Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’ a CIA Plot?

It’s starting to look like another Color Revolution. Daniel McAdams has the story at

Author: Scott Horton

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One thought on “Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’ a CIA Plot?”

  1. With the “twitter revolution” it safe to say that Voronin has learned the truth of the saying that it is bad to be an enemy of the US government, but it is even worse to be its friend. He can alway call up Karzai if wants a little a sympathy.

  2. Remember the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddeq,Patrice Lumumba,and others.

    “The report of 2001 by the Belgian Commission mentions that there had been previous U.S. and Belgian plots to kill Lumumba. Among them was a Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored attempt to poison him, which may have come on orders from U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.[19] CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb was a key person in this by devising a poison resembling toothpaste.[20][21][22][23] However, the plan is said to have been scrapped because the local CIA Station Chief, Larry Devlin, refused permission.[21][22][24]However, as Kalb points out in her book, Congo Cables, the record shows that many communications by Devlin at the time urged elimination of Lumumba (p. 53, 101, 129-133, 149-152, 158-159, 184-185, 195). Also, the CIA helped to capture Lumumba for his transfer to his enemies in Katanga, and the CIA administrator in Elizabethville was in direct touch with the killers the night Lumumba was killed. Furthermore, a CIA agent had the body in the trunk of his car (p. 105, Stockwell, John 1978 In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story), Stockwell, who knew Devlin well felt Devlin knew more than anyone else about the murder (71-72, 136-137).”

  3. Isn’t the Moldovan government blaming Romania for the violence? Do you believe that the US is backing Romania’s play to retake their territory?

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