Ron Paul on Gaza

Ron Paul’s statement opposing the US House resolution supporting Israel’s war in Gaza:

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  1. Yeah, Israel shares some of the blame (there is plenty to go around on BOTH sides) But before blaming Israel for everything, please, just do me one favor: Educate yourself!

    On 29 November 1947 the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181. Ben Gurion and the Jews accepted it, if the Arabs had accepted it there would never have been an “Arab-Israeli conflict” and instead of fighting for a state of their own, Palestine would have recently celebrated its 60th anniversary of Independence. There WAS a two state solution, 60 years ago, and the Arabs rejected it, choosing war instead. If they had accepted Resolution 181, their borders would have been larger than even the pre-1967 borders, but instead of cooperation, peace, and mutual good will, they chose war.

    Don’t take my word for it. Read the resolution for yourself. Have whatever opinion you want but for heaven’s sake, just make sure your opinion is not based on ignorance!

    Check this link to read the full text of Resolution 181:

    1. Tim, if Canada forcibly relocated Quebecois to say northern Maine without Maine’s consent or approval, and the UN passed a resolution that authorized it and the Quebecois agreed to it but those living in Maine did not, would you be ok with that? One of the big problems with the nature of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is that all these decisions about what should be done with their land were done without their consent. They had no representation at all in regards to the 1947 resolution you mention or the much earlier Balfour declaration.

      1. Brendan,

        The Resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority vote of the General Assembly. There was no “nation” of Palestine at the time but even if there was and they voted against the partition plan, it still would have passed. Also, I would point out that many of the Arab-Muslim nations represented the interests of the Palestinians and they all voted against the resolution. But it passed anyway.

        As for your analogy of Maine and a relocation of the people of Quebec. If the United Nations passed the resolution 60 years ago and the people of Maine fought several wars over it, and LOST, I would say they need to just accept it already and get over it. Life is unfair. Get over it and move on. Try to make the best of it and live in peace now. If somebody kicked my great grandfather out of his house, three generations ago, I would not come back 60 years later and fire rockets at the great-grandchildren of the guy who did it. I would try to make the best of it and move on.

        1. So you wouldn’t fire rockets at the great-grandchildren? Then what exactly is Israel doing if not firing rockets at great-grandchildren?

        2. The Jews were “kicked out” of Israel about hundred generation before, but every year they, wherever they were, repeated, “Next year in Jerusalem”. So you came back, demanded your old “home”, and now you feel that the Arabs have no such right and should “try to make the best of it and move on.” What a hypocrisy!

    2. That’s bullshit. The Zionists were already beginning the drive to ethnically cleanse large parts of Palestine. They eventually drove out over 700,000 in a series of massacres and bombinggs. Don’t be an apologist for a 60-year-old crime against humanity.

    3. I am a Palestinian and we are not ignorant about 181 or the rest of the resolutions you choose to ignore now.

      But I don’t blame my grandfather who at the time was not keen on leaving his house and farms and village to give to the Jews coming from Europe because of Resolution 181.

      In retrospect that might have been a mistake on his side because he lived the rest of his life in a refugee camp. But I don’t think anybody would have voluntarily agreed to that resolution other than the Jews who were about to get a whole bunch of land they didn’t otherwise own.

      If a thug walked to your door and told you to give him half your house you will refuse. Even if he had an eviction notice from the police you will still refuse. If he then shot you and threw you in the basement you might come to the conclusion I would have been better off accepting the half-house offer. But you will always know it was not fair.

      If the UN was to pass the same resolution 181 now. I doubt Israel would go for it. I doubt you would be for it either. And if in the future the balance of power changed and the Israelis again were in a diaspora, would you say you were wrong not to accept 181 in 2009?

      You say if the Arabs accepted 181 then there would not have been an Arab Israeli conflict, well I tell you that:
      If there was no European antisemitism then there would not have been a conflict
      If there was no Holocaust then there would not have been a conflict.
      If there was no British colonialism then there would not have been a conflict.
      If the was no Belfore declaration then there would not have been a conflict
      If the early Zionists had went to Argentina then there would not have been a conflict
      If there was a sense of fairness in the UN in 1947 then there would not have been a conflict.
      If the Palestinians and Arabs defeated the Zionists then there would not have been a conflict.
      If the Israelis had no greed to grab all the land in 67 then the conflict would be over.
      If Israel would abide by resolutions 242 and 363 then the conflict would be over.
      If Israel accepted Arafat’s peace offer in 88 then the conflict would be over.
      If Netanyahu didn’t squash the 93 Oslo agreement then the conflict would be over.
      If Ehud Barak put a fair offer on the table in 2000 then the conflict would be over.
      If Sharon accepted the 2002 Arab Initiative then the conflict would be over.

