Ledeen and Chinese ‘Fascism’

Speaking of Rupert Murdoch, the May edition of his Far Eastern Economic Review was banned in China, according to Friday’s Washington Times, which attributed the banning to the magazine’s publication of an essay by the American Enterprise Institute’s “Freedom Scholar,” Michael Ledeen, entitled “Beijing Embraces Classical Fascism.”

I find the ban absurd myself, but I have to say that I’ve very rarely read such nonsense as Ledeen’s essay, even by Ledeen whose writings I have monitored pretty closely since 9/11 for indications of what Richard Perle, James Woolsey, Victor Davis Hansen, Dick Cheney, and even Karl Rove may be talking about when they get together in various permutations and combinations.

He argues, among other things, that the China of today is what Italy would look like “50 years after the fascist revolution” if Mussolini’s corporatist state had somehow survived into the 1970’s, requiring of the reader an act based solely on his or her imagination and absolutely no empirical evidence of any kind. In Ledeen’s imagination, such a state would “no longer be a system based on charisma, but would instead rest almost entirely on political repression, the leaders would be businesslike and cynical, not idealistic, and they would constantly invoke formulaic appeals to the grandeur of the ‘great Italian people…’.” While Ledeen might think that description constitutes “classical fascism,” I don’t see the difference between that and a typical autocratic regime that bases its legitimacy on some form of nationalism. After about another 1,200 words of rampant speculation based on virtually nothing but (mostly questionable) cliches and stereotypes — “the Chinese, like the European fascists, are intensely xenophobic…;” “Just like Germany and Italy in the interwar period, China feels betrayed and humiliated, and seeks to avenge her many historic wounds;” “…the short history of classical fascism suggests that it is only a matter of time before China will pursue confrontation with the West” — Ledeen concludes: “It follows that the West must prepare for war with China, hoping thereby to deter it.”

Based on my own modest experience in China, I have no doubt that the country (not unlike the U.S.) is nationalistic, that its ambitions as an emerging global power are significant, and that (again, like the U.S.) it considers military power an essential component of great-power status. But “fascist?” That’s quite a leap.

From his own post-graduate study of Italian fascism, as well as his work under the great George Mosse at the University of Wisconsin, surely Ledeen knows that a cult of violence (to which Ledeen and other hard-line neo-cons like Charles Krauthammer have themselves shown a perverse attraction) and the so-called Fuehrerprinzip — the notion that a charismatic leader who thoroughly embodies the virtues of a nation should be revered and his orders followed without question — are central to the “classical” fascist ideologies that grew up in Europe in the 1920s and 30s. And while one can argue that both characteristics were on display during the Cultural Revolution, it would be very difficult to find any trace of them in the Chinese leadership today. That a once-respected and influential journal should publish this kind of agitprop is truly disgraceful.

Author: Jim Lobe

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  1. the best was ledeen on dennis pragers show the day after the NIE came out. “and your book is called ?” “the uh iran…..timebomb”

  2. Ledeen is just another neocon who supports killing people with children not his own and with money that is not his. Send him to Iraq going house to house or simply riding on one of its roads, put him on the Iraq/Iran border or ANYTHING, just get him where he can put his life and money where his mouth is. Should this be done, his mouth would likely change places quite quickly, esteemed warrior that he is.

    1. Kirk writes:

      “Ledeen is just another neocon who supports killing people with children not his own”

      I am tired of this “neo con” term being bantered about. It’s just an empty term. As for children serving, Senator McCain has a son in the Marines serving in Iraq. And how about Prince Harry, is his Prince Charles a “neo con” too? Didn’t Prince Harry serve in Afghanistan? Didn’t Harry also want to go to Iraq?

      1. But Timmy they describe themselves as neoconservatives so………………….?

        And it so much easier to type than militaristic racial supremacist Likudnik state terrorist islamophobic scum.

        1. I wish everyone would stop using the word Conservative around the neo-cons. They are not Conservatives, they're fascists. Because fascism as a brand doesn't sell they're using Orwellian precision of language to reconceptualize themselves as something palatable while they're private agenda is perpetual war and empire. The real Conservatives I know revile them for the fascists that they are.

        2. there’s a real thin line between the two. In fact, I thought Leeden’s description can be perfectly applied to the United States, that cheerfully uses the sham of democracy to exercise the same control of the great unwashed.. A conservative is nothing but an unimaginative drone that is dedicated to “conserving” the power and unopposed existence of the ruling class-and happy to crawl on their knees to do so. Hence the more apt moniker your ilk deserves was that applied by the Spanish a few hundred years ago- the “serviles’. Wrap a turd in any kind of brocade and you still have-a turd. Try as you bozos might, the neocons are you-the only difference is the libertarians want to keep their fascism (gilded by the absurd notion of a “free market”) at home, while they want to export it.

      2. In his excellent essay, “Politics and the English Language,” Orwell advised never using any phrase commonly used in the media. That would definitely eliminate “neo-con”, probably “fascist” too. I think of them as messianic nationalists, and as no more important than what Justin Raimondo calls “Armeggedonites” (a great name!).

