Neocon Blankley Wants to Bring Back the Draft

Washington Times columnist and former editor Tony Blankley is calling for bringing back the military draft.

He says a draft would have prevented so many American deaths in Iraq, and would allow us to escalate in Afghanistan and possibly invade Pakistan.

Blankley is saying that the problem with US foreign policy is that Americans don’t support it. They must be forced into supporting it, via slavery and coercive taxation.

44 thoughts on “Neocon Blankley Wants to Bring Back the Draft”

  1. Give this bloated blowhard a one-way ticket back to England. Better yet, give him a uniform and send him to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Don’t you just love these neocons wanting war on someone else’s blood. They are truly despicable.

  2. I could only watch until 2:15 into this video. As journalists, the difference between this guy and Joe the Dumber is that he is fat, dresses better and has a cheesey accent.

    This arrogant, obese, deceitful, coniving, corporate uncle-tom, fat turd should be sent to fight on the front lines. The Fascist News Network continues to hit new lows in their quest to misinform the general public. They are true Nazis.

    1. Well Stalin started fewer Wars than the Neocons, the Neocons can only be accurately compared to the Nazis.

  3. Apparently Mr. Blankley never got around to reading the 13th Amendment. It’s two lines long. The language is clear. No involuntary servitude. Hello!

    1. Indeed. Sadly, this nation’s corrupt courts (especially its “highest” court) have ignored the plain language of this amendment and, adhering to the principle of “sovereign immunity”, have issued fiat after extra-constitutional fiat declaring that conscription does not constitute involuntary servitude. So much for “checks and balances” and an “independent” judiciary.

  4. He says a draft would have saved American lives in Iraq (note how he doesn’t give a thought to Iraqi lives). Let us choose to accept that at face value, just to be as fair to the guy as possible. But then he goes on to say that it would also allow us to escalate matters in Afghanistan and invade Pakistan. Wouldn’t “escalating” in Afghanistan kill thousands of Americans to say nothing of how many an invasion of Pakistan would kill? The latter country by the way has nuclear weapons too. The draft would simply give these clowns more Americans to get killed. Note how these talking heads so casually speak about invading Pakistan, attacking Iran, etc. How do you think this plays out in those countries?

  5. Blankley has forgotten something, assuming he was even aware of it. He claimed that after Rumsfeld’s invasion with 80,000 troops that we didn’t have enough to occupy the whole country.

    Two things.

    1) There were follow on forces available to send even before the fall of Baghdad. One of the units was the 1st Cavalry division and the other one was the 1st Armored Division. Rumsfeld canceled both deployments as unnecessary. This was part of his “Revolution in Military Affairs” idiocy.

    2) Contrary to what Blankley may believe (along with Rice) the occupation of Germany wasn’t a problem, primarily because the Germans were afraid of being overruned by the Russians. There wasn’t any guerrilla movements.

    I wish these idiots would simply shut up and leave. They have done enough damage.

  6. Neocon douche bag Blankley says that Americans don’t support their foreign policy. Speaking for myself: No, I don’t support our foreign policy because it’s not worth supporting.

    Israel controls “American policy” in the Middle East. And if–as seems likely–Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State, she’ll take her orders straight from Tel Aviv (or AIPAC–same thing!).

    Do neocons favor bringing back the draft? Undoubtedly. The chickenhawks would have a reliable source of bodies–er, manpower–to satisfy their wet dreams of wars against everyone.

  7. Who’s shocked? Blankley was pushing the draft back in 2004-05. I say let him have his way. Then, as economic conditions deteriorate and the young are jolted into consciousness of the fact that their service is no more than a hitch in the IDF, watch the present anemic protests swell into gigantic affairs with the possibility that the whole system might be brought to its knees. I say give Blankley a medal.

  8. Tony Blankley is a horrible excuse for a human being. This man should most certainly be deported back to the UK on national security grounds. If he wants to agitate for endless war he should do so back in merry, old England and leave the rest of us proudly non-interventionist Americans be. We have enough homegrown neo-conservative extremists to contend with; we shouldn’t have suffer all the foreign born ones as well.

  9. If Mr. Blankley want everyone else to get “gritter” he should start with himself and a diet. It looks as though all those lunches and cocktail parties are getting the best of him – and he is giving all the young people lessons in grit when he obviously cannot even control his own appetite.
    All these right-wing arm-chair generals should be obliged to put a fifty pound sac on their backs and hike a bit with the boys. It might clear their little brains and give them time to think twice before “punditing” on new wars.
    There is one thing that can be said of all of them – They know no shame!

  10. Now let me get this straight. Blankley dodged military service himself and now is calling for a draft to remove any real or imaginary threats that Blankley sees around the globe. I’m sorry but no amount of forces are going to be able to quell the fears a from a chicken like him.

