The Arrogant Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government

Is there any government more hypocritical than the U.S. government? Has there ever been? The United States is considering punishing Russia for its military actions in Georgia by cancelling U.S. participation in an annual Russia-NATO naval exercise. Read the full story here. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insists that “the Russians need to stop their military operations as they have apparently said that they will, but those military operations really do now need to stop because calm needs to be restored.”

Well, how about the United States stopping its military operations in Iraq so calm can be restored? The very idea that the U.S. government would seek to lecture Russia about its military actions in Georgia is ludicrous. Has Uncle Sam no shame about the genocide its military has unleashed in Iraq?

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

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  1. Well, as John McCain says on behalf of America, “We’re all Georgians, now”. And I guess McCain is right – like Georgia, we went off half-cocked (into an invasion) without regard to the consequences. And also, like Georgia we got some really bad military advice from Israel.

    1. After listening to Bush today blame the whole incident upon Russia and recklessly decide to cool things off by sending the U S military to Georgia on a "humanitarian relief" mission, America shares even more with Georgia – – in the words of Russian President Medvedev – Georgia and the U S both have Presidents who are "liars and lunatics".

    2. Yes, keeping in mind that Georgians were subject to jokes (related to lower IQ and higher “macho”) in the USSR, that kind of comparison sounds so funny to Russian ear.

      Is it THAT bad? :-)

  2. "Well, how about the United States stopping its military operations in Iraq so calm can be restored?"

    And what about Afghanistan and Somalia, also two occupied countries, by the so-called West or its allies ?

    1. And don’t you love the implication of the request that “Russia stop its military operations [in South Ossetia] so that calm can be restored”?

      As though Russia had begun its military operations in response to the “calm” that was going on there!

  3. Hubris and hypocrisy is what really distinguishes the United States of Amnesia. Costas’ interview of Bush the other night is a case in point.

  4. Never mind the US government : it would be impossible to do any of this if there did not exist phony ‘progressive’ reporters, like Laura Rozen for example, who collectively and systematically exclude the truth, such as the reports of Scott Ritter, from their analyses, basically because they want to get jobs at the NYT and make some money one day.

  5. by the way, the latest column by Justin seems to argue that the trouble with the neocons is that they don’t really possess the spirit of capitalism and free enterprise, but are driven by mean and petty concealed marxist ambitions. This is rubbish, but doubtless will get him a few doubloons from the gold bugs.

    1. Ali,

      Of course the neocons do not possess the spirit of capitalism and free enterprise. The very fact that they are not willing to be accounted for their exploits and the very fact that they will believe that someone will pay for the wealth, American or otherwise, that they are wasting on their ideology, and so no one has to worry about it, excludes them from being capitalists. Perhaps the billions that they have ripped off from America through various frauds makes you mistake them for capitalists. Given the long history of western colonialism and the fact that the general wealth in the west is built on the wealth and resources that were and is stolen from the rest of the world, the idea that the money that the neocons are stealing or wasting is somewhat kosher and can be attributed to pure and fine capitalist enterprise is not really unexpected. The idea that rigging the game to the hilt, is also an American capitalist art and so should not be criticized is not unexpected either. But the truth of the matter is that when it comes to money they are nothing but greedy thieves, and when it comes to ideology they believe in nothing but violence as the engine of progress and change. In particular peace or even periods of peace has no place in their ideology. To them, causing and urging constant, not-stop violence is the ultimate valor.

      The argument that that ideology derives from their earlier Marxist roots is another matter. However, your suggestion that Raimondo is resorting to the American fears of communism to crack his way into the thick American’s pocket is frankly absurd.

      1. “Comment by Ali
        2008-08-13 03:43:34

        Of course the neocons do not possess the spirit of capitalism and free enterprise. The very fact that they are not willing to be accounted for their exploits and the very fact that they will believe that someone will pay for the wealth, American or otherwise, that they are wasting on their ideology, and so no one has to worry about it, excludes them from being capitalists.”

        Indeed. In fact one could properly identify the neo-conservatives, in an economic sense, as neo-mercantilists, an advanced form of old-style British mercantilism or a form of corporatism lying between a free market and Mussolinian Fascism; i.e., kleptocracy.

    2. Rowan,please explain if your type of capitalism and free enterprise means killing over 1 million Iraqies for the USi/UK oil companies?

      1. Hmm. Last I knew the US/UK oil companies were “capitalist” enterprises, at least according to most people’s definitions. Heck, even the arms merchants are “capitalist” enterprises. They have the same financial structure as all other corporations.