        Lester Ness

  3. Among Mosse’s students, Ledeen has quite a reputation — to put it mildly. If you can, please do get hold of people who were in UW Madison history department at the same time and ask for details. Many former colleagues and teachers are willing to speak, and their stories are fascinating/horrifying. What stuns me is how could an individual with this kind of a character get into such an influential position? How could Republican political leaders fail to notice the personality problems?

    1. So what do they say? What’s his reputation? I know he was denied tenure, but that doesn’t mean much.

  4. China must be a facist country. Afterall, they don’t take orders from the Jewish Lobby. That alone should be a dead giveaway. They are probably anti-semetic as well.

    1. Chinese people generally have not heard of Jews. Those who have are mildly intrigued. No one cares about the Rapture, Israel vs. Palestine.

      Basically, China is an alternate universe from what most Americans are used to.

      Lester Ness

      1. What you say is only partly true. You are apparently not in Harbin. Many Jews fleeing the Nazis went through Harbin to the US during World War II.

        Also there were important British Jews in Shanghai.

        1. I used to live in Changchun, not far from Harbin. A lot of Harbiners ended up in Australia, as well. The Jewish cemetary is still intact, unlike Shanghai’s.


  5. Ledeen’s daughter, Simone, was allegedly a key factor in the mis-management of the Coalition Provisional Authority, which she worked for in Iraq. The utter ineptitude of the CPA led to the loss of billions of dollars, while negatively impacting (that would be a gross understatement) the lives of tens of millions of Iraqis.

    Is it just me or does Simone Ledeen’s name sound suspiciously like “Simon Legree”?

    I don’t know about Michael Ledeen’s graduate experience, but he did receive his B.A. from my alma mater, as did Bill Keller, executive editor of Pravda/ Washington Posts’ equally evil twin, the New York Times.

    Name of college not disclosed out of respect for graduates with a speck of conscience.

    Rather than hanging my head in shame at being lumped with these two wannabe Goebbels in the alum. mag., maybe I should just hang myself out of despair that these two pr*cks have such influence over whether the world survives the next year?

    The hanging part was a joke– I’m living la dolce vita and have no plans to off myself soon. AND I’m way too minor league to be Wellstoned, BUT if you see an obituary for DemsR, know that The Powers That Be got me.

    I worry about antiwar.com personnel though, in truth. I fear that they’ll be first to the gulags once the roundups start, because of their bravery in exposing the neo-cons.

    Here’s a rather flattering article about Simone Ledeen from Pravda, whoops, I meant the Washington Post.


  6. Speeking as an Islamofascist myself, I can assure the Chinese people that it is great to be called a fascist by the great Rupert Murdock’s media empire – he’s a jerk and most people know it so any insult for him is Great advertising – helped spread Islam a lot to :)

    I really do not know what a fascist is, but if I see one I’ll let them explain it to me over coffee – can’t be any worst than what Rupert, O’Rilley and Rush are selling.

  7. The neocon nitwits want to make China into the next ‘big enemy’ of the U.S. Anything to justify the military-industrial complex’s insatiable appetite for money and power. Americans will never get to cash in a ‘peace dividend’.

    1. China is not our enemy, at least not yet, but they are most certainly not a friend of the United States. They are a very serious competitor who we ought watch carefully. The Chinease Communist Party has a deplorable human rights record (how soon we forget Tienemen Square), freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assebly is practially non-existant in China. They are also subjugating and trying to destroy the Tibetens. We have a huge trade deficit with them. I for one am sick and tired of buying things “made in china.” Their products are unsafe and they are shipped here without proper oversight or inspections. The Chinese people are an ancient and wonderful people but the government of the CCP is not to be trusted for one second.

      1. Your arguments are disingenuous. You don’t like buying things made in China? Then don’t buy them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. As far as Tibet, Tianimen Square,etc, I am well aware of China’s political status. Freedom House rates it as a NOT FREE country. But so what? Why does this mean China is or will/could be an enemy of the United States? China has never been a free country. Look at all the time Hong Kong was under British authority. Did the Chinese ever agitate for political rights or democratic freedoms from the British? Hardly. They were quite content to go about business as usual, making money and promoting commerce, leaving politics to the British. That says something about the mentality of the average Han Chinese. Chinese are an intensely nationalistic and ethnocentric people, two attributes the current leaders in Beijing exploit expertly. I see no real reason for the USA and China to be enemies. The Pacific ocean contains China very well from America. It is only when Washington pursues it’s bad, bad, bad policies of fishing in troubled waters that trouble is likely to occur. Consider Taiwan. This island is no more important to America then Hainan island is. But Washington has pledged to defend it? Why? What for? In any case it is not for America to impose democracy on China anymore then Iraq. Too many Americans have this crazy (arrogant?) idea that inside of everybody around the world is an ‘American’ just dying to get out. This thinking led to the debacle in Iraq.

      2. “Their products are unsafe and they are shipped here without proper oversight or inspections.”

