More on the Likudist Fronts

Just to add a little to last month’s post, “Is the Pentagon Policy Shop Funding Likudist Fronts?”, on Devon Gaffney Cross’ London-based Policy Forum for International Security Affairs, Jeffrey Gedmin’s (?) Case for Freedom, and Anatol Sharansky’s, all of which appear to have as a common denominator — and a common, Israel-based IP address — interlocking directorates, their participation at last June’s Prague Conference on Democracy and Security Conference (about which I’ve written twice, here and here) and OneJerusalem’s director, a New York-based attorney named Allen Roth, who, it turns out, is a long-time aide and adviser to Ronald Lauder. It was Lauder, a major supporter of former Israeli Prime Minister and Likud chief Binyamin Netanyahu, who reportedly gave $1 million to OneJerusalem to launch a campaign against President Bush’s Annapolis conference last fall, apparently because he feared that renewed, U.S.-backed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians could lead to a divided Jerusalem. It was also in his capacity as president of the World Jewish Congress, a post to which he was elected in 2007, that Lauder appealed in a controversial open letter to the current prime minister, Ehud Olmert, not to do anything that would compromise Israeli sovereignty over the entire city.

The first thing worth noting is that both the Policy Forum and Case for Freedom websites appear to be moribund. Despite the $79,000 Pentagon grant it received last September and its new mandate to reach out beyond the elite media “to the active, curious, and engaged public” in Great Britain and Europe, the Policy Forum site — which is entitled Policy Forum for International Affairs but which refers to itself internally as Policy Forum for International Security Affairs — apparently hasn’t been updated since last June when it ran some opinion pieces on the U.S. presidential campaign.

The Case for Freedom site, which describes itself as a “dynamic community for dissidents and freedom’s advocates across the globe,” appears nearly as dead as Policy Forum’s. Its last news entry is a link to a February 26 article from the Daily Telegraph entitled “China Mounts Dissident Assault before Games.” Aside from its dynamic self-description, the inactivity on the Case for Freedom site is particularly remarkable given the fact that it was launched at Sharansky’s Prague Conference (at which Bush himself gave a high-profile address over the objections of the State Department) and the peculiar role played by Gedmin, the president of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), in the launch. Indeed, ten months after the group’s founding, Gedmin’s interview of Gary Kasparov remains the featured item on the group’s home page.

Gedmin, of course, is the former director of the New Atlantic Initiative at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (which sent a five-person delegation led by Richard Perle and Michael Novak to the Prague Conference). Shortly after 9/11, in November, 2001, Gedmin became head of the Aspen Institute in Berlin where his job, according to right-wing Philanthropy Roundtable’s “National Terror Guidebook,” was to “explain key Bush administration policies (and) …challenge the more common assumptions held by Europeans about the United States.” In other words, his role was somewhat similar to that of Devon Gaffney Cross’, who began operating her Policy Forum in London in 2002. As I noted in last month’s post, Cross and Gedmin have been close colleagues for quite some time. In addition, however, I’ve been told by two sources acquainted with the Berlin office’s activities that, on taking over the office, Gedmin boasted to his new colleagues that he was bringing to his new job a $1 million grant — from Lauder’s foundation. (It’s worth noting that the Berlin office in FY 2005 was also awarded a $1.7 million grant to “bring together key policy makers, opinion leaders, NGO representatives, media, and human rights activists from the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. to discuss practical steps toward the promotion of civil society and democracy in the region” from the State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative, then overseen by Liz Cheney). Among the main activities of the office under Gedmin was to bring prominent neo-conservatives and other hawks to Berlin to meet with prominent Germans.

Once again, one has to ask how much sense it makes for a prominent neo-conservative, Iraq war advocate and staunch defender, and beneficiary of Lauder’s largesse to be placed in charge of U.S. government broadcasting to Arab and Iranian audiences on issues such as U.S. policy in the Middle East and the Gulf. (Of course, another AEI alumnus, James Glassman, is chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the RFE/RL’s oversight body, and has been nominated to serve as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy.) Surveys of regional opinion have consistently shown overwhelming frustration and anger with Washington’s steadfast support for Israel in its conflict with Palestinians. So why place someone in such a high-profile government post who is so clearly part of a network of individuals who are so as closely associated with Likudists like Netanyahu, Sharansky, and Lauder? Why, indeed, place someone in such a high-profile post who is so clearly part of a network that even opposes negotiations of the kind promoted by Bush himself?

