Antiwar Radio’s Pacifica Debut

Antiwar Radio took to the California airwaves last night on Pacifica Network’s KPFK — 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara. Former Iraq arms inspector Scott Ritter, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald and author James Bamford joined host Scott Horton for an hour of incisive perspective from the most important minds in foreign policy, civil liberties and security technology.

The show opened to jubilant applause in Hollywood thanks to the End the Fed activists who hosted the listening party. You can play the show here or download here.

Update: The pilot show will air again on Thanksgiving at 5 pm, 90.7 in L.A., 98.7 in Santa Barbara.

Update 2: If you liked what you heard, why not shoot an email  over to

6 thoughts on “Antiwar Radio’s Pacifica Debut”

  1. Jane – Everyone's got an agenda. Democracy Now is lefty and DN tends to approach foreign policy issues from a pacifist/collectivist POV. Anti-War Radio has tended to push an agenda of noninterventionst foreign policy.

    Scott Horton has done a great job of honestly explaining his POV and trying to show that noninterventionism and pacifism are not incompatable as foreign policy drivers.

    Scott has also taken great pains to note that there are significant differences between his philosophy and the philosophies of his leftist anti-war guests, but that each side would probably be satisfied if the US were ever to adopt the other side's foreign policy.

    I'm not belittling your point about the need to identify those who fund DN and examine their agendas, but it can't be anything other than good news for the anti-war right and left to share infrastructure and attempt to introduce their respective audiences to one another in furtherance of the anti-war agenda.

  2. has consistently delivered the non-aggression prinicple. They have the ability to rise above the partisan distraction mill which has made conventional media notorious for not reporting the news. Pacifica's ability to absorb more perspectives will help balance the scales of social justice. WE NEED THE ANTI WAR JUICE!!

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