        Indeed. But who accepts these shipments? It is the responsibility of the US to inspect and oversee product shipped into the US. Some would argue it’s the US government’s responsibility; others would argue it’s the responsibility of the importing retailer or the consumer. The EU relies on government regulation. They don’t seem to have as many problems with Chinese imports. I understand Chinese factories make two types of soft toys. Those without phthalates go to the EU. Those with phthalates come to the US.

      3. And do not forget that they practice footbinding on women!!So here is another reason to hate China!

      4. “Their products are unsafe and they are shipped here without proper oversight or inspections.”

        ‘Their’ products? Are you not aware that those tainted products are from American brand names. It seems to me that it is American corporations that have failed to ensure their products meet quality and safety standards. It is not surprising that the media ignored that fact, but I would expect individuals to acknowledge that and lay blame where it should be laid.

    2. Somehow, I’ve been expecting this, ever since Irvin Baxter discovered that the 200, 000, 000 man army in the Book of Revelations (9:16) was China, and that China and the US were destined to have a nuclear war, as part of the Divine Plan to Rapture the Saints away, and later bring in the Second Coming of Jesus! (See http://www.endtime.com). The Neo-cons and the Dispensationalists don’t have much in common, but each tries to use the other to reach goals no one else wants.

      1. Yes, so what would be the use of a 200 million army of evil Chinese xenophobe antichrist fascists on horses with fancy tails and who breathe sulfur through some sort of modified kazoo, in the midst of a nuclear exchange?

        Does Irvin Baxter (and whoever his counterpart) already exclusively wear sackcloth (11:3) by the way? As far as I can (and are prepared to) witness not really. He seems to be making a lot of money out of this end-time crap. He and the rest of those parasites.

        1. Judging by his photos on his website, he’s into nice suits, etc. He’s a Parsley or a Hagee in the making, though. I used to listen to his daily radio show when it was on Short Wave (WHRI, home to a lot of weirdoes). He didn’t pay his bills, though, so his insights were no longer available to Chinese born-agains. (Ha ha!)


  8. Ledeen’s essay makes it quite clear that he has little understanding of China or its people.

    I have lived in the PRC for numerous years. During my first months here, based upon my initial observations, I might actually have shared his thesis.

    Since I have been in China a long time now, I have a deeper understanding of how things work here than Ledeen apparently does.

    Ledeen has based his whole essay on assumptions about the country, which when looked at more closely, bear no relationship to the truth. Many of those assumptions have been pointed out already, so I won’t rehash them.

    Needless to say, Ledeen sounds like many of the instant two week experts on tourist visas I encounter in China. They see only what they want to see to confirm and reinforce their pre-existing beliefs and opinions about the country. If you believe the streets of Paris are littered with dog shit, when you do go to Paris, you’ll end up finding dog shit on the streets because you are looking for it, even if it is just one deposit from one dog. Same thing with China. If you believe it is a corporate state, that’s what you’ll find. Ledeen sees what he wants.

    In his closing, Ledeen says this:

    “Meanwhile, we should do what we can to convince the people of China that their long-term interests are best served by greater political freedom, no matter how annoying and chaotic that may sometimes be. I think we can trust the Chinese leaders on this one. Any regime as palpably concerned about the free flow of information, knows well that ideas about freedom might be very popular. Let’s test that hypothesis, by talking directly to “the billion.” In today’s world, we can surely find ways to reach them.”

    I talk directly to “the billion” every day. They don’t want to be reached. China is still a nation that adheres to the Confucian ideals of duty and status based on relationships. As Confucius said: “There is government, when the prince is prince, and the minister is minister; when the father is father, and the son is son.”

    Most Chinese are happy with that.

    It is probably less than one percent of the Chinese population who believe “their long-term interests are best served by greater political freedom,” and not the Confucian model of a harmonious society based on an individual’s relationships, place, and duty.

    Ledeen believes that the Chinese people are hotheads who will one day arise in anger. In his concluding sentence he writes:

    “If we do not take such steps, our risk will surely increase, and explosions of rage, manipulated or spontaneous, will recur. Eventually they will take the form of real actions.”

    China has much to rage about, but so far its government and people have shown great restraint in the face of Western hostility and Sinophobia. They will continue to do so until pushed too far. And then the rage will only be in measured response to what has been dealt to China.

    1. I don’t know about how harmonious the philosophy of the Chinese people is. I will never equate the people of a country with their government — otherwise all Americans would be seen as a*sholes complicit with our government’s and Israels’ innumerable war crimes.

      But I do have to say that when I was in Tibet in 1996, the Chinese immigrants in Tibet were actively involved in destroying the Tibetan culture.

      Also, the Chinese soldiers were vicious, even to Americans like myself.

      Isn’t the whole point of a libertarian site like antiwar.com to ensure that we are all personally free? I have never been to China per se, but what I saw in Tibet would lead to a pretty convincing argument that the Chinese are not free, and whether it’s cultural or not, it’s up to the Chinese to just say no to their government.

      Just like it’s up to Americans to JUST SAY NO to the neo-xons who’ve destroyed our Bill of Rights and launched endless wars.