      1. Will,

        You feel your people were treated unfairly, well maybe they were. But guess what? It is not just your people. Many people have been treated unfairly for thousands of years. The Bhuddist in Tibet are treated very unfairly but unlike your people, I don’t see them blowing themselves up and willfully killing innocent people.

        You think resolution 181 was unfair? I think it was a perfectly fair and reasonable resolution but your people rejected it and instead you chose war. And guess what? You lost! You lost in 48, 67, 73 and so forth. Obviously, war has not worked well for your people. Why not try peace? Give peace a chance. If you would only use non-violent tactics like Martin Luther King or Ghandi, I believe you would already have a state by now.

        You lost the war, so get over it! Move on. Try to make peace and stop living in the past. You need to get over it just like some blacks in America need to get over what happend to their ancestors, just like some of the native American Indians need to get over the genocide and crimes committed upon their ancestors, just like some Jews need to get over the Halocaust and stop talking about it all the time, just like some Mexicans need to get over the fact that they lost a war and their territory back in 1846. Just get over it already! Move on!

        1. Wow tim, you want to tell that to the ADL/WJC et al who daily, remind us of Hit-la and the nazis? In fact we invaded Iraq and we are now probably going to bomb Iran, based on irrational jewish american elite fear of ‘anutter hit-la’.

          Now, the defense is “yeah we’re wrong but move on because we beat you at war’. Well Tim, two can play that game, no? If might is right then they are ‘allowed’ to wage war on you and say ‘ you lose’, no?

        2. If it wern’t for the bombs, tanks, bulldozers, and planes etc. supplied by US taxpayers Israel would have disappeared a long time ago. Once the US government goes completly banckrupt the sonner Isreal will disappear from the face of the earth. What a wonderful thought and what a wonderful day that will be.

        3. First Israel lost 73. They lost all of Sinai. Israel can spin it however they like, but they lost. If you believe all Israeli spin then you are deluded. And deluded you are buddy.

          Now let me tell you my father was born in Palestine, so was my grandfather and his father and his father and so on for hundreds of years. Then when a bunch of European Jews came and told them to leave their home they said no.

          You say that is perfectly fair. I don’t know what moral compass you use or how you decide what is fair or not. It is not perfectly fair. No it is not fair at all.

          My father is still alive. He remembers escaping his home because Israelis where shooting at them. They were robbed their home. That was armed robbery. Armed robbery is not fair. It is only fair if you think Palestinians have no rights and Israelis deserve everything they ask for or their God promises them.

          You say get over it. I don’t completely understand what you mean by that. Should my father forget what happened to him and his family? Should he accept it as the right thing? Or should he accept that is happened and now cannot be changed.

          This is the crux of the conflict now. Because the Palestinians 30 years ago accepted Israel as a fact of life. 20 years ago Arafat declared in 1988 a Palestinian state beside an Israeli State. Since then he signed Oslo and negotiated desperately to make peace with Israel and get a peace agreement with Israel.

          But Israel wants the Palestinians to admit to Israel’s “right to exist”. That is to say that Israel was right to come from abroad and expel my parents and 750000 others. It was ofcourse not right.

          The Palestinians have accepted Israel as a fact and have accepted to live side by side with them. Israelis won’t accept any peace. Israelis would not vote for a peace candidate. The closest an Israeli PM came to completing a peace deal with the Palestinians, the Israelis assassinated him.

          You speak of mexicans in 1846!? I am not talking about my ancestors. This is my father. He is still alive! He lived it. This is not a two hundred years ago. This robbery happened in our lifetime and it cannot be accepted as right or so lightly forgotten.

          Again I tell you Israel spins. Apologists like you love to swallow it up. over 800 people killed, the VAST majority are civilians. Apologists like you use old excuses to blame Hamas. It is the Israelis who are doing the shooting and killing and murdering. They are the murderes.

          What Israelis fail to see is that 60 years ago they were so weak they were being massacred by the millions. 20 years ago the Soviet Union was a superpower on par the the United States. The point being balance of power changes and we don’t know where the US will be 20 years from now and where the Jews will be 60 years from now. As inconceivable as it may seem now, over time power shifts and changes. Israelis should be making friends now. They are failing miserabley.

