More Evidence of Neocon Influence on McCain

McCain’s surrogates, Max Boot and Richard Williamson, told a gathering of the hawkish Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) in Virginia last weekend that the Republican candidate, if elected, would not become actively engaged in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and discourage Israeli-Syrian peace efforts, according to an important article by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s excellent Ron Kampeas. Consistent with my last post, Abrams’ influence on both McCain positions is apparent.

As noted by Kampeas, Williamson’s endorsement of those positions “signified how closely the McCain campaign has allied itself with neo-conservatives.” Frankly, the position of those foreign-policy realists who have endorsed McCain and who, according to the mainstream media, are supposed to be advising him — I’m thinking of James Baker or Richard Armitage as examples — is becoming increasingly untenable in this campaign.

Author: Jim Lobe

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6 thoughts on “More Evidence of Neocon Influence on McCain”

  1. When it comes to bailing out Wall Street, we might as well just sit on our wallets. America is too far gone to save, Ahmadinejad has it right – we have come to an end of our imperial highway. We finally shot our wad with this bs “War on Terror” – chasing ghosts in Asia (again). Israel’s goose is also cooked; and they did much to steer America down the road to ruin. I have no sympathy for Israel, but a lot of pity for the innocent Americans caught up by the schemes of this cabal of neocon liars. In the words of our fearless leader, “Economic depression – bring it on!”

  2. The Israel Lobby bankrupted America. Now it’s squeezing out the last few drops. A trillion dollars, thousands of dead soldiers and counting in Iraq. Now clever boys like Bernanke, Frank and Schumer think they’ve figured out how to shake us down for another couple trillion to save their rich financier friends in New York. And what do you bet that as ordinary Americans lose their jobs, their retirement savings and homes that Congress will send Israel (‘the economic miracle of the Middle East’) its usual billions and billions in welfare? Or that McBama will send more Americans to die for Israel in Iran? Change of government this November, friends. Out with the whole cowardly, incompetent, lying, scheming lot.

  3. So do you get to be an policy adviser, anyway? I know more about the Middle than any 3 Neo-cons put together and I’m a crappy Gypsy schola, teaching English in China.

    Lester Ness

    1. In the land of neocons you don’t need much of anything to get a plum position. The one key ingredient that is needed more than any though is the ability to screw up even the most simple task. And when caught, deny it, and if that doesn’t work, blame Clinton.

  4. AIG, Lehman bros.,Goldman-Sachs are all Israeli run outfits and have destroyed the economy along with their stooges Schumur, Franks and Dodd.

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