to my faith or you can count me out on the next round of fund raising.

        1. Dear John,

          That was a personal opinion of a set of posts that I thought were way off topic for the site. I saw the two of you insulting each other’s religious beliefs and I thought I would try to snap you two out of it. I did not mean to escalate the rudeness, I am sorry.

          I apologize for offending you, and my comments were not in any way official comments for the website.

  10. My apologies Eric,

    We are off target of course here and thanks for bringing me back. We have a problem in this country with religion, politics and foreign policy and I can go off on tangents with guys like this. I chalk it up to frustration.

    My main point is that Bob Barr would be and should be a good candidate and a 100% improvement over the 2 bozos running

    1. The man compares your faith to a belief in Santa Claus or to the Easter Bunny and all you can manage is a disgusting grovel? You inspire nausea.

  11. John

    This is not the 700 Club chat room and I really think you need to get more fresh air and get out of the house more.

  12. The Catholic Church Church and Orthodox were founded by Jesus Christ and the canonical Bible comes through the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church. Barr has been married three times and one of his wives had an abortion. The cancelled check for the abortion had his then wife's name on it.Barr has claimed to be pro life and voted that way in congress.Many in the prolife movement have been involved in abortion and come to their senses.I could vote for Barr if he allows the people in the states to decide the matter as is called for in the Constitution.Roe vs Wade is the greatest example ever, of userpation of federal power.The Patriot Act, and the Military Commissions Act are just 2 of many other examples.35,000 squabling protestant churches and then we have the churches founded by the Christ and His Apostles,the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

    1. Your’s is the closest thing to an answer to my question about Barr and abortion that I’ve received, jack. Thank you.

      It would seem that his “then wife” paid for the abortion and not Barr, then, eh? That’s an important fact. We wouldn’t be voting for Barr’s “then wife” in any case. And as Barr is not Catholic, his three marriages, although hardly encouraging, are relatively less damning.

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