Meanwhile, you’ll remember that the IP address that is home to One Jerusalem, Case for Freedom, and Policy Forum also hosts the personal blog of Caroline Glick, the hard-line deputy managing editor and columnist of the Jerusalem Post and one-time Netanyahu foreign-policy adviser. As a correspondent pointed out, Glick is also senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Frank Gaffney’s ultra-hawkish Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, where, according to her blog, she “travels several times a year to Washington (to) … brief senior administration officials and members of Congress on issues of joint Israeli-American concern.” Gaffney, of course, is Devon Cross’ brother and a beneficiary of casino king Irving Moskowitz, although it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Lauder and Roth were also CSP contributors.

Finally, another correspondent pointed out that the mysterious Zacharias Gertler, who served with Roth as a director of Cross’s Policy Forum until last May, was credited by yet another close Netanyahu and One Jerusalem associate, former Israel Amb. Dore Gold, with being “the real force who inspired” his 2003 book, “Hatred’s Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism.” In Gold’s acknowledgments section, Gertler’s help and encouragement are noted directly before those of Yigal Carmon, the president and co-founder (with Meyrav Wurmser) of MEMRI, and of Allen Roth and Steven Schneier, a major Netanyahu fund-raiser who also attended the Prague conference as a representative of the Policy Forum. Gold’s writings are a frequent feature on’s website.

Author: Jim Lobe

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  1. Wow! I would advise us all to write our Congressional delegations about this stealth takeover of our national security cyberspace – but Capitol Hill would probably react by passing a slew of laws that severely crimps the Internet’s flow of free and open ideas… for US! Doing so, Congress would finally oblige the SPLC and the ADL, the traditional enemies of free speech.

    All of Washington is Likud-occupied territory (to update a favorite Pat Buchanan phrase), anything other than neocon-approved fairy tales is anti-Semetic and we bear watching… we require constant suspicion from our betters, constant demonization. Deep within us all lurk Nazi demons ready to pounce – and we need constant drills to reaffirm the basics of Islamofacsism’s perils and the perils of our own reprehensible souls.

    Hate ourselves. Hate the enemy. Got it?!

    1. Los Angeles is Israel-occupied territory — Sherman, Waxman, Berman, Schiff, Villaraigosa, Weiss, Rosendahl, and the entire entertainment industry — maybe Israel should just be moved here.

      Or to Washington — that would at least make Israel’s dire influence on U.S. policy even more transparent.

      Hey Curt, are you in Berman’s district? If so, call his office and tell Berman what you just wrote above.

  2. The Bizarre U.S. obsession with Israel must end. Is there any other country in the modern world where such a small insignificant state thousands of miles away from it could exercise so much time and energy? You have “100 years in Iraq” McCain saying he is going to be Hamas’s worst nightmare. You have Hilliary Clinton saying she is going to ‘annihilate Iran’ if they threaten Israel. Where does it end? It’s embarrassing and unseemly to see American politicians prostituting themselves so shamelessly to the Jewish lobby. What other place in the world would you see this? Do you think Politicians running for office in Mexico, Sweden, South Korea, Spain (add any other country of your choice) ever worry about mouthing such platitudes? GOOD GRIEF.

    1. I suspect the “pro war” and “pro Israel” lobby is almost “everywhere in the west” and Media …….and elsewhere too, except where “our media & politicians” seem to want a war for “control”?….And also, they seem to be ANYWHERE there is money to be had……&.they are clearly NOT anywhere where people are starving, or dying of thirst or medicininal needs, or desperate for REAL justice like say in Palestine or Iraq or Lebanon……….I think it’s not what “the Israel & warmonger lobby” are saying it’s what they are doing that really matters!!……How many dead now? How much profit?…….and in 2008?