    2. This is pretty much my experience over my 10 years in China, too. Ledeen greatly over-estimates the amount of freedom in the Bushyntine Empire (the former USA), too.

      Lester Ness

      1. What the hell is “freedom” anyway? I hear this word used so often it has become empty.

        Everyone lives with what he or she has access to. I have no doubt that China has strict rules and laws that limit anything that can upset the balance of the system. But, it is not my place to criticize them.

        “But I do have to say that when I was in Tibet in 1996, the Chinese immigrants in Tibet were actively involved in destroying the Tibetan culture.”

        Do you mean the PLA moved in and flattened a historical city like the US Military in Iraq?

        To what extent? The Chinese might argue they are trying to assimilate the Tibetans into the “Chinese Melting Pot”.

        “Also, the Chinese soldiers were vicious, even to Americans like myself.”

        Exactly what kind of “soldiers”? The People’s Armed Police?

        China has as much claim on Tibet as the US on California.

        1. Actually, the Chinese government did destroy much of Lhasa, Tibet’s capitol. And again, I make the distinction between a government and the people it rules — I will never judge anyone based on their nationality. We all know that all our governments are full of d*ckheads, most of whom are war-mongers and meglo-maniacs.

          In front of the Potala, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa, which some Tibetans walk more than a year to reach because they consider it sacred, the Chinese government had paved this kind of concrete wasteland.

          When I was there, in 1996, one side of the wasteland was full of Chinese owned shops selling things like film and soap. The other side had some western style restaurants with balconies, overlooking the “new” plaza. Now, the Chinese government has erected a wannabe Disneyland playland in front of the Potala.

          A huge area in front of the Jonkla Temple, a very holy place for Tibetan Buddhists, had also been paved over. Most of that section of Lhasa had been homogenized into concrete block shops staffed by Chinese emigrants.

          As to how I was treated as an obvious American — at the Gangzte stupa we were followed by Chinese soldiers, as we were at the monestary (sorry my spelling is off today) in Shigatzu, and at the Dalai Lama’s summer home.

          There were cameras and microphones all over the place.

          But in terms of being physically threatened as an American, that came on the way out, on the mostly dirt road back to Katmandu, Nepal. Our van was stopped repeatedly at checkpoints manned by Chinese soldiers, who pointed guns at us while they searched it, us and our luggage.

          And in one tiny little village on the way out of Tibet, I had a gun held to my head by a Chinese soldier right after I took a picture of a pony cart. Thinking about it afterwards, I suspect it might have been because there were Chinese soldiers playing cards that would have been in the camera shot. So perhaps the soldiers feared that I was a secret American agent who would turn them into their superiors for gambling on the job ;-)

          On our way out of Tibet we saw at least five destroyed monestaries (OK, I really can’t spell today) just on that one old road between Lhasa and Nepal. But, when we got up into the highest mountain passes in the world our Tibetan guides would take us far away from the van, which they assumed was bugged, and told us what was really happening in Tibet, and it was horrible.

          Again, I will never judge a person by her or his nationality, but I do think the Chinese, like US here in the U.S., need to stand-up to their government’s repression and its invasions, and Tibet is an invasion and an on-going one at that.

        2. You’ll find ruined temples and Cultural Revolution vandalism stories everywhere you go in the PRC, not only Tibet.

          I sometimes wonder why Tibet is so popular in the West, but no one cares about Xinjiang, or the woes of the Yi or Dai peoples.

          Anyway, the worst thing that could happen to Tibetans would be a horrid Bosnian-style war of independance.


  9. A neocon s**t for brains like Ledeen lambasting European xenophobia?

    That’s goddamned rich.

    All European xenophobes love neocons and neocons love these European xenophobes. They write in their magazines, they speak at their invitation to them and their talking points are translated, often verbatim by European xenophobe demagogues.

  10. So Ladeen characterizes the Chinese as paranoid, basically. Oh, gee, what a good idea: rattle sabers at them. That’ll “deter” them.

    These Neocons are DANGEROUS!!

    and yes, Timmy, the Neos chose that label themselves.

  11. FEER has been going downhill for years. This is definitely a low point, though. Finally motivated me to cancel my subscription. If I wanted neocon “insight” on Asia from someone stationed in Washington DC I could just watch Fox News. $15/issue for this crap? No thanks.

  12. The really funny thing about the neoconservatives is they are not conservatives at all. There is nothing conservative about what they stand for at all. No true conservative would ever support them.

  13. I'm a bit confused. I thought Michael Ledeen in his early "academic" life published several books which were extremely admiring of Mussolini's fascist Italy. (They didn't persecute jews). Now he seems to be using fascism as a term of abuse. If China is presently like Mussolini's Italy, then I'd have thought Ledeen would love it.

    1. Well, TBH, as much as a foolhardy S.O.B. & crook as Ledeen is, even he gets something right every once in a blue moon. The China of today is fascist……..although if the rumors about him being an admirer of Mussolini's Italy are true(and they very well could be), then it's nothing more than crass hypocrisy on his part.

