Did Mugabe Finally Croak?

This might just be the Miami in me (Castro is dead…now!nnnnow!nnnnnnnow!), but Zimbabwe suddenly nixing price controls and allowing foreign currency to be exchanged freely, with mea culpa from the finance minister and no comment from the 85-year-old dictator himself, makes me think he is either finally deposed or dropped dead. This will help a lot of common Zimbabweans, and erode the state’s grip on the economy. But maybe, as a friend pointed out, though this seems to be against Mugabe’s interests, “they don’t call them acts of desperation for nothing.”

But really, I hope he’s just dead.

One thought on “Did Mugabe Finally Croak?”

  1. Mugabe dead? Hah! No way. Tyrants like Mugabe, Castro and Bush and Cheney never die. Seems like they don’t even fade away.

    1. Yeah, they spite everyone by living long lives. Its all that devil worship. Live large now and then pay later….big time payment too, for all eternity.

  2. Mugabe may (or may not) be dead, but Mugabist monetary policy (printing mass amounts of monopoly money) will continue to endure in the US for sometime to come. (Or did Mugabe borrow this idea from the US?)

    1. Maybe the US should mint a commemorative coin since his policies appear to be our own. He was just a little ahead of the curve from US.

  3. Why not take off sanctions from Zimbabwe and impose on Israel? Like the SA ones!
    They (the west and “progressives”) hate africans taking back their land from former colonialists….

    1. The SA ones did not work and hurt the poorest South Africans. Sanctions on Israel would be equally idiotic, when all that is necessary is an end to the massive direct subsidization of its military.

    2. Forget self-defeating sanctions. They don’t work, but they do make people feel good about themselves for ‘doing something’. How about ending the 3-4 billion dollars in “foreign aid” the USA gives Israel every year.

  4. He’s not dead. Rumor has it that, having successfully finished his experiment in currency hyperinflation with the impoverishment of Zimbabwe, Mugabe has moved on to Harare on the Potomac where he will supervise the Fed’s rescue of the US banking system.

  5. An interesting video can be found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7859033.stm It shows the people of Zimbabwe using our valueless Federal Reserve Notes and promoting them as the next best thing to sliced bread. It seems they have not learned a thing. Replacing one piece of paper for another, what a brilliant idea. Of course they may be right, although we no longer back our dollar with gold, or the productive ability of the US people, we still have the military to back our dollar. I guess thats what it has come down to. Our paper is worth something because the world still believes we can plunder and intimidate them into accepting it. I don’t think it will last much longer but you never know, another fool is born every day.


  6. Sanctions do work!

    It did SA and kolonialist sanctions work on Zim –
    And the threat of invasion due to cholera

    – why didn´t west and “progressives” theaten Angola two years ago?

    Remember the US sanctions on Iraq? That was a real killer one. Followed by
    invasion ultimately. Hypocrasy buddies: “progressives” and West…..

    1. Wrong. Sanctions don’t work. The killer sanctions on Iraq hurt the Iraqi people but that was all.

  7. Sanctions:

    Come off it!

    Of course EU and US sanctions on Israel work. Both ways as propaganda tool and economically.
    It does work even better on the defenseless like Zim – less well on better off nations like Iran.

    Why this anti Zim campaign – and no campaigning on Etiopia – an invader!
    Where´s campaigning on Thailand?

    Problem: West could not take the fact that white farmers in the country were forced to live on

    solely 400 hectares per owner. Dont touch holy west property is still the message. “Progressives” agree…

  8. Even GOD ALMIGHTY does NOT WANT this EVIL BASTARD….. Either in HELL or HEAVEN.

    What an IDIOT ??? What LEGACY will he leave ???
    Soon his cronies will cross the river and SPEAK with a GENTLE VOICE…..
    The MAFIA of ZANU PF will speak with ONE VOICE. They FEAR the ROUTE of CHARLES TAYLOR.


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