          You are failing miserably.

        4. Will,

          You seem like a very thoughtful person and I am sorry that your father was mistreated. Perhaps we can continue this discussion privatly?

        5. The reason that so many people here come down on Israel here is that there is almost nowhere else that you can hear any criticism of their conduct. The message from congress may just as well have been a recording. “Israel is our ally. They have a right to self-defense… unchecked aggression… blah.blah.blah.” Many of the antiwar readers, myself included, are tired of the same canned response. That and we are tired of so much trouble tied to the nation of Israel. As Americans why should be support Israel lock stock and barrel? How does it become a ‘moral obligation’ to blindly endorse the activities of a foreign government? To be honest, how the modern state of Israel came into being is very messed up. Modern zionism is a European phenomenon. It is a result of anti-semitism there. Jews living in the Middle East since the Roman-caused diaspora have lived in relative peace and security with their non-jewish neighbors. The peace was broken by immigration of zionist jews to palestine and their subsequent refusal to identify the indigenous people as having any rights. It could have been done better, but it wasn’t. So, to sum up, why is it MY responsibility as an American to clean up a mess that has really nothing to do with American interests or actions? I think that if Israel ceased receiving support from us that they would have no choice but to be less belligerent with their neighbors if they wanted to survive. Just like all the other little countries of the world do.

        6. Antiwar blogs are just that, don’t expect people not to look back in hindsight and see the injustice. Politcs and wars are about long standing disputes, polarized ideals and mans need to control his patch.
          5 century bc Greeks never trusted sophistry and I don’t think anything as changed

      2. Well said. Europeans is what most really are. Jewish by religion only and via documented historical facts are converts. According to historians it is the Sephardic Jews who are the decendents of Israel’s tribe.

        1. And we know how the Khazarians have treated the Sephardics, and with the approval of some in our federal government at that.

        2. You don’t know what your talking about, Swan. In the first place, the Sephardim of Israel are mostly on the right wing, because of the way the Arab Muslims in their countries of origin treated them. In the second place, the Ashkenazi’s are not “Khazarim,” except for one idiosyncratic theory that makes no historical sense, given that their were Jews throughout Europe long before the fall of the Khazar empire.

          Jane, your as ignorant as Swan. The Sephardim (Spanish and Arab Jews) are no more and no less descendants of “Israel’s tribe” than the Ashkenazim or Felashim (ever heard of them). There is no such thing as a “racial” Jew, so ALL Jews are “Jewish by religion only,” just as all Catholics are Catholic “by religion only,” and all Muslims, Buddhists, etc. are what they are “by religion only.” So what meaning does your statement even have? It is gibberish.

          None of this says anything one way or the other about what is happening in Gaza — I just don’t want to let your rather ignorant, prejudiced rantings interfere with the discussion.

    4. Oh, you mean the Arabs refused U.N. resolutions like the myriad of U.N. resolutions which Israel has ignored for decades. Israel is a theocracy which defines itself as a religious state with apartheid Jewish policies. It encloses, maims, murders, tortures and diminishes others while simultaneously claiming that no one can criticize because of the holocaust. My tax money is confiscated to support this religious organization masquerading as a state. It is unconstitutional, but our “bought and paid for” government consistently supports the murderers. Ask former Congressional members Paul Shipley and Ms. McKinney what happens if you even attempt to engage in a legitimate debate. Or how about the U.S. S. Liberty and Rachel Corrie. Just google these items and see what you find out. The Jews emigrated from Europe and stole the land of others. Under the law one can never gain title ownership to stolen property. Ask the European Jews. This is the legal principle under which they claim stolen artwork and property from more than fifty years ago. I support truth, justice and peace.

      1. m hoffman – you saved me time with your good points, since I was ready to post but you said it so well. cheers. jw

      2. I would add just one comment – it seems to me that Israel is not a religious entity rather it is an ethnic entity. Judaism does not welcome converts. That is why I insist upon calling Israel a racist entity

        1. Richard Vajs,

          You are not correct. Judaism does not encourage conversion. That is true. In fact, Judaism is unique in the sense that it is one of the only religions that does not declare that you need to become Jewish in order to “go to heaven” or “be saved” or what not. So conversion is not encouraged, however, it is certainly allowed. There are black Jews, Asian Jews, Hispanic Jews, etc. And once you convert you are considered 100% Jewish and just as jewish as someone who was born into it.