      @George + Chris: Sorry to burst your bubbles here, but while Mao's China was no paradise, overall things have actually gotten worse over there. Most of the signs since the end of the '70s that I have observed, have pointed not to democracy, but corporate-style fascism. Basically, they've gone from the frying pan & into the fire. We here in America are headed in that same direction.

      And as for you, Dano, you can go take that fascist 'Jewish lobby' lie & shove it up your totalitarian ass. Go back to your anti-Semitism, we normal people prefer peace & love, thanks.

  14. An American war criminal like Michael “Universal Fascist” Ledeen is calling China fascist? That’s funny. Obviously, Ledeen is attempting to build up China as a Yellow Peril Threat to the American Empire and the USA’s global dominance ambitions (aka the Project for a New American Century). Since Communism does not work as a propaganda trope, Ledeen instead tries to manipulate a vacuous buzzword like fascism to smear China. Any country that opposes America’s Unipolar world order (like China, which favors Multipolarity) is an enemy or potential enemy, in the paranoid “reality” of the USA and people like Ledeen.

    It’s ironic. While China is not a great liberal democracy such as the USA (with its hi-tech Homeland Insecurity State), China today is actually *more liberal* compared to the Maoist era of the 1950s-70s. And it is *this* historical reference that China must be understood–not some abstract criteria of Democracy vs. Fascism, according to Michael Leeden. BTW, the USA’s (un)Freedom House is a political proxy for the CIA. It has no legitimacy, except for ribbon- wearing American brownshirts.

    Ledeen’s essay is also a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as he might want to look in the mirror at America if he wants to find an emerging fascist threat.

    Since 9-11, America has increasingly attacked democratic rights at home and abroad, while embracing a militaristic flag-waving nationalism that only Americans are blind to. The USA created the Homeland/Fatherland Security Department; the Guantanamo Gulag; CIA secret prisons around the world; engaged in torture at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere; used the NSA to spy on US citizens; persecuted Muslim, Arab, Latino, and Asian immigrants in the USA through gestapo-like outfits such as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, all the while shedding crocodile tears about Tibetans; militarized the Mexican-US border and much of Aztlan; and the Land of the Free has shredded civil liberties too often to mention.

    Moreover, America has gone on global war rampage that has genocided over a million people in Iraq, not to mention thousands in Afghanistan. And the US seeks to expand its war rampage by threatening war against Iran, North Korea, Syria, and now apparently China–all rationalized by American lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction, promoting democracy, and the USA’s PHONY War on Terrorism.

    This reality does not register with most Proud Americans including many in the so-called US “antiwar” movement, which itself is primarily a NATIONALIST movement concerned mostly with the costs of the war for the USA–NOT the moral or criminal nature of America’s aggressions (which are not really aggressions in the American mind).

    Let’s Roll!

    Mission Accomplished!

    United We Kill … er Stand!

    God Bless Amurika!

    “American Fascism Is on the Rise”

    Achtung! Are We the New Nazis?

    America’s Bid For Global Dominance

    Inside the Global Dominance Group

    China and America: The Tibet Human Rights PsyOp

    1. George W. Halliburton writes the following:

      “persecuted Muslim, Arab, Latino, and Asian immigrants in the USA through gestapo-like outfits such as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, all the while shedding crocodile tears about Tibetans; militarized the Mexican-US border and much of Aztlan;”

      You are so right! How dare the United States or any sovereign nation enforce its borders, protect against illegal entry by foreign tresspassers or deport people found here illegally. What nerve we have! We ought be ashamed of ourselves.

  15. I can understand China for banning Murcoch’s May issue of the Far Eastern Economic Review if it contained such inflammatory piss penned by Ledeen as described by Jim Love above!

  16. Jim Lobe’s comments are spot on. Chinese is a complex entity, but it is certainly not Fascist. Ledeen’s claim that “the Chinese, like the European fascists, are intensely xenophobic…” is simply untrue. I have lived in China for over 10 years and found people warm and welcoming, intensely curious about the outside world, and very keen to have opportunities to experience different countries and cultures. While the CCP certainly plays the Nationalist card on occasion and this worries me, it is not yet excessive or aggressive. Economically China is quite open to foreign enterprise and doing business here as a foreign business is exciting, tough and very competitive. Extraordinary bureaucracy is an issue, but one domestic enterprises face as well. This is certainly not Fascism!

    As for the claim that China’s exports to the world are some sort of plot, we should all remember that at present 60% of the value of China’s foreign exports are multinational enterprises exporting to themselves. These companies make use of China’s reliable infrastructure and cheap labour and export to the world using related companies as intermediaries. Chinese biggest taxation issue is evasion by multinationals using transfer pricing to minimise or eliminate onshore profit and thus tax. Those in the West who complain about trade deficits should look firmly to our largest enterprises who are primarily responsible for the deficit, not some communist merchantilist conspiracy.

