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We have turned on comments for all original content. This includes original articles like Justin Raimondo and news articles written by Jason Ditz. To take full advantage of the comment system, I recommend signing up for IntenseDebate when you make your first comment. Have fun and let me know if you have any issues (just comment to this post).

16 thoughts on “Comments Everywhere”

    1. Glad you like it. Also, if any readers have requests or ideas for new features, let us know. These could include:

      – iPhone app
      – news alerts by text message
      – online forum
      – ?

      1. I hadn’t really thought about it but an online forum would be great. It’s perfect for keeping an on-line community together.


    1. The American security apparatus is already watching and reading all your comments.

  1. Justin, I didn’t think you could do anything to make your site more indispensable and interesting, but there you go again!

    (By the way: I LOVE the new original reports!)

  2. *Egggzzellent* Open comments section makes every sight better. I admit my visits to have been fewer and shorter lately, which commenting opportunity should cure. The only problem now is that I tend to be an oppositionist with nothing to quibble at here, but reading comments is entertaining anyway. Make sure you broadcast the new feature on the main page and not let the notice scroll off into the archives too fast. Good work and when was your last raise?

    P.S. It may be unkosher to mention here, but Taki allowing that Spencer guy to cancel the comments section at Takimag like a marooon is deserving of a self-administered judo flip a’la Robert Petrie.

  3. well, there is this forum….
    (i know its not as cool as being on the homesite, but… it is linked in the left-hand column on the home page)

    the one thing about this site that has really frustrated me is navigating TO the page. grrrr….

    (weren’t the news updates added to the homepage header recently? maybe my browser is acting-up – i swear i was jumping for joy the other day)

    in the meantime i made my own news.antiwar link for my browser and rss’ed it to my blog….

    other than that i am both astounded, fascinated, and inspired by the dedication, vigilance, and clarity..thank you!

  4. I like, but there are some Orwellian terms that keep cropping up in linked articles. It would be nice to kill some of these off if possible.

    One is the notion that soldiers ‘fall’. Whoops! Clumsy! What a stupid expression for otherwise intelligent people to use.

    Another daft notion is that pouring water up somebody’s nose has been ‘reverse engineered’ from something called ‘SERE’. When the gimps in SERE torture American boys and girls by pouring water up their noses to get them used to the idea and they then go and do it to somebody else, it does not involve ‘discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation’. It just involves a willingness to be systematically cruel to another person. So can we stop mindlessly repeating this drivel about ‘reverse engineering’, and just say what we mean?

    If readers of contact the writers of this sort of nonsense and point out their dishonesty, they might discover a sense of shame in using it, and discourse may become a little more honest.

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