    5. Tim,

      UN general assembly resolution in never binding.The jews were preparing for the war long before.Without the help of the UK and US Israel would never have to existence.The Arabs had no input in formulating the was writen in much favor of the jews.Jews in Palestine at time were outnumbered by Palestnians.

    6. A couple of problems there Timmy if we want to be accurate with our history as you say.

      Problem 1. Res. 181 was never ratified as it was illegal under international law and the UN Charter.

      Problem 2. The zionist consultancy did not “accept” the UNGA resolution at all. In fact they vociferously rejected its terms. In fact they unilaterally declared statehood and immediately increased the rate of expulsions, massacres and expropriation of non-Jewish residents i.e. ethnic cleansing.

      This was called Plan D.

      Problem 3. There was never any intention by the UNGA or the US who “legitimised” the zionists claims by recognising the “state of Israel” as a Jewish state exclusive of all other ethotheocratic groups.

      What ever legitimacy Ben-Gurion and the Consultancy actually had as representatives of the zionist movement (as opposed to “the jews” as you put it) was lost entirely by their immediate resort to crimes against humanity and immediate territorial expansion outside even the illegal UNGA plan.

    7. 60 years? Are you in denial? They would have continued their independence for over 1000 years!

    8. Tim, you can make the most flowery apology for Israel, but the world has changed from the time when your race ruled the world with the “Massacre thine enemies, kill their women, slaughter their children, burn their trees” injunctions.
      The world is alot more closer now. You CANT stifle freedom of the press, no matter how organized international Jewry is.
      There are still some wonderful people whose integrity is un-purchasable.
      Although, Jews dominate the world opinion polls and they can twist it to whatever lenght they deem, but lets be very truthful here. This isnt about securing Israel.
      This is a plain calculated cold blooded killings of an already over-oppressed people.
      Can blood be ever used to wipe off blood? Things will get worse if Jews think this is cool. And they keep supporting the crime against humanity their government keeps committing with impunity. If you continue this way, then maybe your generation will succeed in creating your own REAL holocaust or maybe your children. Because you have succeeded in creating so much hate for yourself. And believe me, you cant win the entire mankind irregardless of however superior your race might deem yourself.
      Be a voice of reason for your fellow Jew. Save your children and future generation. What goes around ALWAYS comes around.

    9. “On 29 November 1947 the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181. ”

      I see. And do you think nations *should* “accept” and “abide by” UN Resolutions, Mr R?

    10. Tim R.

      The UK, who were the occupiers prior to the declaration of a Jewish Israeli state were against the 2-state partition in the UN. So were all the surrounding arab states.

      The Palestinian arabs wanted a single federal state where both Jews and Arabs would be represented.

      The 2 state solution split up the land and made people move out of areas they had been living in for generations.

      It was the 2 state solution that was less reasonable than the single state solution.

      The arabs were willing to live along side the Jews. The Jews wanted a Jewish state.

    11. You are so very right.
      Lets take the house you own and live in and give it to your neighbors. You are hereby allowed to live in the garage. Accept it and you will still have a home or keep fighting and you will have none.
      I am simply amazed at your intelligence


  2. Hey Tim, are you going to post the dozens of other resolutions that israel has ignored? Like the one calling for the return to the 67 borders? Of course you’re lying. One of the stipulations is that they accept all refuges which israel ethinically cleansed – and we now know that Israel engaged in premeditated ethnic cleansing to gain an israeli majority. In short tim you are blatantly LYING. Of course that’s all you zionists can do at this point. Lie, spin, twist the truth.

    Your time is running out. Not because obama is in, because he’s in AIPAC’s pocket but precisely because mr change wont’ change, people will finally see who’s running things behind the scenes…. its not going to be pretty.

    Colonize Poland and Germany for reparatpions.
    They owe $$$ and land to Jewish people,not PALESTINIANS.
    Go steal and murder in Europe.

    Obama is not
    a muslim.

    He is just another bitch for zionists.
    Like all US eleected officials,excl. Paul & Kucinich.
    The rest are gnutless sooners.


  4. You can sense in his voice, how shaken up he is. It’s as though, if he only had a few more minutes, and much less tact, he would really rip into the evil ******s. Thank you, Ron Paul, for all you do.

  5. Ron Paul is the exception that proves the rule: The US Congress is completely bought and paid for. The idiots on Capitol Hill are sacrificing American security in exchange for AIPAC contributions, and then they have the audacity to tax us to pay for the weapons that kill and maim innocent people overseas.

