Malalai Joya and the Tale of 2 CNNs

“The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan,” Malalai Joya did two CNN interviews on Thursday. Joya is an elected member of the Afghanistan parliament who has been suspended for “insulting fellow members of parliament” in a television interview. She is articulate and firm in her position that the Western occupation is feeding the violence.

The first interview was broadcast on CNN (US). In the middle of the interview, as Joya made clear she opposed US occupation, interviewer Heidi Collins said “occupation would certainly be your word, a lot of people would take great issue with you calling the US presence in your country an ‘occupation’.” Joya went on to defend her position as Collins’ interrupted snidely. As Joya tried to respond to Collins, she was cut off.

The second interview took place on CNN International. Joya’s anti-occupation position was highlighted up front and the interviewer was polite and respectful.

One thought on “Malalai Joya and the Tale of 2 CNNs”

  1. Bravo, Malalai, bravo!

    Notice how humble and down to earth Malalai Joya was…now that's a real woman! Not at all like that hateful hunk of plastic at the CNN propaganda desk.

    Hey, BTW, Medea Benjamin (you backstabbing Zionist-liberal pig!)…do you see the button that Malalai is wearing? It says "US out of Afghanistan NOW!" LMAO!

    May God bless you, Malalai Joya, and keep you safe!

  2. Heidi Collins of CNN is right. Calling the US presence in Afghanistan an occupation is nonsense.

    Call it a benevolent global campaign to spread human rights and democracy, dammit!

    Remember folks, we live in a reality where Barack Obama wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. CNN seemed to be under the impression that this woman's book (which no one probably read) and this woman is all about fighting the Taliban to protect women's rights. This is part of the narrative that CNN is selling to keep troops there or escalate. I've seen them spout this narrative a few times.

    So when Joya said that the US is an enemy and that she is against the occupation, CNN realized that they made a mistake.

  4. We shouldn't blame CNN, People do start believing in their own propaganda. Plus, what would happen to their ratings had they not tried to stop Joya from making the comment. How dare she calls us occupier? We sacrificed so much wealth and blood for their sake and these people call us occupier. Ingrates!

    1. Yes. Thank you, O Great Corporate Saviors. Thank you for first, supporting the Mujahadeen and the Osama bin-Ladens of the world. Thank you for supporting the Taliban in the late 90's and early 2000's and thank you for then occupying, killing and maiming thousands when the oil pipeline deal fell through. Thank you for the depleted uranium and drone airplane attacks (how brave of you!).

      Mr. Sarkazm

  5. This woman has been in the lime light for years because of her courage to stand up and speak the truth to the warlords in her native Afghanistan. Basically, now that the counterterrorism /counterinsurgeny question has popped up and become a major concern and front page news, the American public has to confront "The Good War" myth. A many of those versed in international humanitarian law would argue that the October 2001 caprpet bombing of the country's infastructure and final deluge of cluster bombs was not exactly a move to win over hearts and minds.

  6. CNN's double identity is the clearest demonstration that Americans are being kept in a neocon propaganda bubble while the rest of the world gets to hear the truth. If "CNN International" were to broadcast the same childish lies that domestic CNN does, it would be laughed out of the ratings in countries where the public is not systematically bred to accept infantile nonsense as fact.

    "Land of the free" – it's laughable. "Land of slaves to Israel and the military industry" is more like it.

  7. CNN needs to stick to something more its speed … like Balloon Boy updates!

    Does anyone think that Wolf Blizter deserves a Pulitzer Prize and the congressional medal of honor for outing the Ballon Boy hoax?

    Who said that hard-hitting investigative reporting is passe?

    That was a great day for American journalism.

  8. Anybody else notice that her button was covered in the American interview. I wonder if a production assistant made sure her button was covered right before she went on the air.

    Obviously she did not notice it, or she would have made sure the button was clear for all to see.

    Remember when liberals were against war?

    Yeah, me neither.

  9. Claiming not-occupation is the liberal interventionist's new trope. It started around the time Peace Laureate announced his Af-Pak non-plan. Isn't that a totally strange coincidence?

  10. .
    Fascist remain fascists………………………..but all Liberals Crack in the End.

  11. The CNN as any US propaganda mouth-piece caters to the vanty of the American people’s who continue to think of the US as God gift to humanity,to the American expetionalism and arrogance that continues to blind the whole nation to the follies of their goverment.Few Americans see Iraq and Afghanistan as being occupied by the US.

  12. As an one example:

    US admiral concerned about China military buildup

    “A U.S. Navy admiral expressed new concern Friday over China’s military buildup and urged Beijing to be clearer about its intentions.

    With China’s military growing at an “unprecedented rate,” the U.S. wants to ensure that expansion doesn’t destabilize the region, Rear Adm. Kevin Donegan told reporters on a visit to the Chinese territory of Hong Kong.

    Donegan referred to China’s expanded weaponry. His remarks echoed the concerns of other U.S. military leaders who have said the growth in China’s military spending — up almost 15 percent in the 2009 budget — raises questions about how Beijing plans on deploying its new power.

    “When we see a military growing at that rate, we’re interested in transparency and the understanding of the uses of that military,” said Donegan, commander of the USS George Washington aircraft carrier strike group, a key part of the U.S. Pacific Fleet”

  13. “”After South Waziristan is finished, the Pakistanis will have to go on to try to root out other terrorist groups, or we’re going to be back facing the same threats,” she warned.

    During the visit and talks with Pakistani leaders, Clinton found herself repeatedly on the defensive from ordinary Pakistanis brimming with resentment toward U.S. foreign policy.

    During a live broadcast of an interview before a predominantly female audience of several hundred, Clinton struggled to avoid describing the classified U.S. effort to target terrorists, and still try to explain the efforts of American foreign policy.

    One woman asked Clinton how she would define terrorism.

    “Is it the killing of people in drone attacks?” the woman asked. Then she asked if Clinton considered both the U.S. missile strikes and militant bombings like the one that killed more than 100 civilians in the city of Peshawar earlier in the week as acts of terrorism.

    “No, I do not,” Clinton replied.”!…

    …”We don’t know where, and I have no information that they know where, but this is a big government. You know, it’s a government on many levels. Somebody, somewhere in Pakistan must know where these people are. And we’d like to know because we view them as really at the core of the terrorist threat that threatens Pakistan, threatens Afghanistan, threatens us, threatens people all over the world,” Clinton said.

  14. My hearty compliments to Malalai Joya. She’s right. The U.S. is occupying her country, and we should get the hell out.

    Heidi Collins of CNN is a f**kin’ idiot. Of course, so are most members of the Fawning Corporate Media.

    1. I have no idea why the international community and the human rights groups around the world are fooled by Malalai Joya's story, an ordinary woman from Afghanistan. I think probably because it is easier to raise money using her as a tool. Every Afghan is a victim of the actions of the Communist Regimes, the Mujahideen groups(warlords), and the Taliban. A wise person would not be fooled by what Malalai Joya is talking about. She asks for a withdrawal of the International Security Assistance Force (which she calls the occupying force) from Afghanistan without ever thinking about what would happen if the withdrawal happens.

      When Malalai calls for a withdrawal of International Force and tell the world to "leave Afghan people alone", she is adding her voice to that of the Taliban and the warlords. She even opposes the Afghan National Army and the Police by calling them "a dollar Army". I do not understand why the International Community is still fooled by Malalai Joya.

      There is definitely something fishy here.

  15. I would love to see an interview with both her and Ron Paul on Obama's foreign policy. i can't believe the anchor said that there are those who wouldn't see the US's military presence in Afghanistan as an occupation.

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