    2. Andy,
      I think “The Bizarre U.S. obsession with Israel” is coming to an end. More and more Americans are speaking out. Not that the controlled media will let one ray of sunshine to fall on the subject, but still, Americans are not all fooled. As an example, CNN held an informal poll on whether or not Jimmy Carter should have talked to Hamas – 74% said yes. This awakening can also be seen in the amplification and shrillness of the Israel-First message. Last night on Larry King Live, I saw Lanny Davis denounce Jimmy Carter. He said that Jimmy Carter was “a problem for the Democrats”. Here was Lanny Davis, ultimate Democratic Party insider, attacking what should be a Democratic Party icon, ex-President and Nobel laureate, Jimmy Carter. Why wasn’t Davis (Jewish) a little more subtle? Same reason that the media threw a fit over Pastor Wright, demonizing a basically decent man, over mild comments criticizing Israel (don’t for one moment think it was the “G-D Damn America” that really bothered them – that was for the mouth-breathing FOX News crowd). You can always tell when someone is losing an argument – they get irrational and loud.

      1. from “richard vajs:”

        Why wasn’t Davis (Jewish) a little more subtle?

        So if he were Davis (Gentile), would it have been okay for him to be unsubtle?
        Why aren’t YOU (Gentile) a little more subtle than to list someone’s ethnicity/religion in the manner that one does the political party after the name of a legislator? And, yes, a lot of the medioids WERE upset over Wright’s “god damn America” comment, as well as his criticism of Israel. I realize that in the mind of a believer in great Jewish conspiracies, this could not be possible, but we’re a little more sophisticated than that crowd, aren’t we?

        And why should Jimmy Carter be a “Democratic Party icon?” He was a pretty mediocre president as I recall, although it is true that he inherited a nearly intractable set of problems.

        1. Mr. Philbin:

          You are very incorrect about the nexis of Israel’s nuclear program. It was begun in the 50s in co-operation with the French, with assurances to the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations that is was just about energy. In a pre-NPT world, the U.S. inspected their operations on several occasions. The Israelis were successfully able to hide their secret weapon programs. Most experts believe that Israel attained nuclear weapon capability by the late 1960s. The U.S. had pretty much figured it out by then, but there was very little they could do about it.

          Foreign policy decisions are very often based on domestic political considerations, rather than what a dis-interested party would view as “national interest.” Israel is hardly unique in this regard: think Cuba, Armenia, Greece, Ireland.

        2. A G Phillbin,
          You don’t know me from Adam’s off-ox. If you did, you would know that I am ethnically Jewish as well as having been married into a German Jewish family that escaped Germany in 1937. So my Gentile(ity) is questionable. I mentioned Davis as being Jewish because it is a fact very germane to his attacks upon Carter’s for talking to Hamas.
          Regardless of your opinion of Jimmy Carter’s term as President, as ex President he should be at least respected by his Party. When you add his Nobel prise as well as his world esteem as a humanitarian, he should be honored at least by people like Lanny Davis who have made a good living being professional Democrats. But of course, for Lanny Davis, his tribal allegiance trumps political loyalty. As for what jerked your chain, I believe that, as I said, the Zionist message is becoming shopworn and its true promoters becoming louder and more shrill to compensate.

  3. I’ll say it again: Democracy is a waste of time..In all the modern Republics it quickly becomes the play-thing of a seen and unseen wicked oligarchy..Our only chance is a military coup by the Generals who know and resent that this admin. gave the green light for 9-11 ( the Reichstag Fire of the 21st century-Sen. Doles’s senior advisor has spoken of these Generals and NORAD people years ago ) and just overthrow this regime and, hopefully, install Patrick J. Buchanan as president-for-life…My USMC has been turned into the Israeli Foreign Legion and unless Fox News has turned you into a rabid neo-con you can’t fault me for resenting that…
    Enough, it’s not the people who want to treat the rogue Frankenstein monster state of Israel like any other’s the people who look upon Israel as the 51st SUPER_STATE who have some explaining to do..

  4. Those with a strategic sense who have followed the history of the Jewish state,ultimately will come to the conclusion that the murder of the American President,John Kennedy and the attack on the USS Liberty are intertwined.The Likud is really the governing philosophy of Israel and has been since before it’s creation.It is the doctrine of Ben-Gurion,the founder of Israel and the natural extension of the Zionist creed.It was Kennedy who was blocking Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons and Israel was the only country that had anything to profit from his death.The ship,Liberty was monitoring the movements and activities of Israeli forces in the 1967 war,the war that set the new borders of Israel,negating the original U.N.mandate.Once the new territories were occupied by Israeli forces,Israel had the atomic weapons to make a forced removal of the Jewish army to costly to contemplate,by any country.