    It is long past time to tell the Israeli government to go to hell. They should fend for themselves. Maybe then they’d be willing to compromise and settle the Palestinian issue peacefully. As long as America backs them unconditionally, they have no incentive to negotiate. The killing and ethnic cleansing will continue unabated until we change our policy.

    1. Good summary of the problem, Mr. Hogan, and I associate myself with your remarks. The U.S. Congress is the best that money can buy, and it’s “Israeli-occupied territory,” in Pat Buchanan’s apt phrase. And Dr. Paul is virtually the only one in Congress who puts America’s interests ahead of Israel’s.

      Of course, it’s ironic that the U.S. sucks Israel’s ass, considering that the latter has a long history of pissing on America. In 1954, Israel tried to provoke war (!) between the U.S. and Egypt. In 1967, they shot the hell out of U.S.S. LIBERTY, nearly sinking her. They commit uninhibited–and largely unpunished–espionage against us.

      Israel is like the snotty kind in the neighborhood who causes trouble, and then runs home to hide behind his big brother. Israel does whatever it wants, and then hides behind America’s apron strings.

      The Middle East–and the whole world–knows it.

  6. We’ll be discussing the Israeli invasion of Gaza from perspectives on both sides of the divide Monday and Tuesday January 12 and 13 at 5 PM New York time on News Talk Online on with Israel’s Consul General in New York Asaf Shariv and Hussein Ibish, executive director of the Foundation for Arab-American Leadership and senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine.

    Please go to and click on the Join The Chat Room button to speak with Shariv on Monday and Ibish on Tuesday.



  7. The “United Nations” had no legitimacy in 1947-48. It was no more an expression of the world’s people then the League of nations was. Most African and Asian nations weren’t even members being under the control of European imperialism as was almost the entire Arab world. As for the first world nations that made up this body they had hardly finished fighting a war that had gutted Europe. But supposedly some limited organization a few years old draws up come cloud-cuckoo plan to partition a country that didn’t want to be partitioned for the benefit of newcomers from Europe and that disinclination to accept it makes the indigenous Arabs “bad”. Nuts.

    1. US just wanted an army in the middle east to point rockets at Russia or anyone who did not agree with them. Shame on what these old politicians have done to civilian security. Shame on the citizens for not rising up and demand we act for American first, not Geogians or Israelis. All this is going to backfire on Israel. Their massacre of the Palestinian have set them back a hundred years.

  8. “The 1947 UN resolution is a General Assembly resolution, not a Security Council resolution. The UN General Assembly can only make recommendations. Recommendations have no obligatory character. Member states are free to accept or reject them.
    Israel’s apologists are quick to say that Israel accepted this compromise. The Partition Plan granted 52% of Palestine to the Jews who were 30% of the population and owned no more than 6% of the land. This is a net gain on the part of Israel, not a compromise.
    Israel’s apologists are quick to claim that the Arabs started the 1948 war. Ben-Gurion himself in Rebirth and Destiny of Israel wrote: “Until the British left, no Jewish settlement, however remote, was entered or seized by the Arabs, while the Haganah, under severe and frequent attack, captured many Arab positions and liberated Tiberias and Haifa, Jaffa and Safad” (p. 530). Israel’s military activity started well before any attack by the Arab armies.
    Israel’s apologists are quick to accuse Jordan of occupying and annexing what is now called the West Bank. While not a single Arab soldier entered the area allotted to Israel in the UN resolution, Israel occupied and annexed areas in excess of what was allotted to it in the UN Partition Plan. These areas include, among other areas, the Arab cities of Nazareth, Jaffa, Acre, Lydda and Ramleh. Thus Israel expanded from 52% to 78%.
    Moreover, according to the UN Partition Plan, 49% of the population of the Jewish state was supposed to be Arabs. Through a war of ethnic cleansing this percentage was reduced to 12%. The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was the result of a deliberate master plan, code named Plan Dalet.
    In light of all the above, it is ludicrous to pretend that Israel accepted UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947.”

    Would any people,nation,or any government accepet that another nation,people,government,or any entity decide to divide their country,or give any portion of it to another people because the other states felt guilty twords the latter.

    The Zoinsts with their agents in the UK and the US were able to get the UN resolution very much in their favor.

  9. “You think resolution 181 was unfair? I think it was a perfectly fair and reasonable resolution”

    Because it favored the Jews it must be perfectly fair,and reasonable.Just the Idea of partionning Palestine was a crime in itself.