        To the extent that those who control these corporations lobby for US hegemony and US government purchase of their arms, to that extent the “killing over 1 million Iraqies for the US/UK oil companies” does indeed become a “capitalist” effort. That doesn’t mean all capitalists are evil or unethical, or that such thievery is inherent in capitalism, but calling such thieves and murderers “socialists” is just plain silly. Neocon pundits are the lackeys of a certain type of capitalist who believes not in free enterprise or democracy, but in state power.

        Capitalism is simply a belief that private property should be allowed by society. It is inherently a statist philosophy to the extent that state power is required to enforce private property rights against squatters. This minimal reliance on state power is not necessarily a bad thing, as the alternative could be feudalism or chaos. The problems arise when state power is used to accumulate capital and turn it over to favored private owners. This is where capitalism becomes “private enterprise” as opposed to “free enterprise”. It is pure statism, but that doesn’t mean it’s socialism. It is rather an extreme form of capitalist statism more commonly referred to as fascism.

        1. “Capitalism is simply a belief that private property should be allowed by society.”

          You are entitled to define “Capitalism” any way you choose, but this definition goes nowhere.

          Ironically, Marx did not invent “Communism” (there are even ancient Greek varieties) but he did invent “Capitalism”, and also was entitled to use his definition any way he chose.

          As a critical tool, he used it very effectively, despite many flaws.

          At any rate, however one defines it, there is no reason whatever, all things being equal, that the Capitalist will not buy any state if it is available for sale, which, in the US, it most certainly is.

    3. Peddling the party line in return for money and prestige is very much in line with the Marxist models with which I’m familiar. Sounds to me as if the neocons you allude to fit the mold nicely.

    4. Adam Smith, for example, was an anti-imperialist. Although Smith certainly didn’t invent free market economics out of nothing, nor was he perfect, he demolished the mercantilist arguments upon which the British (and every other empire) had been founded. Richard Cobden was a free-market liberal who was anti-imperialist as well. I don’t know enough about the history of neoconservatism to judge Raimondo’s argument, but there is nothing prima facie absurd about it. Hegel, after all, led to Marx. Schopenhauer, the philosopher of asceticism, led to Nietzsche, the philosopher of power. Furthermore, Raimondo and others have pointed out the intellectual and occupational history of the neocons as evidence.

        1. Actually not. One resisted the impulse, for example, to inform you that what appears as Nietzsche’s Will To Power was not written by Nietzsche, but assembled by his sister.

          Infantile and offensive is relative. Infants and offensive people often find same in others.

          I found Smith a fraud and a moron long before Rothbard wrote his article, and though I am no fan of Schumpeter and the other Austrians, whom I find economically and politically and historically (especially historically) naive, I was reading him at the same time (and have not since).

          Do you qualify as any member of that choir?

          Incidentally, your rhetorical tactics are naive, thus not in the least bothersome.

    5. Early Marxism in Russia implied a) expansion of the “world revolution” b) by means of taking wealth from one group and giving it to another (under their full control by the way). In a few years Lenin also blessed the market economy *inside* of the USSR (New Economic Policy of 1924).

      How is this fundamentally different from the US model? Take over the world by force, in the name of ideology, that is supposed to be “liberating” people. Take wealth from said world and use it for…. furthering the above.

      How long the World would be so stupid to not recognize it? Oh well, Arabs had figured that already i guess – hence the “War on Terror”, which is in fact plain old “War for World domination”. Terrorist tactics is the only one that works on territories occupied by the Mighty Empire – another name for it is Guerilla War.

      I fortunately live in Russia, so we can fight in a conventional combat if need be. Better die free, then live kneeing. If need be – let the nuclear exchange happen. Anybody has doubts about Russia’s decisiveness by now?

      So, the n-th time Russia is supposed to save the World from the Aggressor? And for the n-th time the World is going to hate Russia for that. Sad, but who cares? It’s just Russia’s fate I guess. God is with Russia forever :-)

  6. Funny how those plucky little nations – Croatians, Bosnians, Montenegrins and Kosovo Albanians – all deserved our support – material, military, economic and diplomatic – when they wanted to break away from Yugoslavia. But the Ossetians and Abkhazians must not break away from Georgia… Some principle!

    1. The DIFFERENCE is that the Serbs didn’t have nuclear weapons and were unable to defend themselves from American aggression, let alone to retaliate against it. Russia is quite capable of inflicting prohibitive costs on American meddling. The USA – like the schoolyard bully – only attacks countries (Serbia, Panama, Iraq, etc) that can’t defend themselves. Also consider the non-response to China and Tibet.

