Raimondo on the Stimulus

Go on over to The Hill, Capitol Hill’s newspaper of record, and check out my latest commentary, this time on the impact of the “stimulus” and the prospect of yet another boondoggle to cover up the failure of the first one.

4 thoughts on “Raimondo on the Stimulus”

  1. I just have to cringe at some of the posts above yours, Justin. A lot of them just make the point that Bush was a horrible president, and act as if that's enough to gain our trust in their plans simply because they're democrats. 'Cuz you know, Bush was a free-market guy, so just let the government take the reigns. Don't ask questions.

  2. The American fiscal stimulus' principal agenda has been to repair and replace the broken infrastructure of the U.S. financial system; ie., capital. The other beneficiary appears to be an effort to repair and replace the infrastructure of the U.S. transportation system ~ in this regard we must include not only highway construction workers, but also automobile assembly workers. The mid 20th-century vision, apparent of this labour-specific agenda is that sustaining automobile and truck manufacture and facilitating transportation capacity will, somehow, create economic growth.The reality is that American transport infrastructure is not running out of road and bridge bandwidth, it is running out of fuel. The broad bandwidth of the information highway renders the constrained highways to and from American suburbs unnecessary ~ but Americans so far appear ignorant of their own success in rendering steel vehicles on concrete roads obsolete, as they drive into the future looking confidently in their rear-view mirrors. imho The real challenge for Americans is not how to wind up this or that economic sector, with some notion that it will somehow run, tick-tock, not unlike some notion of self-sustaining mechanism ~ but how to unwind the WAR ECONOMY… that stupendous fiscal stimulus programme dwarfing any trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street capital, or Main Street labour. Unlike "the stimulus programme(s)," The American WAR ECONOMY exists, and persists without even the illusion of future benefit. It simply expends to consume great gobs of American blood and treasure in a "Mission" of meaningless endeavour.

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