    “You lost the war, so get over it! Move on”,what right have you to tell the Palestnians to get over,forget the crimes committed against them.They will not bow to your demands,nor be broken no matter what Israel bring upon them.

    “Give peace a chance. If you would only use non-violent tactics like Martin Luther King or Ghandi, I believe you would already have a state by now.”

    The state of Israel was born in voilence and ethnic cleansings of Palestnians,never gave peace a chance ,ever expanding on corpses of its victims.Israel always planning and manfacturing pretexts for war.Give peace chance indeed!

  10. When Ron Paul mentions “blowback” he is referring to what comes back at us for all the wrong-headed foreign policy decisions our government has made in the past 60 years meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations. We are reaping what we have sown and we will continue to reap these “rewards” in the future if the American people continue to let our elected politicians do the bidding of AIPAC and the Israeli government. As Paul said –Israel created Hamas just as we created al Queda and Bin laden and also basically Sadaam Hussein in Iraq in the 1980’s. Are our leaders that stupid or just that “well paid”. What this country needs to do is that the millions of people who are coming to realize the fact that our nation is NOT the most honorable nation on earth (not that we couldn’t be) rise up and demand that our leaders do the will of the people and not the special interests and corporations. We in fact need a revolution of thought and reason.

  11. YES – a revolution of thought and reason. Its time to have active democracy which involves people DEMANDING that any government be changed IMMEDIATELY if they turn out to be no good.

    Hit the streets people, or you will be buried under the greed of those you put into power.

    Israel is a grossly corrupt state supported by the US another corrupt state.

    BUT – the people are not all behind these crazy moves. Many Israelis DONT want war and destruction, the same way a majority of Americans dont want to invade Iraq or Iran.

    Time to honor the constitution and vote more often than once every 4 years.
    How about once every month?


    Events are occuring so rapidly that it is nearly impossible to grasp them long enough to form a clear perspective. Nevertheless, phenomenon already in progress allow for some forecasting.

    WAR- United States and Israel will attack Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Pakistan. The Palestinians will be expelled from Israel and the occupied territories. War will continue in Iraq and escalate in Afghanistan. Nuclear weapons will be employed, thus reducing and crazing the population of the region.

    ECONOMY- Unemployment in the US will continue at over a half- million a month for a total of nearly eight million for the year. Added to the previously unemployed and underemployed of fourteen or fifteen million, the total number of the jobless will reach well over twenty million. Property foreclosures will continue with about one fifth of homes and commercial property in foreclosure by the end of the year. The federal government deficit will reach three trillion dollars . Most banks will finally admit insolvency so as to be bailed-out by the US Treasury. The Federal Reserve will triple the amount of currency in circulation, thus devaluating the dollar by thirty percent and producing an inflation rate of over forty percent by the end of the year.

    POLITICS-By the end of the year, the Neocons, including those already appointed by Obama, will be in complete control of the federal government with Zionist outright control of the country’s finances and media. Marshall law will be in effect and the citizenry contained by domestic military and paramilitary forces. Military defeats in the Middle East and constant clashes with domestic militia resistance cells will foment rumors of an approaching military coup.

  13. Ah come on, peoples. Quit being so tough on Timmy.

    Dont you know that as Amerikan taxpayers yer supposed to keep your mouths shut, believe the propaganda your government and the corrupt, bought-off mainstream media puts out and most importantly pay yer taxes so yer government masters can hand the loot over to the Israeli government!

    Dougie Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli lobby will have it no other way!

  14. If Hitler planed to exterminate the Jews he did a poor job of it. Many (maybe most)of the world problems would be solved if someone completed the job. Plus, the US should stay home and mind its own damb buisness!

  15. Is there a minimum word count to posting on here? I just posted a comment and it did not appear. It does not state that its moderated. Is it?

  16. An unassailable fact is that the UN Feneral assembly has NO RIGHT or binding authority to partition or give away any country or portion thereof to any other country or people. It can ONLY recommend and then that recommendation, NON-BINDING as it is and without any legal force would then have to ratified by the Security Council in order to make it so. The UN Security Council NEVER ratified the recommendation simply because it was illegal to do so under the UN Charter.