    1. And not only that, but Area 51 was covered up by the US government because the Israelis were secretly testing technology obtained from space aliens. We know this because one of the space aliens’ aircraft had nine antimatter engines, and had somewhat garbled Hebrew lettering that looked like “menorah.” Now, since antimatter engines contain crucial technology that could make it far easier to construct nuclear weapons, this was the real Israeli interest in space alien technology. Kennedy knew all about this, and was hopping mad. Kennedy threatened to make this all public, knowing that only someone of his credibility could tell this story. So the Israelis abruptly halted their contact with the space aliens, but secretly made contact with a n apparent US Marine Corps defector to the USSR, who had in fact been sheep-dipped by the CIA, but unbeknownst even to Langley was in fact a Mossad Manchurian Candidate — recently released documents, if you look at them with a kaleidoscope, show his initials to be LHO. In the meantime, the Israelis had discovered that antimatter engines had the curious property of vibrating at superlight speeds, thus making it possible to see into the near future, using a fluoroscope attached to a ouija board with a dilithium filament. thus, they knew that an American ship called the “Britely,” or some similar name, would show up in the Mediterranean some four years hence, endangering their military maneuvers in a six hour conflict they now knew they were destined to fight. And the rest, as the old saying goes, is history.

      1. I live in the Northwest 50 miles from the Canadian Border and I can tell you that there is getting to be so many flying “crafts” aloft at night, in the atmosphere, that people would be astounded, or possibly in shock if the populus knew. I live in a very rural place and needless to say I have no privacy. Why? Well I have theories and a telescope, but haven’t come to a conclusion of why so many and how many purposes or agendas”they” have. And yes there is alien beings. G.

      2. Oh God, give it a rest. Whenever there is the slightest criticism of Israel or the Israeli lobby we get this kind of nonsense, trying desperately to undermine the undoubted veracity of the article with idiotic, stupid and fantastical references to try and undermine it by ridicule. I recommend that you give up the internet and retire to a hole somewhere, where you and your like will refrain from infantile muddying of adult discussion with pathetic crap like this.

        1. To jw:

          Who are you talking to, me or “Viejo?” My post was a deliberate ridicule of his idiotic attempt to connect the Liberty incident with the Kennedy assassination. What I find amazing is your huffy self-righteousness when someone is clearly being facetious, complete with paranoid accusations of “trying to undermine” an article (!). Is “undermin(ing)” an article kind of like “communist subversion,” or heresy? And, of course, the “veracity” of the article is “undoubted,” as any True Believer knows! Personally, I don’t doubt the veracity of the article, just the sincerity and/or intelligence and/or sanity of many of the commentators. I mean, how is it that whenever there is an article that even touches upon Israel, someone has to go into a diatribe about a 31 year old naval incident that is in fact of maximum insignificance? Yes it happened, and the Israelis did it deliberately, and SO WHAT? It demonstrates nothing except Cold War and real Mideast war paranoia and confusion, and that the US govt. was willing to cover up for it’s ally. Why is that incident such a touchstone for so many of Israel’s right wing critics?

        2. Because, Mr. Phillbin, if more Americans knew about it then we would be more apt to question our “unwavering commitment” to Israel, and that would be a positive step for America.

          Viejo is not the first person to propose that theory, which on the face of it is quite plausible. I wouldn’t put it past the zionists to kill a US President for their own selfish reasons. Or are you a proponent of the Magic Bullet theory? That same magic bullet was probably forged from the same antimatter engines you speak of in your (admittedly funny) diatribe above.

          No, the zionists have proven they are all too capable of sacrificing their main (and ultimately only) ally for a few more years of existence in their tiny craphole of a country. I don’t put anything past them. And being that OUR (US) survival as a nation is at stake, I don’t think we should be treating this as some opportunity to interject silly comments into an otherwise serious discussion.

