The Broad Appeal of

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, there was an interesting selection of media coverage of

The long-established left-wing San Francisco newsweekly, the Bay Guardian, ran a nice piece about on their Website (they will follow this with a longer piece in print next week).

The conservative magazine, The New American, ran part 1 of a lengthy interview with founder Eric Garris. Today part 2 ran.

And, a bit more mainstream, the San Jose Mercury News featured an op-ed on the Iraq War anniversary by executive editor Alexia Gilmore.

What do you expect from a site with contributors from Pat Buchanan to Daniel Ellsberg?

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    1. But is it the most influential? Let’s not get too self-congratulatory here people. I bet the official website for American Idol gets ten times as much traffic. Personally I have reached the conclusion nothing is going to stop the march of the American empire short of a total economic collapse or a blowback operation that makes 9-11 look like nothing in comparison.

  1. I would not be working on my PhD right now, after many years of being a complete screw-up, if was not for several reasons – the biggest being my mother who has cancer and has inspired me to do more with my life than anyone ever has. Not the least of these influences, though, was Ron Paul, Doug Bandow, Pat Buchanan – who I was never that big of a fan of until I began to frequent AWC, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Scheuer, Gordon Prather, Philip Giraldi, Scott Horton (both of them, but particular that one that does the radio show), and many, many others, have inspired me to do more with my life than I would have ever expected. Thanks guys and keep doing what you do.

  2. I consider myself a liberal, but I must say, is also a lot more gracious to the left/liberal antiwar blogosphere than these sites are to frequently links to articles on these other sites (such as, for example), but one never finds links on these sites to articles at

  3. one of the first two or three sites I open once the computer in on. While it has a paleoconservative bent (not my politics at all), I enjoy the healthy mix of links into key anti-war information and the articles by contributors. Justin Raimondo is great, passionate and energetic and brings a sharp eye to many important world events. I may not always agree, but I generally admire.

  4. I despise cell phones except for emergencies, I don’t twitter or carry Strawberries or Blackberries, don’t do texting or IMing, there’s nothing on my laptop except a book, and generally can’t stand the idea of constantly “being in touch.” But I gotta have my daily portion of, and no mistake.

  5. …Its the only publication that I have EVER contributed any money to, and I consider it well spent. Recently the NYT, LAT, and all of its brethren, including the Huffington Post, pretended that Gaza was not really happening, or if it was, that it deserved back-page coverage. Only Antiwar had the integrity and honesty to report the happenings as they came to light. Let’s just hope that the Gov doesn’t try to curtail or close down this great publication.

    1. I’m the same Donald; I never donate to anything on the net except Anti War because it is usually my first stop when I open my browser. I used to be a lot more left-leaning, but I have learned a lot about Libertarianism from AW and LWC. And I listen to every radio interview Scott does. I do miss Charles’ interviews though. So, THANK YOU from down under where we pronounce it “an-tee war”!
      ps. leading story on ABC news (Australia’s govt TV channel) today was about Israel’s use of white phosphorous in Gaza. I really think the PR tide is turning for Israel, and it is thanks to sites like

  6. I, too want to pay honor to It passes the acid test – it allows the truth to be said about Israel. Not many institutions in America can pass this test. Certainly not the Libertarian Party. The last straw for me was the Party’s abandonment of its principles regarding pre-emptive war and occupation. When the WOT started, the Libertarian Party would not speak out firmly against it (only weasel words) – there was even rump groups supporting it. Likewise, any critical remarks regarding Israel’s racist and illegal occupation of Palestine were officially silenced. Alas, the Libertarian Party has always had a demasculating Republican element in it – I remember being at the Florida Libertarian Party in 1993 or so, when a motion to censure the U S Government slaughter of the Branch Davidians at Waco was defeated. I am glad that AntiWar is libertarian and not Libertarian. As for Israel; with Netan(Yahoo), they are crossing the line between being obnoxious and being dangerous. When public opinion turns against them it will come in a torrent.

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