Kristol Pivots from Afghanistan to Iran

Now that he and presumably his friends at the Foreign Policy Initiative got a lot of what they wanted from Obama on Afghanistan, Bill Kristol is once again pivoting westward – this time to Iran, rather than Iraq – as he did eight years ago with the infamous September 20 PNAC letter. Look for more of this to come from Kristol and the neo-cons in the coming weeks, as they re-align themselves with AIPAC and like-minded groups after their three-month campaign on behalf of Gen. McChrystal and the COINistas.

As eager as he is for war with Iran – the lead editorial in the new Weekly Standard is “A Nobel War Speech? Did Obama lay the groundwork for an eventual strike against Iran?” – Kristol doesn’t ask what may be the impact on McChrystal’s efforts of war with Iran. There’s every reason to believe, at least at this point, that the Pentagon is probably the national-security institution most adamantly opposed to an attack on Iran – be it by Israel or its own forces – precisely because it would greatly complicate Washington’s position throughout the region. But that’s not the point. Now that Obama is committed in Afghanistan, the neo-con priority moves to Iran, with urgency.

Author: Jim Lobe

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  1. If you are one of those people who want to see America collapse you can only hope that the war with Iran will happen very soon.the Jews want Iran,the oil companies want Iran,the Pentagon wants Iran.Mass murder is big business.The Iranians really need to build some nukes quickly.North Korea ought to have a few that they can spare and they sure need the money.I personally think that global warming will shut the planet down sooner than the Islamic wars.The government spin is that we have at least 30 more years before climate change is a serious threat.I think it is more like 10 years,maybe less.

  2. FFF said; "The Iranians really need to build some nukes quickly." I agree, the lesson to the small nations of the world is this: if you want to avoid an unjust, immoral and aggressive invasion by the United States of Warstreet Empire then you had better come up with a credible nuclear defense force in a hurry. FFF also said this; "I personally think that global warming will shut the planet down sooner than the Islamic wars." I disagree, long before global warming shuts the planet down, central banks and fiat currencies will implode causing the total worldwide destruction of industrialized civilization, widespread grinding poverty and death on a massive scale. At that point, so-called global warming (an unproven theory at best) will be the least of our concerns.

    1. Nuclear weapons are a small country's best defense against American agression. Does anyone seriously believe America would have bombed Serbia for 78 straight days if that country had had nuclear weapons?

      1. No, I don't feel lucky. But based on what I've read about so-called "global warming", I don't feel particularly threatened. There are far too many other clear and present dangers that Americans should be worried about, such as; a real unemployment rate of 20%, millions of Americans who have lost their homes and who are on food stamps; millions of Americans who don't have adequate health care; the plunging value of the dollar; projected trillion dollar annual deficits for the next ten years; and a federal government that is bankrupting the American people with endless, perpetual wars and a worldwide empire of unnecessary and costly military bases. Nope, "global warming" isn't real high on my list of concerns right as this moment.

  3. Ah yes, Billy Boy Kristol, he is one of the Warstreet Ruling Establishment's chief network television spokesmen. Billy Boy has never met an unjust, immoral and aggressive war he didn't like. If network television was truly independent and not totally owned and controlled by the Warstreet Ruling Establishment, Billy Boy would have been laughed off the "news shows" a long, long time ago.

  4. Careful, Mr. Frank. The author of this article is himself Jewish, as are many of the most cogent trackers, decoders and exposers of the neocons (Eli Lake, Daniel Luban, Philip Weiss, Michael Neumann, Norman Finkelstein, etc.).

  5. “central banks and fiat currencies will implode causing the total worldwide destruction of industrialized civilization, widespread grinding poverty and death on a massive scale. ”

    And that’s the plan from the begging!A world government controlled by the few that have over the masses that don’t have!Serfs slaving for the world nobilities(elites).

      1. No, it doesn't. Collapse of civilization implies; anarchy (no government), the destruction of the division of human labor, ginding poverty, disease running rampant and death on a massive scale.

        1. What are you smoking Henry? Collapse of statism (the emergence of civilization) implies anarchy (no rulers), the explosion in the division of human labor (which is artificially limited by state intervention/regulation), unprecedented prosperity, a highly competitive and un-impeded (un-artificially impeded) medical industry resulting in less and less disease, and life running rampant (no more wars – a statist concept, increased propserity equals increased lifespans).

          Parasite do not add, they only diminish. The State is the parasite and without it, we'd all be tremendously better off. No, not uptopia, but the best possible.