    The ‘freedom’ of China’s population have improved. With the re-establishment of the ‘rule of law’ in the 1970s and its steady growth and expansion throughout the country, the protection of individual’s rights and liberties has genuinely improved. Tens of thousands of lawsuits by individual citizens AGAINST Govt. entities in each Province are being won each year. This was simply unthinkable 30 years ago. Certainly poltical dissidents will not receive a fair trial or due process in the courts, but most other citizens will most of the time on nearly all issues. On issues like town planning, land use rights, commercial contracts with Govt Departments, citizens have a reasonable opportunity to protect their legal rights. This is an extraordinary development and gives hope that these rights will be extended further. In the West, the growth of legal processes to protect the legal and human rights of ethnic minorities, the disabled, gays and lesbians, farmers, tenants etc was a long process that took an extended period. In China, we can see some moments in all these areas.

    China should be treated with respect and as a potential partner, a healthy attitude that will build a long term relationship of trust, understanding and quite a deep mutual interlocking of financial, cultural and political interests. The stance of the neocons of preparing for war with potential and imagined enemies results only in the creation of those enemies.

  17. I often wonder what Ledeen and pals mean when they say “democracy.” Judging from the behavior of the Bush administration it would be pretty autocratic.

    Lester Ness

    1. Lest we forget, it was this lot in the Cheney administration that brought us the “unitary executive theory” in an attempt to change the system of checks and balances that have stood the U.S. in good stead, in favor of a vastly more powerful executive branch. And the ninnies in congress allowed it.

      Democracy my a*s. Whatever happened to only congress has the right to declare war? Now daily we get another rumor about the Cheney / Israel’ cabal plans to launch an attack on Iran.

      I have a question: does the war powers granted Cheney to fight the “war on terror” i.e., the “War on Islam, for its Oil, Land and Water” for Israel/ war profiteers, “legally” allow Cheney to bypass congress and attack Iran without a vote in congress?

    2. Democracy,libration,human rights,free speach,etc are code words used to sell wars!to uninformed or missinformed ,or the do not want to be informed masses.

    3. To understand what they mean by democracy look no further than Palestine,or Florida!

      By the way there is no mention of democracy in either in the declaration of Independece nor the consitution of the US.

      1. Yes all the US needs is a “Unitary Executive” and a 1,000 Year Dominion and it can go invade and destroy those inferior “Asiatic races”.

    1. The War with Japan; the civil war; the Korean War; the 1979 border war with Viet Nam.

      Lester Ness

      1. The question was “how many countries has China invaded or attacked since 1940s!!?”

        Japan invaded China, not the other way around. And a civil war is not an invasion. That leaves the Korean War, which was a response to American aggression against an allied communist state, and the brief war with Vietnam in 1979. So, one small invasion in the last 100+ years.

        1. It’s just a list of China’s recent wars, and as you note, only Viet Nam was external. Not very successful either.

          Lester Ness

      2. Are you mad? The war with Japan??? Japan invaded China!!!! And wasn’t the USA involved with the wars in Korea and Vietnam too? Do you really think the USA would allow a Chinese army to advance through Mexico to the border of California without challenging it? You don’t belong on this board if you can’t make more intelligent commentary then this.

        1. Well, if you enjoy the fantasies the Armeggedonites, one is that China’s hordes of Mongols are preparing to gallop across the frozen Bering Strait and invade Alaska!

          Lester Ness

  18. Here are some Characteristics of Fascism that might be relevant today !

    …the glorification of the state..

    Peaceful, complacent nations are seen as doomed to fall before more dynamic ones, making struggle and aggressive militarism a leading characteristic of the fascist state. Imperialism is the logical outcome of this dogma.

    Another element of fascism is its elitism. Salvation from rule by the mob and the destruction of the existing social order can be effected only by an authoritarian leader who embodies the highest ideals of the nation. This concept of the leader as hero or superman”

    Columbia Encyclopedia

  19. Oh right, let us worry about Chinese fascism. As we fret over that, there should be an announcer intoning like on the old Lone Ranger radio show – “meanwhile back at the ranch…’.
    A DC Superior Court judge (not a jury mind you but a solitary judge) found 34 protestors guilty of demonstrating in the courtyard of the US Supreme Court in Jan of this year. The protestors were wearing orange jumpsuits and had hoods over their heads in sympathy with the uncharged detainees at Guantanamo (see today’s Washington Post online for details). The judge justified his ruling by saying “they were warned”. The guilty protestors could be sentenced for up to 60 days in jail for demonstrating their freedom of speech on federal property. One defendent turned his back on the judge and was ruled guilty of comtempt of the court.
    Lear k nails it – “salvation from rule by the mob (i.e. democracy) and the destruction of the existing social order (YOU are somewhere near the bottom, Bub!) can be effected only by an authoritarian leader who embodies the highest ideals (these are crony capitalism and Zionism) of the nation”
    Fascism is becoming baseball and apple pie.

  20. U.S. issues thinly veiled warnings to China

    “Defense Secretary Robert Gates issued a set of thinly veiled warnings to China on Saturday, cautioning that it could risk its share of further gains in Asia’s economic prosperity if it bullied its neighbors over natural resources in contested areas like the South China Sea.”