    1. Now let me get this straight. Blankley dodged military service himself and now is calling for a draft to remove any real or imaginary threats that Blankley sees around the globe.

      That’s Neoconservatism 001. Belch loud, foul, belligerent hot air, then demand that other people shed their blood in the conflicts you advocate while sitting on your fat, overpaid, overfed arse inside a comfortable middle or upper-class suburb, far from any conflict. And don’t forget to sh** all over those people who lose loved ones in your pet wars, making sure to call them “unpatriotic” or “troop-hating” when they grieve publicly and justifiably lay the blame for their loss at your doorstep.

  11. How different will “yes we can” camp be?
    They share desire to RULE and OCCUPY mankind.
    Difference is in labels mainly.

  12. I think we should draft every single neocon, no matter how old, that advocated this war. if they are too old for combat give them a desk job outside the green zone. In my world Wolfowitz would not have been teh world bank head, but an accoutant trying to rebuild a small town in iraq. Of course, since none of the neocons have any real loyalty to the US, we would have to create a foreign legion to accommodate them.

    1. . . .since none of the neocons have any real loyalty to the US, we would have to create a foreign legion to accommodate them.

      Or just conscript them into the IDF, where they’d be right at home. If a Nürnberg-style tribunal were set up to prosecute their war crimes, the neocons would likely flee en masse to Israel anyway.

      1. If a Nürnberg-style tribunal were set up to prosecute their war crimes, the neocons would likely flee en masse to Israel anyway.

        Where, if there were any justice in this universe, the Israelis would slam that nation’s doors shut in their faces and abandon them to their fate, these creatures no longer being useful trans-Atlantic stooges for the Israeli Establishment’s evil designs. The neocon-dominated U.S. political establishment has been peerless at stringing foreign tyrants along, only to throw them to the wolves once they’re overthrown by their own people (Baby Doc Duvalier and the Shah of Iran are two that come to mind). Let these vile creatures get a lethal taste of their own medicine when their turn comes.

  13. “just me”, you’re very close to correct. Whenever anyone advocates a return to the draft, especially if they open the door, as did Blankley, with “every 18 year old” they should be asked, why the age limit? Why not “everyone who has never served, regardless of age or physical condition”? I’m 58 and overweight, but I could stop a bullet as well as my daughters, plus I can already shoot, I love MRE’s and I’m pretty good at “Call of Duty”. Yeah, me, Tony and Wolfie shoulder-to-shoulder. On to Tehran!!

    “Got the bubble headed bleach blonde, comes on at five.
    she can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye”

  14. The draft is to the War Party as a gun or knife is to a serial killer–you don’t want to put such a tool in their hands at any cost. Forced military conscription is nothing more than a government program to turn the citizenry into robotic killing machines for the State. It would lead to the US being involved in many more wars around the globe, and it would make our culture even more fascist that it is right now.

  15. Sure, great idea! The first to get drafted should be all the children of the politicians. I don’t care how old they are, a 3 year old is just as good for tank fodder as a 19 year old.

    Heck, let’s draft the politicians themselves. No one should ever force someone into warfare unless they’ve been through it themselves, so any politician that hasn’t served, suit up and get out there.

    Then the bankers and their children should be drafted. Since they’re getting all the bailout money, they should be made to fight to be worth it.

    I’ll tell you one thing: if they do re-instate the draft, they will have to learn to fight, because the war will be between The People and The Politicians.

    Bring it on. Please.

    1. I’ll tell you one thing: if they do re-instate the draft, they will have to learn to fight, because the war will be between The People and The Politicians.

      Bring it on. Please.

      This, I believe, is exactly why the calls for a renewed military draft will go absolutely nowhere. The Establishment already realizes that it’s hanging on to power by the most tenuous of threads. Any attempt to arm massive numbers of disaffected citizens already fed up to the gills with the system would be tantamount to the System signing its own death warrant. Even the top echelons of the reigning neocon establishment couldn’t possibly be that short-sighted and stupid.

      1. Unfortunately the economy is actually helping them, recruiting numbers are up – the same sick people who brought on the war and the bubble benefit from both.

  16. If there was ever any doubt that the Neocons are for bringing the idea of the Total State to the shores of the United States Blankley and his support for conscription should lay that doubt to rest. Conscription is the distilled essence of the Total State. It means the individual is nothing and the State is everything. The individual is only important to the extent the individual furthers the interests of the State and its ruling elites. It is in perfect conformity with the Fascist idea of the primary importance of the State over the individual. Based upon this fact, and not as a mere exercise in political rhetoric or a way to denouce someone whose political views are not in agreement with mine, I say Blankley is a Fascist.