      1. Point of clarification:

        Does anyone know whether the South Ossetians and Abkhazians want to be part of Russia? My understanding is that they want to be independent states. The MSM is fostering the impression that Russia is trying to “retake” these entities, but that’s not the case, is it?

        1. It may very well be that Russia seeks to “[re]take” South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as both are historically been part of Greater Russia. My guess, however, is that both of these regions are seeking independence, as has been the general trend among many of the hundreds of disparate ethnic groups from these “autonomous provinces” (as they were called back in the days of the USSR). Granted, I might certainly be mistaken in this particular assumption and stand corrected if evidence to the contrary is produced.

        2. One thing SEEMS clear enough. They don’t want to be part of Georgia. Perhaps a rough comparison might be West Virginia which didn’t want to be part of the Confederacy after the south seceded from the Union.

        3. As far as I understand their statements today, after Russia’s president told that “We’ll support whatever they will decide on a referendum” – South Osetia wants to re-unite (as it was 100 years ago for instance, and 200 as well by the way) with Nothern Osetia, i.e. become part of Russia.

          Whereas Abhazia wants to be an independent state, yet part of the New Union State, i.e. Russia, Belorussia and then Abhazia. Good! Eastern Ukraine would be the next I hope, as well as some of Asian republics would be a great benefit for people of all these territories.

          Please don’t forget the fact that even during USSR times, every 10 years after Stalin’s death (i.e. when the country was not a totalitarian dictatorship), every 10 years there was a rebellion in Abhazia, and they were asking to be separate from Georgia.

          That one is truly small, freedom loving nation. NOT Georgians (don’t remember rebellions during the USSR time there).

      2. Andy- Lets not forget about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,and Korea. We haven’t started a fight with any nation larger than the state of Texas since WW11. Lucky for Iraq we have done it twice to them. After watching the events this week in Georgia, its obvious The United States will not push a big player around..

  7. Funny that the US insisted on a “proportionate response” and on an immediate cease fire in this case. I can remember vividly the United States turning a deaf ear when similar demands were made respecting Israel’s attack on Lebanon a couple of years ago. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?

    1. Omagod, Lowell made a comment without referring to abortion! Well, that seals it. Readers are unanimous on Georgia.

  8. In response to Eric, South Ossetians voted democratically in elections on independence in 2006 as reported in the New York Times. The results were that 99% favored independence. There is no question that the people of Suuth Ossetia want to be independent and under principles of self-determination they deserve to be so. Why is the US so opposed to freedom and independence for South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

    Here is a link to a news story on the 2006 referendum where Ossetians voted overwhelmingly for independence from Georgia:

    Of course, our MSM censors and covers-up these democratic elections. Why this fear of democracy? Why aren’t we getting different viewpoints and perspectives on these issues? Why are we only getting one, monolithic viewpoint all the time?

    1. Carl, I doubt the US cares very much whether Ossetia gains its independence or not. It does care about Russian expansionism, though. Georgian ‘sovereignty’ merely provides a convenient political excuse for the US to get involved.

      1. “[The US] does cares about Russian expansionism, though”.

        Wow, loaded for bear and with a dangling concessive to boot.

        Does this pass for intelligent analysis in the country club?

        Likely no one mentions the “Anglo-American” cryptotype.

        As the Isralis exert themselves to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler, so do the British (and American Anglophiles) do their best to rehabilitate Stalin.

        What is clear as the handwriting on the wall is that the underlying British hostility to Russia and the Russians had nothing whatever to do with Communism or the Soviets.

        1. Wow. Misquotation, cliche, ambiguity, ad hominem, and your own special brand of obfuscatory polemic, all folded into one snappy little post. If you’d pasted a large and irrelevant block of literary text and then followed it up with a few posts correcting your misspellings, I’d have thought you were channeling Eugene Costa.

        2. You post “Russian Expansionism” and then personify a “US” caring about it.

          It is transparent, dear girl.

          The adventure in Georgia is on its face American “expansionism” and Israeli meddling.

          The British want in on the pipeline but that is not their major motive.

          Their involvement is chronic, from supporting Chechen “terrorism” to the Litvinenko slander.

          I hadn’t identified you as part of the “Anglo-American” Imperialist school before.

        3. My quotations are seldom if ever irrelevant–rather oblique.

          Debaters unfamiliar with the distinction between eristic and dialectic seldom follow, or, if they do, are not allowed to admit it.

          Be a good girl and point out the cliche. I must have missed it.

