Ron Paul on War Lies

Ron Paul on the myth of Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on War Lies”

  1. Why is this man not president? He’s honest, principled, and humble. He’s also the only one on Capitol Hill with a clue about monetary policy and one of the few that understands economics, history, and the Constitution.

    Instead we elect a Marxist that thinks we can spend our way out of a recession. He also thinks sending more troops into Afghanistan is a dandy idea. Gee, that’s worked swimmingly for other defunct empires. Let’s do the same!

    God help us.

    1. Don’t use the name “Marx” to describe anything related to the Elitist Party in power.

      They are not Communists, they are the Sweatshop owners who are shutting the doors to save themselves from the growing inferno while the working class suffer inside.

    2. One does not need to hold a doctorate to understand politics in America, they only need to understand human nature. Wealthy and powerful people will always strive to influence and control events so that they play out in their favor. The government is presently involved in a misguided effort, using borrowed money from the taxpayers, to save the a$$es of these same people because they are the major source of funding for the campaigns of most of our elected officials.

    3. Why is this man not president? He’s honest, principled, and humble. He’s also the only one on Capitol Hill with a clue about monetary policy and one of the few that understands economics, history, and the Constitution.

      The best answer to your question is that Ron Paul, who is exactly the kind of man you describe, is the polar opposite of the sheeple of the United States. While he is honest, principled, and humble, the sheeple either are or are attracted to those who are deceitful, amoral, and arrogant. They and those they worship and follow haven’t the vaguest understanding of the fundamentals of economics, the facts of history, or the Constitution (and show nothing but contempt for the latter of the three in what little understanding the show of it).

      In short, Ron Paul is not president of the United States because the majority of the brainless sheeple that populate it are anathema to everything he stands for. The masses have the government they RICHLY deserve.

  2. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the phrase “honest politician” is recognized for what it is–bullshit. That’s because 99% of politicians are bought-and-paid-for hacks who make careers of living on the taxpayers’ dime. They don’t believe in a Goddamn thing.

    Then there’s Ron Paul, M.D. He’s an odd duck for a politician. He’s in public life because he believes in certain things. He believes in a lawful, Constitution-fearing government at home, and in an honorable, noninterventionist foreign policy. Civil liberties–the rights of the citizen–mean everything to him.

    I wish Dr. Paul many more years of service to his country, and I hope that these principles catch on. (If we’re to survive, they’d better.)

    1. I wish Dr. Paul many more years of service to his country, and I hope that these principles catch on. (If we’re to survive, they’d better.)

      Fortunately, his son Rand appears to be a carbon copy of his father who willing to continue to carry the torch long after his father might be unable to do so.

      God bless the entire Paul family!

  3. Your question is the answer.
    Men like Ron Paul will not and can not be elected, ruling elites will never allow it and they control everything.

  4. Ron Paul has the answers but who is listening? We need to bring the troops home from everywhere, end the fed, and vastly reduce the size and scope of government and the police state.


  5. Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household.” (Mark 6:4)

    Amoung others, this surely applies to Ron Paul.

  6. I am a long time supporter of Ron Paul. He was the only presidential candidate who told the truth to the American people: that our foreign policy caused the terrorists to hate us, specifically that our soldiers were spread throughout the Middle East,fighting and killing Muslims,and also because of our blind support of Israel’s brutal occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. Ron Paul warned the nation about our failed monetary system,but no one listened. He called for an end to our empire,which we cannot afford and which has failed miserably. We must bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan,but also from Germany, Korea, Japan and elsewhere. He has also called for an end to our dangerous and expensive alliance with Israel and the need for us to dialogue and trade with Iran. Ron Paul, all alone,has the courage and wisdom to speak truth to power. But is anyone listening?





  8. Amen to all of the above posts. At least there are some Americans who hold truth and honor as precious.

  9. His actuall position is that constitutionaly the Feds have no business in the issue at all. If it’s not in the constitution then it’s a State issue pure and simple. Furthermore, who believes that the Republicans are going to change a thing? They have had plenty of chances and all they have ever done is use it as a wedge issue. I don’t believe in abortion at all, I find it personally repugnant. However, making a law against abortion will only make matters worse. Take a look at history, it has flurished for centuries, with worse results. The answer is education, birth control, and a strong economy, not some new law that only a few scapegoats will pay the price for.

    As I said I am not in favor of abortion but saying Ron Paul can’t get elected based on this one issue is just plain wrong. Not only have you mistated his position but you ignore all the other evidence. Many anti-abortion presidents have been elected. They rarely even try and do anything about it. I know many people who have voted for Obama even though they are anti, and many others who voted for Bush even though they are pro. I think your way off on this one. But if you have a way of convincing me otherwise, go for it.


    1. What I cannot understand is how Conservatives can be anti abortion and all the while support a President who sends American teenagers to die for lies. A real paradox to me. I believe both to be murder personally but thats just my opinion.

      1. Corkey, I have asked myself that question many time too. The only answer that makes any sense to me is that they are simply not Conservatives, but some freaky wierd new hybrid.

  10. How did the phony Limbaugh abortion issue get into this? Ron Paul is all about stopping the phony wars.You could sum it up this way. Paul is mostly against post conceptual abortion.

  11. A lot of Americans want some kind of lightly disguised authoritarian regime. How often have you heard people say government ought to be more like a business (i.e., everyone obeying the CEO) or that the police ought to just shoot people if they know they are guilty (assuming the cops are never wrong).

    Lester Ness

  12. I too like Ron Paul. But what makes me sad is his half-stepping. I am sure that he realizes just how tenuous the well being of this country is, and yet, he holds back. He held back last year, refusing to break with his Party (the Republican Party is a stinking corpse if there ever was one). He held back from leading a charge to revolution via a third Party. What a shame when the right man at the right time will not risk it all. What else is life for?

    1. Cheer up, richard. If he’d gone third party, he would not now be a Congressman, in a unique position to lead the last principled counter-attack to Marxism. He took the highest ground he could reach, and as a bonus, destroyed everyone he debated. Romney is the only dwarf still being mentioned for 2012 (aside from Sarah, of course, who is very lucky to have never debated the Man). I haven’t heard a peep from Guliani and his creepy pals, have you? Are they all on vacation until 2011, or are they getting firmware upgrades? The Republicans might as well just continue to ignore him and hope for another Reagan to come along. The larger problem for everyone is there is no next Ron Paul on the horizon. Unless we all step up…

  13. The reason ron paul is not president…it is because he won’t fellate the powerful interests that finance major party candidates…eg wall street, the israeli lobby, religious right, big media, etc.

    Maybe in the future a ron paul could become president, since as we are seeing with the economic crisis, the interests that control power in the US have led us to destruction. Money talks, and their insane agendas are not sustainable financially. They have led us to the brink of total destruction. We will either keep doing their biding, which will destroy america and likely lead to some kind of revolution, or the people will finally start to educate themselves and realize that their futures have been mortgaged by a government that cares more about the welfare of a country 10,000 miles across the ocean (israel) and the manufacturing base of countries in asia than it does about its own people.

    1. Bart,
      I was hoping that the present economic crisis that the US is in would help get this country out of the hands of the warmongers, the globalists (who have sucked this country dry of any economic activity like manufacturing that provides true wealth), and the Zionists. But, no such luck. The world has passed leadership back to the same evil bastards in this country that have led us to the brink. Europe claims that it is broke as we are; Japan wants to sit on its wallet; China and Russia are having too much fun watching us go into eternal debt. Weak dollar – no problem, we need you to keep spending like a fool. So, the world is lending us more rope so that we can hang ourselves that much higher.

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