    Zionist leaders had plotted for years on how to usurp Palestine and they, with the help of the US and the UK, finally did just that in a most murderous way. (continued)

  17. An unassailable fact is that the UN Feneral assembly has NO RIGHT or binding authority to partition or give away any country or portion thereof to any other country or people. It can ONLY recommend and then that recommendation, NON-BINDING as it is and without any legal force would then have to ratified by the Security Council in order to make it so. The UN Security Council NEVER ratified the recommendation simply because it was illegal to do so under the UN Charter…. continued

  18. ……Zionist leaders had plotted for years on how to usurp Palestine and they, with the help of the US and the UK, finally did just that in a most murderous way.

    Keep in mind that modern day “terrorism” as we now define it, WAS BIRTHED by the Zionists in their march to disinherit the Palestinians from their centuries old patrimony over their land of Palestine….. continued

    I would be happy to list the acts of terrorism committed by the Jews, INCLUDING the killing of their own people by blowing up Jewish refugee ships, The Struma and the Patria, in order to gain world sympathy for their theft of Palestine, which by the way was overwhelming palestinian Arabs and that most of the jews in it by then, were there ILLEGALLY smuggled into the country…. continued

  19. Zionist leaders had plotted for years on how to usurp Palestine and they, with the help of the US and the UK, finally did just that in a most murderous way.

    Keep in mind that modern day “terrorism” as we now define it, WAS BIRTHED by the Zionists in their march to disinherit the Palestinians from their centuries old patrimony over their land of Palestine…. continued

  20. I am still being stopped from posting the rest of my comments even though I am trying to do it one paragraph at a time. Strange comment section.

  21. Here are some quotes:

    “We must expel Arabs and take their places.” David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

  22. “There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” — Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp. 121-122.

  23. “Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.” David Ben Gurion, quoted in The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, p. 99.

  24. With Israel’s massive assault against Palestine, I am personally trying to gain a more in-depth perspective. Long ago I stopped relying upon the customary journalistic outlets to acquire a broader understanding of events, and once again in my quest for truth regarding Israel and Palestine I turned to the Internet

    I strongly urge readers to take a look at this website. Here’s the link:

    This site provides a great deal of information regarding the issues facing both Israel and Palestine, information that helped me to gain a better understanding and I hope will also help you.

    What baffles me is why the U.S. remains complicit in Israeli violations of both U.S. domestic and international law through continual provisions of military aid. Israel’s attack violated U.S. Law…specifically the Arms Export Control Act, which prohibits U.S. arms from being used for any purposes beyond a very narrowly-defined set of circumstances: use inside a country’s borders for self defense purposes. I don’t think the Gaza assault meets this criterion. Does this mean that U.S. government officials were aware of the violations?

    I suppose it could be said, as far as violating U.S. law and why we should hold Israel accountable, when we ignore it so effectivley here at home…all we have to do is think about our own rule of law…our Constitution.

    However, the escalation in Gaza will make it nearly impossible for any serious Israeli/Palestinian negotiations, and I don’t see how life can continue with the apartheid wall and checkpoints crippling movement, commerce and ordinary life across the West Bank. Even before the current military assault, the siege of Gaza created a humanitarian catastrophe.

    If not law to hold people accountable, do you think we should expect to get what we deserve?

    If not law to hold people accountable, I guess we’ll get what we deserve…WAR!

    1. Israel is our sovereign, Donna. Our men have allowed the Jewish State of Israel to be so positioned.

      1. Swan, so your saying that the poor defensless women in this country have no means of opposition, and therefore share no part of the blame?

    2. Donna, it’s great that you are arming yourself with information. That’s the best way to start. Too many people go around shouting one thing or another without having first done any research. The link you posted is a good one and gets most of it right. I didn’t read the longer version but the short one was a great breakdown of what’s going on.

      I have posted this before but I will say it again. It helps to realize that Israel and the US are one entity. The are both run by the same corrupt rulers. Many people find it easy enough to see the corruption of Israel but at the same time refuse to believe that the US is just as corrupt and dangerous. They are exactly the same, that’s why they continue to vote the same over and over again. We will be unable to affect any change in our nation or Israel untill we have awaken enough US citizens to these facts. Some of the sheeple are waking up but I’m afraid it’s too little too late. It’s going to take the complete breakdown of our nation before things change. It’s not going to be fun or easy and many people will suffer terribly but at this point it’s become unavoidable.