        4. I believe that UK is hostile towards Russia as part of Big Game for World Domination. It also seems that the very concept of this “Game” is UK invention of 18th century. But Russia decided it likes The Game.

          Everything since Napoleon War on Russia is part of the Big Game.

          Notice, amazingly, that UK press favors Russia in this little Georgian game. Since it is really a masterpiece – give away some pawns – Iraq, Kosovo, even ABM site in Poland, but win this Georgia Chess Game.

          In fact, Russia would LOVE now for the US to get involved in a huge war in Iran… that opens way to reunite with Eastern Ukraine. Believe me, russian people that live there would love to be part of wealthy Russia, as opposed to struggling Ukraine. Of course, The Game is not that easy, so we’ll see something else.

  9. Rowan Berkeley argued above that Justin Raimondo was wrong to point out the Trotskyite roots of the neocon Likudnik movement that Bill Kristol is a prominent part of. Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol, was a self-proclaimed American Trotskyite or “Trotskyist”, a hard-core American Communist and Marxist at a time when being a Communist in the US was criminalized by the Smith Act and other anti-Communist legislation. Granted that fact does not necessarily entail that Bill Kristol is a follower of Leon Trotsky and of Communism. But that ignores the fact that much of the philosophical foundations of neoconservatism are based in Trotskyism, that is, Communism or Maxism. Trotskyism was itself based in Leninisn and Marxism and a permanent, ongoing international revolution. The Trotskyist and Marxist influence on the neoconservative movement endures. Indeed, neocons are just Trotskyists and Marxists that have moved to the right wing of the political spectrum. They retained, however, much of their Trotskyist and Marxist ideological constructs and underpinnings.

  10. I don’t know of any neocons who have honest jobs in the capitalist economy. Most seem to be sucking at the government, academic, and military industrial complex tits. Has Norman Podhoetz or Irving Kristol ever had a honest job like the rest of us?

  11. Yes, I agree. The U.S. is the biggest hypocrite country in the world. I don’t want to waste to much time on something that most of the commentators agree on. Let me just say that the sorry excuse for a president that this country has, barks that “Russia should respect Georgia’s sovereignty.” This is the man that unleashed the most powerful armed forces against a country that posed no threat to the U.S. and sent the best trained (some of them war criminals?) soldiers in the world. This resulted in the utter destruction of the country and the deaths of hundreds of thousands Iraqis and more than 4 thousand young American soldiers. This is the monkey supported Kosovo secession from Serbia. And let not forget that Bush gave the green light to Israel to occupy, bomb and massacre thousands of Lebanese. How can he keep a straight face when he chastises Russia for defending the civilian population of South Ossetia against the brutal aggression of Georgia?

    After the monkey leaves office, the criminal proceedings against him, Chaney, and the rest of neocons should begin promptly. I want to see this animals hanged in public.

    1. Simon, I hope you don’t truly believe that these cockroaches will get what they deserve. At least not in this life.

      1. Oh yes, I do. Their war crimes are so many, and so disgusting that it will be impossible for them to hide them. They won’t be able to use (abuse) “executive power” anymore. I think that in less than one generation we will see the first President of the U.S. prosecuted for war crimes, trashing the Constitution, etc. I hope that Rosen and Weissman (AIPAC honchos) will be amongst those hanged, guillotined, burned at the stake. I don’t care how they dispose of them as long as they pay for their crimes. (By the way, AIPAC got to go guys. I had enough of those bastards. I often read that AIPAC members have “dual” loyalties. I disagree. They only have one loyalty: to Israel. Enough said.)

  12. russia has over 10,000 nuclear weapons how would be insane enough to go to war with them answer the president of georgia is jewish and he is backed by israel and the united states

  13. Today America morphed into the weirdest hybrid that in its foreign policy combines Commie zeal and rhetoric (“liberating opressed masses”, “fighting tyranny in the world”, etc) with Nazi tactics and strategy (barely disguised spirit of American national superiority and total disdain for foreign way of life, as well as casual treatment of foreign lives themselves). No wonder the world is mortified by what US had become. Me too.

  14. When I saw the Bushling burble his moronic comments while I was at some local store I just about spit out my coffee. You just can't make up this kind of hypocritical lunacy. Its simply impossible. Without a doubt you have to be fundamentally insane. And what really seals the deal is watching all the boot-licking head-bobbing aparatchiks crying "Hallelujah".

    While taking a drive today my son asked me what was up with Russia and Georgia. I was stunned that this fifteen year old had any interest in the topic at all. Maybe because we haven't had a boob toob with non-stop media propaganda vomiting at us for the past three years but it was so refreshing.