          1. Brian, I was referring to the total collapse of human civilization period. If one defines civilization as; "a condition of human society marked by an advanced stage of development in the arts and sciences and by corresponding social, political and cultural complexity" – The American Heritage Dictionary, then what I said holds true. As defined, if civilization was to suddenly collapse, then government (a subset of civilization) would also collapse. Therefore, law (the rules that govern human business and private relationships) and government- imposed fiat money systems would also collapse as well. If fiat money systems suddenly collapsed, workers (farm workers, food processing workers, communications workers, service workers, truck drivers, factory workers, doctors, nurses, etc.,) would not get paid for their work and they would simply stop working. At that point, we would experience total economic collapse, due to the destruction of the division of human labor, massive and widespread unemployment, uncontrollable outbreaks of various diseases, and death and starvation on an enormous scale. (Continued in next post)

          2. But I think the real question we might be asking is this: is it possible to have a highly advanced and more perfect form of civilization without resorting to systems of formal government which rely on force and coercion to control all human relationships? Yes, I believe it is possible. I believe such a civilization could be formed based on a voluntary system of binding arbitration. In all societies, disputes are bound to arise. But if human beings could learn to cooperate with one another in voluntary associations, mediated by binding arbitration, then we would be able to supply all of our material needs without resorting to force and violence. The book of Judges, in the bible, is a good example of what I’m talking about. Yes, I believe that human civilization is possible without resorting to the forced control of all human relationships by formal government. But before that can happen, human beings are going to have to learn to that to force our will on others is just plain wrong and stupid. In other words, we are going to grow-up and to learn to think outside the box.

          3. Good replies Henry.

            What caused the Israelites to reject the "anarchism" of the period of judges? Massive failure in the "system"? Nope. They wanted a king, to be like everyone else (that and they rejected God). Likewise, the only thing really inhibiting modern people from forming a voluntary society is to not want a king. All the growing up, learning to love and respect, etc… will come after people are no longer provided the moral hazard of believing there is 2 standards of morality. One for people and one for rulers.


  6. when will the american public face up to the fact that they are being manipulated by the likes of billy crystal and aipag to fight the jewish holy war against muslims ?

  7. William Kristol is a Zionist TRAITOR to the US whose agenda appears to be endless war and the destruction of the US. Kristol needs to be put on a leaky boat for a one way trip to Israel!

    1. Put Kristol on a "leaky boat for a one-way trip to Israel"? Okay, but he'll need to ship out with a good crew. I suggest the following: John Bolton, Joe LIEberman, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Jane Harman, Paul Wolfowitz,
      Elliot Abrams, the Kagans. . . .

  8. It would not dare go to war against Iraq in 1991,impose devestating sanctions,destory its water treatment and electric facilities,and then invaded it and destroy the whole country without any reason!

  9. It is high time we stop giving Bill Kristol and the rest of the neo-cons such a mild name. We need to give them a name that fits. War-Cons! War-Cons don't give their blood just the blood of others. Many others.

  10. Hey folks, don't you think that Bill Kristol and the rest of his warmongering buddies would look great in Army private uniforms and the whole lot them sent out on patrol in Afghanistan? If you agree, give it a "thumbs-up."

  11. Science shows, indoctrination and brainwashing of children (mainly in religious institutions) influences their behaviour over their entire life. As a relevant example if a Rabi drowns a Jewish child in enormity of the heinous crimes of Nazis causing his/her spine to quiver, then it would be extremely difficult for him/her to escape from the effects of such indoctrination even if he/she develops a powerful analytical mind. For instance, widely respected thinkers such as Chomsky or Finkelstein have exhibited slight biases when it comes to ME issues.

    Maybe De-indoctrination of warmongers, settlers, jihadist and those like Kristol is the most urgent task for humanity no matter if some wonder on the plausibility of such a task since it is in contradiction to our animality.

    Maybe human beings are hopelessly self-destructive. Maybe they’ll keep on believing in god, voodoo and wars until their time is up. I hope I’m proven to be wrong.

  12. hunmanist_xy said; "Science shows, indoctrination and brainwashing of children (mainly in religious institutions) influences their behaviour over their entire life." Assuming that what you say is true (you have not provided any proof to back-up your claim), one would think that the government school systems (public schools) would be even more guilty of "indoctrination and brainwashing" than, as you say, "religious institutions." It is universal knowledge that government school history texts go to great lengths to teach American children that the U.S. government has never launched an unjust, immoral or aggressive war against another people. They teach that when it comes to war, the U.S. government is always “good” and that its enemies are always “bad.” They teach that the U.S. government has never fought any war except to bring freedom and liberty to oppressed peoples, even when those wars have caused the deaths and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. All of those assertions, on their very face, are an affront to any thinking person’s intelligence!
    (Continued in next post)