    Does Iraq sound familiar?!!

    1. None of this, including Ledeen’s peroration, is what it seems.

      The bottomline: %70 of mainland China’s $1.76 in currency reserves is in the now fast collapsing USD.

      Bush and Cheney, and the Neo-Cons and the rest have nothing left but belligerence, whether in relation to mainland China, or the Russian Federation, or Venezuela, or Iran.

      Meanwhile Israel recently has been increasing initiatives toward Taiwan, no doubt with the empty offer of more unregulated nuclear technology.

      Short of the madman game, which Kissinger and Nixon tried to play with the old Soviets in the late days of Vietnam, what other cards does the adminstration have to play?

      If the answer is none, that does not mean playing this hand will be any better.

        1. Estimated as of April, 2008. Could be more, but with the dollar collapsing it is difficult to value.

        2. “South China Sea”

          It is like the (Persian) Iranians “harassing” US Warships in the “Persian” Gulf.

          The US is showing a distressing amount of territorial claims around the World.

        3. Confucius say: Sure sign of impending bankruptcy–threatening to turn over table while filling pot with IOU’s.

        4. Another enligthening figure: Tawian’s currency reserves as of May (estimated): $289 billion+.

        5. In surprise move, Fischer to increase foreign currency reserves
          [Bassok/ Haaretz]

          The Bank of Israel is instituting an exceptional plan to increase Israel’s foreign currency reserves, just one week after shocking the market by suddenly reversing policy and intervening in the currency market.

          In a plan almost without match around the world, Governor Stanley Fischer aims to increase Israel’s foreign currency reserves by $10 billion in two years, by buying an average of $25 million every business day during that time, all on the Israeli capital market. The plan, which Fischer has been discussing with government officials for weeks, will come into force on Monday.

          Fischer advised Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Finance Minister Roni Bar-On about his plan weeks ago and met with them again Thursday morning. Both support the concept. Bar-On applauded the plan especially in light of the dollar’s feebleness against the shekel.

          “After a thorough examination conducted over months, the Bank decided to increase (Israel’s) foreign currency reserves to a level between $35 billion and $40 billion, compared with $28 billion at present,” the central bank wrote….

          [Haaretz.com updated – 00:52 21/03/2008]

        6. Really, one cannot make up stuff like this.

          One is counting the hours until Israel gets a large aid package from the US in Euros so that they can shore up the shekel against the failing US dollar.

        7. Israel may also soon need a US subsidy so that they can buy Iranian oil on the blackmarket.

        8. Perhaps Israel’s biggest achievement is to prove that Jews don’t know more about finance than anyone else.

          Lester Ness

      1. The Bushies rely on opening their Bibles at random or on Pentecostal prophets speaking in tongues. The Fundamentalist “let’s speed up the Second Coming” types deserve far more blame than they usually get.


        1. The domestic symbiosis is tripartite–Neo-Cons, Born Again Zionists, Corporate Fascists.

  21. China is not benign, but neither is the U.S.. What we fear about them is that they are so much like us, including sarcrificing every value worth having to the economic bottom line. We taught them well and they learned well. Still while this as bad it isn’t properly classified as facism.

  22. Let’s see now. Did China launch an unprovoked attack against Serbia or did America? Did China launch an illegal invasion against Iraq under false pretences or did America? Does China maintain troops in bases in 130 countries around the world or does America? Does China spend more money on the military then any other country in the world or does America? Facts, folks, simple facts.

  23. Is Ledeen a jew? Many of his fellow neo-cons are jewish. I’m a bit bemused by this and the way they see China.

    China was one of the few countries during WW2 to take in the jews when they were fleeing the nazis. The U.S. and Britain certainly didn’t want them. Ask Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, whose family was among many that found sanctuary in China.

    You’d think Ledeen and his ilk would be grateful. If they’re not then one can only conclude that they’re not true jews. They’re Zionist racists who, as “God’s true people”, just cannot countenance that the ‘yellow Chinks’ once saved their butts…

    1. The White Russians who fled the Russian Revolution included a fair number of Jews, mostly in Harbin. The International Settlement of Shanghai allowed a fairly large number of German Jews to flee there in the 1930s. In 1949, somehow all the Western Jews in China were deported from China to Israel. (How Chairman Mao and the Jewish Agency worked this out, I do not know.) The historic Kaifeng Jewish community was not deported, and I believe is not allowed Israel’s “Right of Return” today.

      Lester Ness

  24. I guess they didn’t realize Ledeen meant it as a compliment, he has a hardon for Benito he could stick through drywall.

  25. Ledeen – Pot calling the Kettle black.

    Ledeen needs to read some Chinese history. He obviously does not understand the country and is inflating a non-existent threat.

    The US Government on the other hand is lining up countries that need “humanitarian bombing”. The Military budget is massive and can’t be rationalized as there is no major threat to the Continental US. The US has established a Global Empire surpassing any before it. When China tries to cut out a small piece of that pie it is attacked by people like Ledeen. But few seem to notice the hypocrisy of the US towards China, it is as if, as Chomsky has wrote, many in the US think the US “owns” the World. Hitler too thought he could own the World. Many pundits in the US frequently cite the “superiority” of the US system and that “might makes right” in the case of US actions.