    Still, back to topic, I explained to him just about everything the above posters have mentioned, albeit in a more abbreviated form, and he agreed that it was wrong. Damn straight!

  15. Funny how the U.S. condemms Russia for a five-day war with Georgia when it has been at war with Iraq for five years (but that’s “okay”, because well, its America). Georgia borders Russia. It was part of both the old USSR and Czarist Russia. In contrast Iraq is thousands of miles from the USA and has no common history. American hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.

  16. Imagine if the USA had since 1990 pursued a policy of genuine accommedation and friendliness towards Russia instead of taking advantage of its weakness to extend its influence and empire. What if the U.S. had dissolved NATO and sent its sroops home instead of expanding it and making Russia feel insecure? How different things might have been today. Curse those neoconservative nutjobs. Why choose Estonia or Georgia over friendship with Russia?

    1. I guess since US is fueled by War, there is absolutely now way relations with Russia could be friendly.

      Actually, which country USA has honest, equal relations? I can only think of UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – i.e. only the UK colonies, dominated by UK/West European ethnoses. And even then – are they really equal – like Germany/France/Italy for example?

  17. McCain can only speak for himself the ignorant bastard. “I think I speak for all Americans ..” ???? Bullchit, he speaks for noone but the marxist Bush Lincolnite zeocon brainwashed murdering torturing lying wasting killers.
    Bush tyrant used the same idiot pluralities for his entire screwedup lying presidency that has culminated in America being wasted and turned to rubble with his rigged prez to the rigged 911 to the rigged WMD to the rigged invasion to the rigged subprime neocon problems that have destroyed a once properous nation.
    On the other hand it has allowed Obama to enter the fray and clearly be on his way prematurely to running America.

  18. Georege Bush after illegally attacking Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens; condoning kidnapping and torture; using domestic spying; disregarding habeas corpus; and thrashing The United States Constitution lectures China of civil liberties, and presumes to lecture Russia about its response to Georgian aggression against etnic Russians in Ossetia, a situation that was brought on by U.S. foreign policy, orchestrated by business and oil companies, to surround Russia with tin pot dictators, who for a price are loyal to The West,and who thought they could bully Russia with the assurance that The West would come to their support.
    Well, the president of Georgia, along with Bush and his minions have been given a reality check, and the drubbing the Georgian president received should be a lesson to him. It should also be a lesson to Bush and the neo-cons who said that it is they who create reality, and while the world is adjusting to that reality they will be creating another reality to which the world must respond.Well, these crazies should by now realize their unilateral moment is over.
    The world was safer during the cold war, when sanity prevailed in Washington.

    1. Actually, the Poles led the way. The US offered $200 million to Poland to install the US missile shield, supposedly against Iran. The Poles suggested that, to become outright enemies of the Russian Federation, a minimum offer of $2 billion, to build an air force, would be polite.

      So now the talk of installing same in Lithuania, whose air force is a US-provided Cessna as I recall.

      I suspect that after the Georgia debacle there will be more talk among the Poles about all Slavs being descended from three brothers, and the vibrant synthesis that can be forged economically while Poles and Russians play the dozens.

      The central fact that some Eastern Europeans are reluctant to face is that, however repressive the old Soviets politically–and it varied from country to country–the Russians were subsidizing their “allies” at great cost to themselves.

      This should be obvious now to all save the most prehistoric of ideologues.

      The Lithuanians are not Slavs. But under the old Soviets Lithuanians, who have a tendency to consider “professional” avocations their specialty, had the whole Soviet Empire, including the Army, to trade with and provide their services to.

      Presumably they are now giving one another haircuts and dreaming of all the amber they can export to the US.

      None of this, by the way, is in any way to depreciate the brutality that the Baltic states suffered under the Soviets, some of which I have heard about first hand.

      None of it, however, ever held a candle to what the British did to the Boers or in Ireland or India.

      The Russian Federation is a new world, with some claim to forging a new man, and geography and economics remain stubborn facts of life.

      However one defines preaching to the choir, I have a marked tendency to do the reverse. Some many years ago in a Chinese venue I suggested the perfect fit that Russia and Japan have as economic entities.

      Needless to say the reception was not warm. But it remains the next important item on the horizon.

      1. Now, notice that Russia does not have the intention to occupy Georgia. This is not a tactical – most Russian people are absolutely not in favor of taking these economically loosing territories on the budget again. Since Russian Govt. is more driven by the desires of Russian people then most of the Govts. I see around :-) it is very unlikely that any of these states would be occupied. But they should respect.

