An Avatar for Peace

Dear Friends of

A donor left this message in my Facebook Account,

Here’s an idea. We ask all our friends to switch their Facebook and Myspace profile images to the logo on some upcoming anti-war day. Let’s say Thanksgiving day, so we can be thankful there aren’t even more wars.

At the same time, on the same day, we ask everyone to switch their profile status to just “Stop the wars.”

And, of course, if anyone asks, “which wars” the answer is “all of them.”

Instead of your head shot, please consider changing your avatar on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter on Thanksgiving Day to an logo.

I know I’m thankful for all you champions of peace. Please email me at for images and logos.



Hat tip to reader George Donnelly.

9 thoughts on “An Avatar for Peace”

  1. You can copy one off of our site or email me at the address above. I will send you four different logos.

  2. “Let’s say Thanksgiving day, so we can be thankful there aren’t even more wars.”

    Wonder how the Natives would feel about that considering the reward they received by the Pilgrims after saving them from starvation.

    History shows that Anglo-American wars against Humanity are and have been perpetual.

    These are historical FACTS!

  3. Wait a minute, didn’t “God” invent war? There seems to be some ‘historical’ record concerning deity and war.

  4. SubHuman? Sub-literate is more like it. But I know it is emotionally satisfying to have an ogre to blame for everything.

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