Hersh Details JSOC Killings

GulfNews.com has a fantastic interview with Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in which he discusses (among other things) former Vice President Dick Cheney’s secret assassination unit, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Hersh had previously revealed details about JSOC’s assassinations in March during a talk at the University of Minnesota. The group reportedly went to countries across the world, assassinating people suspected of planning anti-American activities.

Reports about JSOC’s activities had been floating around in the media for quite some time, but the issue is being revived by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ decision to recommend Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal as the new commander of American troops in Afghanistan. Lt. Gen. McChrystal was the JSOC commander for the vast majority of the Bush era.

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  1. A US senator was once asked to give a definition of pornography replied he couldn’t, though he knows it when he sees it. Something ominous is going on in this country though the only thing I can say for sure when it happens it’s going to be major. I live in Brooklyn and every time I go out in the street I see something new that reminds me how much of our liberty has been taken from us under the pretext of security. One current mayor is doing one helluva job at it while trying to convince us it’s all for our safety. 9/11 was supposed to be a defining event that would catapult the US into sole world dominance–so the planners thought–only this time they were wrong and it has had just the opposite effect. So now its enablers are busy trying to plug the leak before the whole dam bust, revealing the real culprits behind this grand misadventure. Think about the presidential plane flying over NYC last month, supposedly for the purpose of photo-op. Well, the plane was at one point flying 500 feet about street level, and in that area there are a dozen buildings above that height. Yet none of the major media outlets and their esteemed journalists call the government on its inane excuse of photo-op. Moreover, the plane in one of its passes, flew over the statue of Liberty, which is the identical route the second “terrorist” plane took in striking the South tower. Now we are told by the credible Seymour Hersh, V-P Cheney chief assassin is on his way to take command of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Strange! What are we to make of all this?

  2. I see this a lot….No comments yet…..as in…No interest ANYMORE…
    There was a time during the bush farce when there were over a million comments
    on yahoo about something he did or said B4 the new guy from the Wall (war) Street Journal
    took over and got rid of the comments….. They said at the time “certain people” were
    dominating the comments and it was “unfair” for (as I remember it) for “the rest of US”….

    Perhaps we should view this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of more bush/chainey secret CRIMES against HUMANITY and the locals in SO MANY placez!!

    Will the conformation be polite of more like a CODE PINK outing….I think I’m beginin to
    look forward to the HEARING, not seeing another MONSTER goin up da chain of command…

    1. Remember when people used to cry about the “neocons”? For year, always about the neocons…

      Now that the neocons have nestled under Obama’s wing on the road to Af-Pak, the Good Progressive Liberals seem to stopped caring so much about the neoconish neoconing neocons.

  3. it would appear that the McChrystal JSOC murder squad thing is so hot that the Pentagon Psy Ops
    boyz n gurlz are doing everything in their power to try to destroy Hersh’s credibility.

    tonight, a story leaked that Hersh had said that Cheney had ordered the Murder of Benazir Bhutto, and as she had been shot repeatedly in the head prior to the massive explosion, you certainly could make the case that she was indeed assassinated before she was blown to smithereens in her land rover or SUV.

    so the point being; “who in the U.S. government stands to be destroyed if the Hersh story about McChrystal and the JSOC murder team, ultimately is borne out and the truth emerges that even people in the United States were murdered by military assassins???

    good question. and the validity of Obombaton’s escalation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, in light of the Benazir Bhutto interview with David Frost, in which she states categorically that Osama Bin Laden was ‘murdered’ in 2002, suddenly vaporises and goes up in thin air, as the pretense for being in these two countries is to hunt down Al Qaeda (find the toilet) and save everyone in Amerika from Osama Bin Pushin Up Daisies.

    something is going on here. something very sinister. Protecting McChrystal and Cheney…and in a very direct way, Obombaton.

  4. Death squads in the USA would not surprise me much.

    Lester Ness

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