        3. To “Abraham:”

          Since America’s “unwavering commitment” to Israel is not based on 30 year old isolated incidents, it is unlikely that it would change anyone’s mind on the subject. I’m happy to see that you feel a need to say things like “I wouldn’t put it past the zionists to kill a US President for their own selfish reasons.” It shows something about the nature of “evidence” that your mind requires. But I’ll go you one better: I wouldn’t put it past anyone to kill anyone else for their own selfish reasons. So the f*ck what? As to the “magic bullet,” are you really this stupid or do you practice in the mirror? In the first place, I said NOTHING about whether or not Kennedy was killed by conspiracy, so why do you bring it up? In the second place, you are years behind the curve: the Science Channel already demonstrated exactly how that shot could have done exactly what it apparently did, and without any weird physics, either, but with an actual demonstration. The bullet came out more deformed than the “magic bullet” was, but I digress. But of course, you’re really too ignorant to understand that Israel had no active nuclear program while JFK was alive, and he therefore couldn’t have been trying to stop them. Israel did not obtain nukes until the 1980s — so JFK must have been really active at that dilithium ouija board, eh? As to your final paragraph, why don’t you cover your keyboard before you cough up such garbage and infect someone? If the “zionists” have somehow proven that they are capable of sacrificing their main ally (a stupid and self-defeating act by definition), then this must have happened before, otherwise no proof. So tell us, Abe, when exactly did Israel “sacrifice” their main ally? Note: I said sacrifice, not annoy, spy on, or disobey. You do know what is meant by that word, don’t you? When was America “sacrificed” by Israel?

        4. @ A.G. Phillbin

          First, I could care less if Israel had anything to do with JFK’s assasination. However when you say “Israel did not obtain nukes until the 1980s” you can believe that the process was in place at least a decade before that and the planning even before that. These things do not magically appear in your country overnight. So their push for nukes easily started in the 60s. Whether JFK was actually trying to stop them is just speculation.

          Second, Israel doesn’t need to “sacrifice” America, there are plenty of neocons in this country that Israel can outsource that job to.

        5. Mr. Philbin, I needn’t reply to your comments other than to point back to them as they are self-refuting.

          You are naive in the extreme.

  5. Was Scooter Libby connected with the Aspen Institute? That cryptic reference in his note to J. Miller has always puzzled me.

  6. America's "unwavering commitment" to Israel simply reflects the power of the Jewish lobby in bullying American politicians. It doesn't reflect a deep feeling of support from ordinary Americans. The Jewish lobby is simply a prime example of how well-organized and financed groups can have an incredibly disproportionate influence in democracies. Without its support of Israel the U.S. could live in peace with the Arab world. Israel benefits entirerly from having the sponsorship of a superpower including receiving an obscene 3-4 billion a year from the American taxpayer. I can't think of any gain for the United States from the arrangement.

  7. Can someone explain something to me? Why are the same people that are angry and resentful of America’s close relationship with Israel silent, or almost silent, when it comes to our relationship with Saudi Arabia? America’s close relationship with the extremist and Islamic militant government of Saudi Arabia goes back just as far as our relationship with Israel and we are tied to them at the hip (or should I say the gas pump). Saudi Arabia is a pure religious theocracy. Their Constitution is the Quran. Their Supreme Court is the King’s interpretation of the Quran. It is probably the last remaining absolute monarchy in the world. 15 out of the 19 hijackers on September 11th were Saudi. Where is the outrage about Saudi Arabia?

    1. I think the difference is not their type of government, it is the nature of our relationship with them. Yes, we are connected to their gas pump, but at least we actually get oil from them. What exactly do we get from Israel that we would go to any length to “protect” that country? If Israel ceased to exist tomorrow, it would not affect us. If the rest of the middle east did, we would be screwed because of our oil dependency. In addition, I would have to say that the Saudi leadership is a little more humble in how they try to influence America. The Israeli leadership make no bones about the fact that they have US congress by the balls. They just outright say it and people are starting to get a little annoyed.

    2. The Arab-American lobby has NOTHING like the power, influence or money of the Jewish-American lobby. The latter has enough force to make America act in a manner clearly not in America’s best interests.

    3. There are two big differences: 1) the Saudi royal families are assholes, but at least they provide us with cheap oil, and 2) the Saudi people do not occupy Arab land, while ordinary Israelis do.

      Finally, I would remind you that Israel is not a democracy either.