        Now, Crimea, for tourists purposes, and Eastern Ukraine, since it has working population and somewhat useful industries should be reclaimed. Belorussia is in the Union already, and they produce.

        Occupation of Baltics and Eastern Europe was caused only by a desire to have a shield zone against the Western aggression. But by late 80s most people came to the conclusion that nuclear weapon should be enough to repel the West. Well – not so with crazy US now days. Therefore though, NATO on Russian border is NO WAY.

        Question though – who will be supporting useless East/East European “states” economically? Where is the money???

        1. U.S. and Poland sign missile shield deal ??!!

          “Washington says the interceptors and a radar in the Czech Republic would form part of a global “missile shield” protecting the United States and its allies from ‘long range missiles that could in the future be fired by Iran or groups such as al-Qaeda’.”

          Long range missles….fired by Iran or groups such as al-Qaeda,Knights of the round table,and the Klingons??!

          Was this another proof that the US instigated this war!??

    2. Yes, I suspect it was a reality check for Saakashvili, and perhaps for Bush as well. But for the majority of our foreign policy and military elite who planned this fiasco, it all worked out perfectly as planned. Here were the potential outcomes as they saw them:

      1) Russia does nothing and looks weak, allowing the National Endowment for Democracy to purchase more “elections” and thus encouraging even more expansion of NATO. (Funny how it’s OK for the US to contribute financially to political parties in foreign countries but it’s illegal for them to contribute to political parties here.) Renewal of Cold War justifies increased US military budget.

      2) Russia decides on a long term occupation of Georgia while we support anti-Russian insurgents there. Renewal of Cold War justifies increased US military budget.

      3) Russia invades and punishes Georgia but then withdraws. We claim it was our criticism and threats of economic sanctions that “forced” Russia to withdraw. Renewal of Cold War justifies increased US military budget.

      As Olbermann’s been saying, “The purpose of the war in Iraq was…to have a war in Iraq.”

  19. The US had lost the moral high ground when she launched wars of aggression against both Iraq and Afghanistan – the so-called “war on terror”.Stop lecturing Russia and other countries and learn to shut up.

  20. The Russian Government announced today that it will recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Of course, Russian tanks and jets and artillery spoke louder than words here. Russian leaders said that the South Ossetian and Abkhazian people, a majority of those soon-to-be new states, do not want, under any circumstances, to be under Tbilisi. By its genocidal aggression, Tbilisi has lost these regions permanently.

    From the standpoint of democracy and self-determination, the South ossetian and Abhazia peoples have a strong legal case. In 2006 elections, over 90% voted for independence from Tbilisi. Now the US wants to deny them their inherent right to self-determination and democracy. Why? What does the US gain by this?

    Here is a link to the 2006 referendum where over 90% voted for independence from the US-backed “client” Tbilisi regime:

    Moreover, Kosovo set an international precedent. Might makes right in these secessionist conflicts. If the US can “recognize” Kosovo as independent, then why can’t Russia recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia? South Ossetia and Abhazia are “special cases” too. A US installed genocidal puppet tried to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing against South Ossetian civilians, against his own people. The Ossetians do not want to be a part of Tbilisi. Democracy is at stake here.

    The only way to resolve this impasse is for countries to recognize the independence of South ossetia and Abkhazia. Today, Russia announced that it will recognize the independence of South ossetia and Abhazia. Other countries should follow this lead. The alternative is impossible. South ossetia will never be under Tbilisi’s control again. The Tbilisi regime tried to commit genocide against South ossetians. Nor will Abkhazia. Independence is the only option now. Serbia should be the first country to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Turnabout is fairplay. Remember Kosovo?

    1. Well said. If Kosovo can secede from Serbia then Ossetia and Abkhazia can secede from Georgia, just like if Virgina can secede from America, then West Virginia can secede from Virginia. Tit for tat. Pandora’s box has now been so stupidly opened up by Washington and who knows where it will all end up now? How come it was “okay” for the U.S. to bomb Serbia for 78 days in 1999 but it is wrong for Russia to fight a five-day war with Georgia?

  21. Would someone please explain to me why Russia’s military invasion of Georgia in 2008 is any worse than he 1861 invasion of the Confedrate States of America by the United States military.

    1. Wait a minute! Just because the North invaded Georgia doesn’t mean the Russkies get to. Did Atlanta burn a second time?

  22. For the ultimate “Arrogant Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government” and its western allies one should look to what they have done,and continue to do in Gaza and to its people.

