Iraq Troop Deaths Under Obama Reach The Century Mark

The number of U.S. troops who have died while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom since President Obama’s inauguration has now reached 100. This figure includes both combat and non-combat deaths that occurred since January 20. A few of the deaths were of servicemembers who died of injuries received before the inauguration but did not pass away until afterwards. Three U.S. soldiers who were killed in a Katyusha rocket attack last night were the latest reported casualties.

President Obama ran a campaign that promised Americans an end to the war in Iraq. Many were hoping for an  immediate resolution in January. Their disappointment in the president’s slow withdrawal and change of focus to Afghanistan and Pakistan is eclipsed only by those who are directly serving in the war theater. According to army officials, the suicide rate among Iraq and Afghanistan servicemembers is higher than last year and increasing. Indeed, of the 100 dead, only 32 were reported as combat incidents.

It would not be the first time that President Obama ran on an anti-war platform and then tempered his opposition upon winning office. Some anti-war democrats, including the son of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, complained two years ago that then-Senator Obama’s opposition to war faded after the election. At that time, Jim Ginsberg said to the New York Times, “some of [Obama’s] actions and speeches once he got in the Senate did not match his [pre-election] rhetoric.” By the time, Sen. Obama returned to the campaign circuit, his tune changed again. One can only hope he’ll actually start listening to the music before more Americans lose
their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

11 thoughts on “Iraq Troop Deaths Under Obama Reach The Century Mark”

  1. They left Baghdad and the cities, and are scheduled to leave completely by end of 2011. This doesn't seem fast enough, but it is reasonable. I agree though with Chalmers Johnson: we have far too many tentacles stretched across the glob. We are even putting another base in Italy.

    1. Do you really think America is going to leave Iraq Russ? Do you really believe that? Did we leave Korea? (Since 1950) Did we leave Germany or Japan? (Since 1945). I would add none of these countries have any oil or are important to AIPAC.

  2. Obangie has no intention of ending that war. He will keep the huge permanent bases and that insanely huge embassy and the number of troops and mercenaries there until his control will number in excess of 100,000 as long as that war criminal is emperor.

  3. Isn't it just sad to see all the Democrats so desperately hoping that Obama is the man they voted for. They don't let the facts get in the way either. Now it's time to face the facts Democrats, Obama is just another bought and paid for Republicrat and if you had paid attention in the first place you would already know it.

    Go onto huffpost for anything at all and you can smell the desperation and denial it kinda smells like fear. All I can say is don't blame me, I supported Ron Paul!!


    1. All I can say is don't blame me, I supported Ron Paul!!

      They'll blame you anyway. If they would have supported Ron Paul, then who would be there to stop Scary Sarah Palin????? And don't forget old chestnuts like: "If you support Ron Paul you support eliminating the Forest Service!", or "Isolationism is not the answer!".

      1. Oh trust me I know. I can't even begin to say how many times I have been called everything but Brad Smith. Not that care much, I've got a pretty thick hide.


  4. Is this true news ? please let me know about this.If we were over there then we were obviously doing good. We're do-gooders. We have plan

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