  25. It’s so interesting to see that the Zionazis are the same wherever in the world you go – the rhetoric here is exactly the same as it is in my country, South Africa. “Get over it”, “Never mind the history”, “Move on”, “Don’t live in the past” (sometimes “Like we have” is added to the latter comment, the arrogance is breathtaking), “There never was a Palestinian State or nation”. And if you do manage to pin a Zionazi down to the history, he will always start with UNR181, as if nothing happened before then. Anyone else noticed that? If you are a real terrier you can squeeze a quick reference out of a Zionazi about the Balfour Declaration. Does he ever tell you that the Balfour Declaration stated that “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that NOTHING SHALL BE DONE WHICH MAY PREJUDICE THE CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS RIGHTS OF EXISTING NON-JEWISH COMMUNITIES IN PALESTINE, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” I suppose the existing non-Jewish communities were tooth fairies or something, and if there was never any Palestine, what were Arthur Balfour and His Majesty’s Government talking about? Were they all hallucinating?

    And finally, isn’t it also interesting that a people who are notorious for throwing one aspect of their history in everyone’s faces ad nauseam for sixty-three years are suddenly so adamant that another aspect of their history should be ignored, and if that doesn’t work, that it should be referred to in the most selective and cursory way possible?

    I hope and pray that the world will grow a collective backbone and start standing up against this monstrous con.

  26. Talk about an accurate pro-American statement, that represents the needs of his constituents> Bravo, Honorable Paul!

    I would like to know the identities of any others who agreed with Ron, and refused to vote yea to this Israel Firster resolution. Those who voted yes are traitors, the lot of them.

  27. I look forward to the day when Ron Paul denounces Israel and its victimization of us, of course its attack on the USS Liberty and Hon. Cynthia McKinney, but even grosser, its Mossad partnering with our CIA to do false flag attacks, and most particularly, its part in bringing down the Towers and Building Three, and who knows what else, on September 11, 2001. Google: Israel and 9/11.

    The citizens of the USA are traumatized from the power of Israel here.

  28. Now .the Talmud would be a great book for a discussion club. And they tell me that Hillary Clinton has said that her two favorite books are 1984, and BRAVE NEW WORLD. Reading clubs in the US for these two?

  29. Tim R, the Israeli policy of indefinitely extending the so-called ‘peace process’ allowing more acquisition of Palestinian land through illegal settlements may backfire with serious consequences for Israel. I would argue that if Israel continues this policy, it will truly face an existential threat. Israel is concerned about a nuclear armed Iran? Biological and chemical weapons I would suggest may be the poor states alternative but their destructive potential is substantial .
    The rejection of reasonable conditions for peace by Israeli hardliners leaves very little room for diplomacy.
    When the inevitable blowback happens, maybe from biological and chemical weapons (as if nukes are necessary), and Israelis try to flee, which neighboring countries will let them cross the boarders? Israel may find itself another Gaza.
    Then will you be saying, to the victor the spoils?
    For your consideration.

  30. I am impressed by all the responses here.

    Tim is probably grunting to himself: terrorists, 181, camp david, rockets, homocide bombings, Israel never targets civilians, arms of purity, moral code, hamas constitution, holocaust etc…

  31. By the way, does any one here happen to know how many JEWISH refugees were kicked out of Arab countries in the 20th century? Look it up!

    1. I just can’t get myself worked up over the Egyptians kicking Jews out after the Lavon Affair and the imperialistic aggression of Israel when it invaded the Sinai in 1956. That’s one of those Arab-Israeli Wars that the AIPAC lobby always tries to keep shoved down the memory hole, because there just isn’t any way to spin Zionist actions. Those Egyptian Jews, by the way, weren’t corralled into a huge concentration camp and subjected to decades of siege warfare like the Palestinians have been, unless you consider whither the Jews went, the Zionist state, to be a giant concentration camp.

    2. The forerunner of the mossad, along with the well documented lavin affair – planted bombs in jewish neighborhoods in iraq and other arab countries to scare them into immigrating to Israel.
      But in some countries they remained – syria and iran – in fact there is a jewish parliment member in iran (and always is, by law) .

  32. If you want to know the “why” of things that are then you should find a text on the Internet titled: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” It’s all a game. A very dangerous game.

    Is Judaism a bad thing? Absolutely not

    But Zionism is a different story.


  33. Ciao! Mi sono imbattuto nel tuo sito completamente per errore, e sono veramente felice di averlo fatto! Questo è molto interessante, e posso dire che avete trascorso qualche tempo a studiare questo. Grazie!

  34. Je suis vraiment plaisir à lire vos articles bien écrits. Il semble que vous passez beaucoup d'efforts et de temps sur votre blog. J'ai signet et je suis impatient de lire de nouveaux articles. Continuez votre bon travail!

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