  23. Rather than expressing outrage and condemnation that Russia and its Dictator-in-Chief, the ex-KGB boss, Vladamir Putin, have invaded a sovereign nation and seek to destroy its democratically elected government, everyone here seems to think it a better opportunity to once again bash the United States. Interesting. I guess anything that happens anywhere in the world is somehow our fault, and even if it is not our fault we have no right to condemn it since we are not perfect ourselves.

    1. Tin R., nobody’s impressed with knee-jerk Washington Party Line demonizations of what is probably one of the most popular leaders among his own people in the world today, whose popularity will only be greater after this “glorious little war” where the Russians hardly had to do any fighting, as the Georgians appeared to have simply run away at their approach. You don’t have to love Putin to recognize this reality. We are not your typical brainwashed Americans.

      The U.S. deserves to be bashed with a big old stupid stick for the amazing idiocy of its foreign (and domestic) policies. Instead of establishing a basis for a lasting friendship with post-Soviet Russia, beginning under Clinton the U.S. has consistently taken every opportunity to harm that country. The U.S. backed the drunken Yeltsin to the hilt, applauding his (no doubt “democratic”) military assault on the Russian parliament – yes, we’ve heard the Party Line, the building was full of “bad guys”, it deserved to be shelled – all the while American financial “advisers” assisted in the looting of the country by a clique of gangsters.

      Likewise the U.S. through both the Clinton and Bush Admins has torn up its “solemn” promise not to push for the expansion of NATO into former Soviet territory. Your problem, Tim R., is that the Russians have finally wised up to the fact that “the Americans can’t be trusted”. Not even by their “allies”, the Georgians, I might add, who just found out that the U.S. won’t be there for you because the imbeciles in Washington have gone off on some grandiose “conquer the world” jag and have tied themselves up in strategic knots in South Asia.

      So go on, Tim R., follow the Party Line and “get tough with Russia”. And don’t forget your useless air assault on Iran (either by Washington or Israel, what’s the difference) – wonder how sympathetic Russia will be in that case, with you “getting all tough” and everything? And don’t forget that you intend to “get tough on China” down the road!

      Excuse my rudeness, but I am sick and tired of the humiliation of being “represented” by a claque of incompetent imbeciles from both parties and am tired of rubbing shoulders with those of “my fellow Americans” who insist on remaining their pathetically bleating, brainwashed sheep. I am tired of being the laughingstock of the world (thanks to people like you, Tim R.).

      I hold you and each and every one of the apparently 30% of the American population who consistently support this madness PERSONALLY responsible for the predictable results. If this is the “democracy” you claim it is, then YOU are to be held responsible. You #$%^%^@ idiots are wrecking the country!!!

      There is one thing worse than being bad, and that is being stupid.

  24. @ Mr. Vance: I hate to tell you this Larry – may I call you Larry? – the US government, and especially this administration, don’t really give a flyin’ f#&k what you or I think!

    I don’t remember who said it but one of those neocon psychos said something like: “…We’re an empire now, we create our own reality…and while you’re studying that reality we’ll act again, creating other new realities..”

    Hehe…they don’t give a rats @ss what we think Larry!

    The pen is no longer mightier than the sword…so write whatever you want Larry, they still won’t give a f#&k; this is the primary reason why the “anti-war” movement – as we know it today – is a complete farce! With people like these neocons you’ll have to break bones and draw real blood to get them in line…can you do that Larry? Can you, or ANY of the multitude of writers and columnists, break bones and draw real blood? No?…

