Lou Dobbs: ‘US Troops Out Now!’

I don’t know how I missed it, but Lou Dobbs has called for immediate withdrawal of US troops.

From Afghanistan? YES!

From Iraq? YES!

From Germany, Japan, South Korea, and everywhere else around the world? YES!

He even has a petition on his Website!

Here’s Lou Dobbs, in his own words:

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  1. Too bad he was canned a few days ago, so most of his audience will not hear him. It also seems he was shot at (previous to being fired). I guess he can do Cindy Sheehan's show now. It seems anti immigrant types in both the US and UK and perhaps elsewhere have become openly anti war. So there you have it anti fascists are protesting anti war BNP.

    1. Perhaps in the USA, and even in the UK, this might be the case. In the rest of Europe, it's often the other way around. The parties and people that are calling for a reduction in immigration are also those who support American and Israeli wars most eagerly. This is the case with for instance the Progress Party in Norway, the Danish People's Party, the Sweeden Democrats and the anti-immigration parties in the Netherlands.

      They all support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They cheer on Israeli attacks on the Palestinians. The reason might be that most people in the countries they want to invade and occupy happen to be Muslims. And many immigrants are Muslims too. So this connection probably explains some of the difference to the USA, where most immigrants are not Muslims but Mexicans.

  2. Perhaps Lou Dobbs's hostility toward immigrants gave the foreign policy thought police the perfect liberal cover for getting rid of him. They were able to pretend that it was his xenophobia that resulted in his dismissal, when it was in fact his increasingly radical anti-interventionism that alarmed the elites. "Why, at this rate, he might start suggesting that Americans should put their own interests ahead of Israel's, for example! We can't have that!"

  3. I believe Dobbs is thinking of running a third party antiwar, anti illegal immigration, populist campaign for president. He is quite a rabble rouser and could even possibly win. Anyway any loudmouth converts to bringing the troops home is welcome.

      1. i wonder if part of his antiwar/anti immigrant campaign will be the return of stolen lands to Mexico and the banning of western immigration to Mexican territory

  4. Yes to everything Lou said. Isn´t it interesting that he said such a thing immediately upon leaving CNN?

  5. Dobbs is in the wilderness now – how brave of him to come out now that he has nothing to lose by suddenly proclaiming a rational foreign policy view. He has been discredited in the eyes of most of his supporters and everyone else hated him anyways. So what does this accomplish?

  6. He would have been gone a lot sooner if he had come out against the empire. Most of the expert guests on CNN are odious. neo-con hacks dredged up from the American Enterprise Institute.

  7. Lou Dobbs knows who he enemy is.

    He did a lot to go after CFR policies.

    And was attacked by organized Jews.

    I always knew he never supported the wars.

    Just the troops.


  8. This is typical!
    Where was he when he had a bigger audience ?

    But anyways,I hope he is committed to what he says now and not changes his position when he gets hired by Fox.

  9. CNN was taken over from Ted Turner by the usual Jewish Zionist to make certain there was not even one major television outlet for anyone who may espouse views independent or dissenting from our blind allegiance to Israel. Turner believed at the time he would continue to have influence but he was later disnfranchised. The wars in which we are involved are surrogate religious wars on behalf of Israel. Our Constitution prohibits the support of religion. Why then is the largest recipient of our foreign aid, confiscated from US citizens, a "nation" which promote itself as a "Jewish nation"? Israel openly discriminates in favor of Jews and even subsidizes and supports the most radical elements of its religion. This must stop. TheUS must revert to our Costitutional principles. We have no busness or legal justification foinvolvement in these wars.

  10. Zionist Jews and Christians believe that Israel is entitled to all the land that God promised to Abraham.
    From the Nile to the Euphrates. Look at a map of that region.
    That is why the US fights in the Middle East.

  11. i have a simple question for every one if you are both
    anti-war and anti-immigration, how is it possible to be pro-American? unless you support a return to original borders of Jamestown? in which case that is an America i can support.

        1. Commissar? Were the American people ever asked if they wanted the 1965 immigration act that was rammed down their throats? Did they vote for it in a referendum? I hardly see what gave Ted Kennedy the "right" to alter the country's demographics without the consultation or approval of the general public.

          1. im not entirely sure of the reference to this particular event's grand effect on a 200 year revolution of demographics from coast to coast, i would go further ,but im not all that sure where you are going and i have no desire to get in to some more unpleasant topics

  12. Dobbs' views on immigration suck, so I am really surprised and happy to hear his views on the military and the wars.

  13. To paulBass: You’re grossly mistaken about the “theft” of land from Mexico. I’m a western historian with native American DNA (Comanche). For 200 years, Mexico utterly failed to establish control over Texas, New Mexico and Arizona because of the Comanche, Apache and Kiowa tribes, as well as the Comancheros. Anglo settlers were invited in to provide a buffer against the marauding tribes. My recent work, “We Gave You Texas” covers the Comanche conquest of not just Texas but also the northern third of Mexico. Do a little fact checking before spouting off about territorial “theft”.

  14. Over the past seven, eight years, Lou Dobbs has spoken out many times against the wars, especially Iraq. This is not a new stance for him. I wish he had stayed on track instead of derailing onto the immigration issue.

    1. Why does America need any more immigration? Why? What for? How many people do you want America to have? 400 million? 500 million? 600 million? At what point will there be enough people to satisfy the powers that be? I see no obvious economic or political or social advantage to having any more immigration.

  15. so your saying that among the condition given to the American immigrants by Mexico was convert to Catholicism accept Mexican citizenship and then wage a war and smash their society down to the capital?
    was the Louisiana purchase not theft?
    or was the purging of Chinese workers form the land paid to them for construction the rail road.
    i have no problem with any part of any country demanding Independence and going there separate way. but it seems to me when a massive war is fought over a territory that end up in different hand at the end of said conflict that it was not given up willingly.

    p.s. a link to your work would be nice

  16. Very happy to read that there many of my fellow citizens who understand the nefarious role played by those who have managed to conflate Israel's interests with those of the U.S. Sadly, however, the average citizen can't even identify the countries of the middle east, let alone make a judgement on what we are doing there. These folks are afraid to the use the word "jew" for fear of being accused of being anti-semitic (a crime now worse, it seems, than baby-killing). Under those circumstances, even an ptimist is challenged to see any improvements on the horizon.

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