  17. blankely left the mcglaughlin group because he was tired of getting his massive butt kicked by the likes of Elenour Clift and of course Pat Buchanan. He is much happier now reciting state propaganda to stupid people at the FOX

  18. And this just in from the Cheney-Goebbels School of War/Fear Public Relations:

    Oh, come on now !!

    Maybe I am just an idiot, but I have seen the same formula a thousand times on WWE wrestling broadcasts. This is really like watching a really bad B-movie from the 1950’s. No offense to but was the “reliable” source of this news flash Bill Apter of Pro Wrestling Illustrated? I ask because he is an expert on writing stories before they happen. Of course I am being very sarcastic here.

    1. Corkey:

      The Pavlovian instinct among the masses having been developed to full perfection, the Establishment Media occasionally rehash and regurgitate stale propaganda like this to re-stoke the flagging support among the public for proxying Israel’s war campaigns. Dredging up good ol’ Os’ Bin Laden (you’d think that these occasional broadcasts would have a return address or a satellite IP address that could pin a general location on ol’ Os’ that our “special forces” could use as a map, but I’m digressing here) is always a sure-fire way to get Joe Sixpack’s blood boiling again, a way to remind him that “them raghead terrists” are STILL out to “kill us, ’cause they hate us fer our freedoms.” Joe Sixpack doesn’t pay attention to details such as date/time stamps on videotaped messages, background locations shown on videos, or verbatim content that might look suspiciously identical to several of Os’s previous releases over the last several years. If Joe’s government (even a Demopublican/Republicrat-ruled one [take your pick here, depending on party affiliation]) says that he’s still endanger from terrists, then by God, that’s good enough for him.

      In short, this stuff isn’t aimed at the readers of sites like, but at our neighbors who think we’re all commie/raghead/[enemy du jour]-hugging peaceniks who hate “freedom.” I think the purpose of the link you describe was for FYI purposes only and not intended as endorsement of a serious news item.

      1. Agreed. It was not my intention to sound critical of I was being critical of the ” source handler” of this original news flash. I believe that OBL is long dead and if he isn’t then our people know exactly where he is and wheel him out whenever necessary. He may also be nothing but a computer generated animated image or a compilation of spliced old videos done to perfection in some high-tech photo lab.

        Between this article above and the interview with the Dumb Blond Bimbo and Tony Blank-Slate, I was really pissed off and just venting.

  19. Tony “Teddy-Boy” Blankley, yeah right this from the English Neo-con drip who used to ruin my Sunday mornings by being on The McLaughlin Group. Glad to see you gone there; how about pissing off back to Blighty, sunshine!

  20. It’s time for us to speak frankly
    Of an old warmonger named Blankley.
    He himself’s not so daft,
    As to sign up for the draft.
    Better to talk to the Fox babe who’s skanky.

  21. Because unlike perle, and wolfowitz, tony is as dumb as a bucket of warm spit.

    He thinks a draft is a way to get “war-fighters” (the dehumanizing term used mainly by military contractors to describe the flesh and blood component inserted into their tanks, ships, uniforms and behind their rifles).

    Actually, in this country, you combine a truly hideously stupid war with a draft and that miracle of civil disobedience and friends soon appear: the draft resister.

    I say bring it on.

  22. Nothing at this point can justify Conscription. No Megalomaniac with a 20 Million Men Army is preparing to invade the United States of America.

    In fact the Megalomaniacs seem to be writing books about forming the population of the US into Legions of Stormtroopers to expand “American Nationalism” to “win in the 21st Century”.

    This sounds like good “old fashioned” Fascism to me. The Nazis were talking about creating a 1,000 year Reich and a “Germanic” Europe, just like Blankley wants to expand an American Empire.

    What’s the logic behind invading Pakistan? Do we really need Nuclear Truck Bombs wiping out whole US Army/Marine Divisions? Because that is likely what will happen. We don’t need Nuclear Weapons Engineers going to work for Militant Groups. If the US Military tries to occupy Pakistan the Government will lose control instantly, then you have 50 Million potential “martyrs” waiting for their chance to inflict heavy losses on the “Great Satan” that is trying to dominate them. China isn’t going to support this, and they have tons of “surplus” weapons they can provide to Marxist or Socialist Resistance Organizations that would likely appear because of a US Invasion. And what’s next? Iran? Syria? That’s over 300 Million people(Iraq + Afghanistan + Pakistan + Iran + Syria), the US Government would have to conscript/draft every able bodied male citizen over the Long Term to control that kind of population. And we never know what the reaction will be in Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia(add another 140 Million if things get out of control). At that point it can easily become a War of Attrition and the side that runs out of resources first – loses.

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