  25. Wow, I just came across this site while searching for something else and decided to pop in and see what everyone had to say…Well, after my nausea went away the three words that came to mind are uneducated communist cult. Do you people really believe this crap you are preaching? Yes of course we all want peace – more than anything, but are you all willing to stop wars, pull out troops, give up your freedom, and most likely die at the hands of someone that want to kill you because they don’t like your religion or beliefs? I’m one of the guys that crosses the oceans to fight for YOUR freedoms and this is how you repay our sacrifices? It’s not sad, it’s a duty, an honor – none of us want to die but we will to protect your freedoms! And, if we stop tomorrow and all come home? This war will be fought as will many others – If we don’t fight the wars on their own soil the fighting will come to us, is that what you really want? Do you want your family, your children to be exposed to bloodshed in their streets and homes? Yes, it’s ashame the world can’t be a peaceful place – We, and I have worked very hard to make our United States of America safe from foreign threats and peaceful. There is much that goes on in this world and in the US everday that the public eye does not see, All you hear is what the press is told to report on – You think the press is free? The reason you don’t get the facts and the real news on TV is because in the past the press has been responsible for more military and civilian casualties the “The War” ever has. The press reports their view of what is going on in the distance, and what is fed to them by Public Affairs – it’s done that way to keep our troops safe from reporters reporting troop movements and positions over satellite upfeeds. You all need to take a step back and take a look at reality because from what I’m reading everthing you’re writing about is based on opinion and false information. Face it, you may never know the real answers – It’s a fact. If you want to help – stop working against us and start supporting us, you think we don’t know the odds when we head off to war? We signed the oath, we made the choice, we know the risk. Stop with the crying, hold your heads high and honor us with your strength, honor us with the stars and stripes of old glory. It’s honor for us to do our duty and die if necessary – stop taking that honor away from us, stop mourning our deaths and start celebrating our life and sacrifice! If you really want to honor us stop with the death toll count, and start giving us the moral support we need to finish the job and come home. Remember I’m not fighting for me – I’m fighting for all of you and your families so that you can wake up tomorrow in a safe USA. This web site is a disgrace to me, the military and the red, white, and blue I took an oath to protect! If you don’t believe in the freedoms we’re giving you that I suggest you start looking for a new country to live in because this one will be free as long as i’m alive to fight for it!

    1. (Music Swells) AMERICA the Beautiful plays, as Jamo comes limping home on crutches. As he approaches the front porch, Mom, Dad, Little Sis and a Golden Retriever named “Buddy” are all waiting there waving small American flags for him. Suddenly a beat up Toyota Pickup truck comes screeching tires around the corner. “Alluha Akbar” Alluha Akbar is heard as a machine gun opens fire from the back of the truck. Jamo instinctively drops to the ground for cover and looks up to see some former Iraqi insurgents that managed to get visas and passports and tactical weapons, wipe out his entire family before his war weary eyes. How could this happen, how did they get here? It must have been all those commie bastard peaceniks that put an early end to OUR WAR on Iraq. Now all those Haji’s are crossing the ocean by Camel, Goat or Frequent Flier mile redemptions.
      It is admirable to believe in something so strongly you are willing to die for it, just be sure that what you are be-LIE-ving isn’t just something you have been deceptively led into. Taking an oath of loyalty does not absolve you from personal moral and critical judgement of the actions you are ordered to fulfill.
      I am a Veteran too (Gulf War) so don’t bother with the you’re doing it all for me so I don’t have to line. I’ve seen it, smelled it, walked it and ate it and it still tastes like shit to me.

  26. I’m sorry that your service to this country has left such a bad taste in your mouth and somehow blinded you to the actual events that take place in this country every day. We all get numb over time and start to disbelieve, you were obviously wronged by the government somehow and it has scarred you for life. At one point in time you were for god and country as our service men and women are today – You know as well as I that the facts about why or how the Iraq war started will not be truthfully known for 50 or more years, after everyone involved is dead and gone and the war forgotten, this isn’t just about the Iraq war, it’s about security for our country and you’ve become blind to the threat. They walk among us day to day, serve your food, pump your gas, teach your children. I was stationed at a major command in the central US post 9/11 when security was at it’s highest. Every day there were threats to our base, shots fired at our aircraft, pipe bombs and crude explosives found in the fence lines. I personally assisted in the take down of a man on the terrorist watch list who had penetrated the outside perimeter fence and was taking pictures of a secure area within the base (before the dogs got him). How can you think we’re so safe just because we’re inside the borders of the United States? These are the types of things that happen every day inside your safe country – just think how fast those actions would escalate if we decided to take a day off… I hope you do some soul searching and again find your inner strength –

      1. You think the security of this country is funny huh? If I had my way i’d load everyone of you people on a fleet of C-5s and drop you off in the middle east to negotiate peace among the the people.

        1. In case you hadn’t noticed, the manifold wars in which America is engaged have not the remotest relation to “security”.

  27. Ho pensato che sarebbe stato noioso alcuni post vecchi, ma in realtà compensato per il mio tempo. Io posto un link a questa pagina sul mio blog. Sono sicuro che i miei visitatori troveranno che molto utile.

  28. Je suis vraiment plaisir à lire vos articles bien écrits. Il semble que vous passez beaucoup d'efforts et de temps sur votre blog. J'ai signet et je suis impatient de lire de nouveaux articles. Continuez votre bon travail!

  29. Véritablement absorbante. Je tiens à sans doute à mieux comprendre ce sujet. Quelqu'unavez des trucs et astuces, où je pourrais obtenir quelques ressources supplémentaires?L'apprécier.

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