    The US does not need an enemy like China, making an enemy of China would be the same mistake as when Hitler turned the USSR into his enemy, the result was he committed suicide in a bunker under attack by that enemy.

    1. “Humanitarian bombing” hahahahahaha!!! lordamighty!!! That’s funny…!

      Like all the ‘nice reservations’ the native Indians were given in the U.S….

  26. Mussolini sought a colonial empire in by bombing tribespeople, saying it was ultimately for their own good, to get them into the modern world. Fascism was big on “modernity” via shock ‘n’ awe.

    The Duce defied international law, in the shape of the League of Nations. Then he sent “volunteers” (Coalition of the Willing?) to the Spanish Civil War to help a group of exiles plotting to overthrow the government and promote old-time religion over secular socialism. The Spanish government was presented as a tool of an international conspiracy of terror to overthrow democratic governments everywhere.

    Mussolini started life as a socialist himself, but did a switch to the right while continuing to approve of a welfare state as long as it bred up the cannon fodder he needed for his overseas wars of conquest.

    Any resemblance between the Italy of the 1930s and the USA of Bush and Irv Kristol’s neocons is, of course, purely coincidental.

    Muslims trying to rid their own countries of foreign occupiers… they’re the real fascists.

  27. The neo-cons are projectionists ,they accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of!

  28. Knowing Ledeen’s obsessions, it’s hard to believe that this patently contrived argument demonizing China as “fascist’ has nothing to do with Israel’s interests. We should ask ourselves: “If Ledeen now wants US policy makers to focus hostility against China, how (at least in the minds of people like Ledeen) is that ‘good for Israel’?”

    1. We should ask ourselves: “If Ledeen now wants US policy makers to focus hostility against China, how (at least in the minds of people like Ledeen) is that ‘good for Israel’?”

      At some not unduly great remove, in my estimation. China, after all, has worked with Iran on several occasions, granting it observer status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Iran has recently applied for full membership) and purchasing its energy reserves, allowing it at least in part to circumvent the economic encumbrances placed upon it by Washington. Needless to say, Iran is aligned with Hezbollah, a major thorn in Tel Aviv’s side, and generally acts an obstacle to regional American-Israeli hegemony. So, there is a certain logic to Ledeen’s otherwise febrile rants: they are all made with an eye toward Israeli interests. For further information on Sino-Iranian relations, see the relevant Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China-Iran_relations#Relations_today

    2. Mainland China is a becoming a big consumer of Iranian oil. Also opposes any attack on Iran. Israel is also now trying to peddle more nuclear technology and other arms to Taiwan. Get a little cold war going in that direction, and Israeli arms dealers make out.

      Course they also sell to the mainland, including technology got from the US.

      Meanwhile as the dollar collapses Israel builds up foreign exchange reserves in Euros.

      If the US collapses economically from fighting unnecessary wars in the Near East for Israel–what of it? Didn’t Olmert fly to Moscow right after Putin went to Iran?

  29. In October 2003, China became the first non-ASEAN country to sign the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. China’s “strategic partnership for peace and prosperity” with the ASEAN member states promised “economic, social and security cooperation.” The tables appear to be turned. China has adopted a cooperative security-based, multilateral, rules-based collective action, positive-sum, international institution building position. Meanwhile the Bush administration has adopted an absolute security, unilateral, preventive war, zero-sum, disdain for international law, treaties and institutions position. Just before the 2004 election, China’s former vice premier and foreign minister, Qian Qichen, published at article attacking the Bush Doctrine stating that President Bush wanted to “rule over the whole world with overwhelming force, military force in particular…The troubles and disasters the United States has met do not stem from threats by others, but from its own cocksureness and arrogance.”
    In its December 2003 White Paper on Non-proliferation Policy and Measures, China states that “China stands for the attainment of the non-proliferation goal through peaceful means… proliferation issues must be settled through dialogue and international cooperation…unilateralism and double standards must be abandoned, and great importance should be attached and full play given to the role of the United Nations” (Liu, 2006:10).

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  31. I'm no Ledeen fan, but if one can get over an ad hominem view of who's saying the patent truth, It seems beyond debate that China is clearly now a classic fascist country — its dictatorship having "gracefully" moved from a badly botched experiment called communism to a very promising blend of rampant capitalism-plus-absolute dictatorship — a not-unique marriage of convenience long known as "fascism".

    Of course, we persist in being utterly blind to (or in total denial of) what we are doing — effectively totally funding this new fascist enterprise (and its ever-more-massive military) — our gigantic trade deficit with China single-handedly wiping out China's deficit with virtually all other "democracies".

    Anyone puzzled by the "news" that "our trade partner" China is in fact a classic example of fascism need not listen to Ledeen. Just do a little homework of your own, probing the definition and description of fascism. You will find that indeed China is fascism's "new poster child".

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