      1. Abraham writes: ” the Saudi royal families are assholes, but at least they provide us with cheap oil”

        A pretty lame excuse.

  8. Suadi Arabia a family ruled kingdom,what the family says goes therefore,it is not really ruled by the Quran.There no constitution in Suadia Arabia as in Uk,Israel and many other countries.Unlike Israel,a state that is built on the Jewish religion and any jew anywhere would automatically becomes a citizen of Israel,Muslims of other countries can not become a suadi citizens even if they lived in Suadia Arabia for decades .

    Suadia Arabia has for decades done what the US told them to do.Suadia Arabia gave millions of dollars to the Contras fighting the Sandanists in Nicaragua.

    Comes election time in the U.S. the only country that commands the attention of most candadiates,even in municiple elections and state elections is Israel.You do not see them competing to carry favors with Suadia Arabia.

  9. We know that the war experts “lent” to the netwurks from the pentagon were part of a dedicated conspiracy..They played us like a fiddle. Then there are the neocons and those Americans with divided loyalty…..Whether it is real or not…For them its survival… For us not so firmly attached to Israel…or to..oil…it is principle and the general welfare of humanity….. combined with what we can steal….. All in all, a toxic mix….. The Jewish voices among us were not so long ago our moral compass…..The canaries of the world condition… When things went wrong, they perished first…..Being always somewhat outsiders and clannish….How is it possible that Allen Dershowitz once a prominent humanitarian voice, could become an advocvate for TORTURE?? AND BY ASSOCIATION, HARVARD TOO will have to face its TORTURE legacy it so callously supports!! How could Elie Weisel: (here is google) [Elie Wiesel’s statement, “…to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all…”stands as a succinct summary of his views on life and serves as the driving force of his work. Wiesel is the author of 36 works dealing with Judaism, the Holocaust, and the moral responsibility of all people to fight hatred, racism and genocide.] Yeah, unless they are Iraqi’s…..But he wasn’t SILENT, OH NO, he was a vocal supporter of the bush/chainey war…”Saddam Hussein had to be disarmed (and) there were no other means,” said the Nazi concentration camp survivor and author who was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1986 for his message “of peace, atonement and human dignity.” Who was duped? Was it us or Mr. Weisel?? Or to put this proposition another way….Was Mr Weisel deceived to believe that saddam possed WMDs?? (Really this is not relevant as preemptive war on a country is illegal and only creates more killing and war– Which Mr Weisel seems to have opposed, at least when the victims were JEWS)……Or was he deceiving us when he CLAIMED (falsely) that saddam had dangerous weapons?? Either way, its morally bankrupt….I wonder how Guantanamo places on Mr. weisel’s “message of Peace, atonement and human dignity”… “It is getting to the point where you CAN trust Jewish people about as much as one could trust Germans in 1938 to take a moral view. Every time I hear a Jewish name on the news I cringe…..Just as Obamma’s momma when black men walk by……I am not planning to go off the deep end and spew hateful antisemitism….On the contrary, I want to praise REAL moral leaders like Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Zin, Pete Seeger, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin that use the same yardstick on all ethnicities….many, if not most of the antiwar movements leaders are Jewish…. We must not try to cast them out over this…..We are all human and subject to failures….. Now that we see what we have become, perhaps we should revisit the complicity of German citizens in the nazi atrocities…..The neocons are America’s nazzis…..Their atrocities are on a scale with those they claim to abhor…..They have killed a million mostly innocent children, women & men and their bloodlust is still not quenched, they are frantic to spill Iranian blood, quickly and massivly….They have used their expertise in the law with the traitor Yoo to “crush” our liberties that our forebearers gave their lives to defend. And if my suspicions are correct, they have inflicted a grievous wound on us ALL, themselves included… They have created a monster (in American politics) personified by the strutting bush and his aggressor armies as they kill, torture, rape and Maim their way across the stage in pictures that is the political/moral/religious consciousness of the peoples of the world. Even the illiterate will see!! It is very likely that the neocons lit their Reistag fire, likely they were the originators of 911!! +++++++ +++This is a time in America like the Reich in Germany will live in infamy…..