  13. For example; think of the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, WWI, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and now Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They were all, arguably (by a fair and comprehensive study of history), offensive wars of choice by the U.S. government. Yet, the government school systems go to great lengths to justify them all. For government schools to indoctrinate and brainwash our children into believing that every war the U.S. government ever voluntarily launched was "for the good of humanity" is simply criminal to say the least. Now, since far more children attend government schools instead of “religious institutions,” by an order of several magnitudes, which one do you think would be the greater evil perpetrator of “indoctrination and brainwashing?” (Continued in next post)

      1. Actually, Uncle Sam, I didn't. I intentionally left out WWII because there are still millions of Americans who believe the Roosevelt myth and would argue that WWII was a defensive war since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. However, anyone who has read Robert B. Stinett's book; Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor would be convinced that FDR goaded the Japanese into attacking, knew when the attack would take place and failed to warn U.S. Navy and U.S. Army commanders at Pearl that an attack was imminent resulting in the slaughter of several thousand U.S. servicemen. It was "a day of infamy" alright. It was the day that FDR committed high treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people. Read this article:

  14. And as for “believing in god,” Yes, I will plead guilty to that. I am not ashamed to say that my god is Christ Jesus, the only “perfect” human being who ever lived in all of recorded history. I put my faith and trust and hope in Him. I refuse to put my faith and trust and hope in mortal, fallible and sinful men. Yes, human beings are “hopelessly self-destructive.” That is why Christ Jesus came into the world.

    1. To Henry Clemens

      I fully agree with what you are saying about how children are indoctrinated in the schools. That is why I believe banning any kind of brainwashing of children in any institution deserves our ardent attention.

      …And….I fully respect your heartfelt beliefs and your faith in Jesus. I see you as myself before university graduation. I totally lost my faith by studying science and careful reading of the Bible and other holy scriptures.

      You must be a “good” man. I also wish you a Merry Christmas …..and a happy new year.

  15. One observation needs to be made – if collapse comes to this country no-one needs to fear tyrannical control. With nothing left to exploit, everyone will be free. Free to quietly rot and starve. That was the lesson from Katrina. The “governing” class has no use for a population with nothing to be taken from them but which has needs. The victims of Katrina were poor, unresourceful, and largely passive. And they were free from outside interference even when that was they cried out for. An exhausted America will not be invaded, no-one will want to be responsible for taking care of needy people. The capitalists, the militarists, the Zionists, etc. will disappear seeking other hosts.

  16. “…there are still millions of Americans who believe the Roosevelt myth and would argue that WWII was a defensive war since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor..”

    For many Americans history starts only at the moment that adversely affect them.How many Americans know that the US used force to compel Japan to open its ports to the west and sign a treaty under the threats of force.

    The Perry Expedition: Opening of Japan: 1852-1854

    ..In 1852, Perry embarked from Norfolk, Virginia for Japan, in command of a squadron in search of a Japanese trade treaty. Aboard a black-hulled steam frigate, he ported Mississippi, Plymouth, Saratoga, and Susquehanna at Uraga Harbor near Edo (modern Tokyo) on July 8, 1853. His actions at this crucial juncture were informed by a careful study of Japan’s previous contacts with Western ships and what could be known about the Japanese hierarchical culture. He was met by representatives of the Tokugawa Shogunate who told him to proceed to Nagasaki, where there was limited trade with the Netherlands and which was the only Japanese port open to foreigners at that time (see Sakoku).

    Perry refused to leave and demanded permission to present a letter from President Millard Fillmore, threatening force if he was denied. Commodore Perry was fully prepared for hostilities if his negotiations with the Japanese failed, and threatened to open fire if the Japanese refused to negotiate. He remitted two white flags to them, telling them to hoist the flags when they wished a bombardment from his fleet to cease and to surrender.[9] To demonstrate his weapons Perry ordered his ships to attack several buildings around the harbor. The ships of Perry were equipped with new Paixhans shell guns, capable of bringing destruction everywhere a shell landed.The Japanese military forces could not resist Perry’s modern weaponry; the term “Black Ships”, in Japan, would later come to symbolise a threat imposed by Western technology.

    When Perry returned to the United States in 1855, Congress voted to grant him a reward of $20,000 in appreciation of his work in Japan.

    1. The attack didn't occur in a vacuum. America had been pursuing confrontational policies with Japan for a full decade prior. FDR knew full well his economic embargo would probably lead to war. Only the gullible American public was shocked by the action. Look how Americans bought the yellow journalism about Spain leading to war in 1898. Or the ludicrous Wellington house propaganda in ww1. How about the Tonkin gulf "attack" (which produced no casualties) which led to the involvement in Vietnam. Or the "babies removed from incubators" B.S. in the Gulf war. And more recently the WMD nonsense. Americans are suckers for propaganda.

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