  10. Great info, Mr. Lobe. Thank you for your very helpful research. You never disappoint. Here’s what I know:

    I certainly do not declare war on Likud, Labor, and Kadima Israel, as well as the militant settler movements. They are certainly not unwelcomed to come to my town in the USA. If the planets align just right and Binyamin Nut’n’Yahoo or Ehud Barak or Tzipi Livni or Adolf Lieberman come within 300 yards of my house, they’ll certainly not be within range of the crosshairs. (I certainly do not own a high-powered rifle or any small arms either.) They’ll certainly not return in a box, because I’m certainly not the kind of American who simply doesn’t give a f**k—especially about the PATRIOT Act and the MCA, which certainly do not protect our “allies” more than our own citizens. War is peace. The economy is doing very well.

    1. Right on target.

      “There shall be no abridgment” = “”There shall be some abridgment”.

      For those in military service it may be useful to remember that when one is “ordered”, say, to “bomb Iran”.

      Come again? Iran?

      Is that in the District of Columbia by any chance?

  11. `But “glory” doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument”,’ Alice objected.

    `When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, `it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    `The question is,’ said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

    `The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master — that’s all.’

    Alice was too much puzzled to say anything; so after a minute Humpty Dumpty began again. `They’ve a temper, some of them — particularly verbs: they’re the proudest — adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs — however, I can manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!’

    `Would you tell me please,’ said Alice, `what that means?’

    Lewis Carroll

    1. You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant
      You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant
      Walk right in it’s around the back
      Just a half a mile from the railroad track
      You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant…”

      [Arlo Guthrie]

  12. The difference is the Saudis don’t piss on our leg and call it a rainbow..The Saudis didn’t emigrate fm Russia or Poland or California, Florida or New York ( yeah, we all know how dangerous those places can be for Jews )..No the Zionists left these places relatively recently ( even when they weren’t being threatened ) and went to Palestine and made that poor Palestinians pay for the fact that other goyim elsewhere had insulted them-or not..Perhaps they’ve purchased about a fifth of the land they have..
    “When has Israel sacrificed the US?” What about the Lavon Affair..the USS Liberty..all the spy cases-and the subsequent sale of military technology and/or intell. to the Chinese or the Soviets..or 9-11-even according to the officially approved conspiracy theory it’s obvious that the Zionists brutal dispossession of the Palestinians had something to do w/it..Plus the US Air base in Saudi, the brutal sanctions against the Iraqi people..etc..

    1. Legendary Bill says: “The Saudis didn’t emigrate fm Russia or Poland or California, Florida or New York ( yeah, we all know how dangerous those places can be for Jews )..No the Zionists left these places relatively recently ”

      Recently? Oh I see. You must be refering to those pesky European Jews. After having their families murdered and possessions stolen, and while living in “DP Camps” they had the nerve to want to get out of Europe and go back to the ancient homeland of the Jewish peoples.

      Then Lengendary Bill says: “and went to Palestine and made that poor Palestinians pay for the fact that other goyim elsewhere had insulted them-or not..

      Insulted them? You call the deliberate murder of 6 million Jews (1/3 of the entire Jewish people) and “insult.” You make it sound like a minor arguement, a little spat. How can you trivialize it in that way? What a stupid and dispicable thing to say. And by the way. The Palestinians loved the Nazis. Go and research it. The Nazis came and visited with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and he rolled out the red carpet for them. He also went to Europre to meet with then and wanted to help Hitler in any way he could.

      1. It wasn’t in America’s best interests to alienate the Arab world be becoming Israel’s sponsor as a result of the blackmail of the Jewish lobby in Washington.

      2. The Nazis came and visited with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and he rolled out the red carpet for them. He also went to Europe to meet with then and wanted to help Hitler in any way he could.

        The Grand Mufti, whose overtures Hitler never requited, and who was not representative of general Palestinian opinion. You just don’t know how to construct a logical argument, do you?

  13. I love my country and I’ll do anything to protect it, if I have to join the army…I will. I won’t back down to a challange. How did we gain our freedom? WAR. If you oppose war so much, then you oppose the very people who founded this country on the belief of freedom, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

  14. I just wrote a fantastic response but it doesn't seem to have been printed so I guess Mossad Tim gets away with his misinterpretation..

    1. Fear not. Lengthy responses, as I’ve discovered, can take quite a while to show up on the site.

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