Ben Stein Says Ron Paul Is Antisemitic for Calling US ‘Occupiers’

On Larry King, Ben Stein said that Ron Paul calling the US “occupiers” was “using the same antisemitic argument we’ve heard over and over.”

Former game show host and economist Ben Stein first came into prominence when he worked for notorious antisemite Richard Nixon.

4 thoughts on “Ben Stein Says Ron Paul Is Antisemitic for Calling US ‘Occupiers’”

  1. Ben Stein like any other American has the right to call anyone he disagrees with and/or wants to label " antisemitic."

    As an American who agrees with Congressman Paul's views on US foreign policies/actions, I am using the same freedom to speak that Ben did by calling him a "loris".*

    * A Webster's Dictionary defines the English version of what a "loris" is.

  2. So wait isn't Ron Paul really smart and stuff according to Ben Stein? That's what he said to Glenn Beck, and watch how Glenn Beck pretends to not know who Stein is referring to. Isn't propaganda cute? Why is Ben Stein still talking politics on the TV box again?

    What a difference 18 months makes……

    STEIN: Yes, it`s a big problem. There`s no constituency for responsible budgetary policy anymore, none at all in Washington.

    When they did the stimulus package, that was really a joke. And I have to say that I think that congressman from Texas who was running for president — what was the guy? I`m blanking on his name. A very smart guy.

    BECK: No, not Richardson.

    STEIN: Ron Paul. He made such a brilliant comment. He said, we`re going to borrow $160 billion from China, use the money to buy toys in China, and then owe China $160 billion, and that will be our stimulus package.

    Poor Ben Stein, Ziocane addict.

    Uncontrollable tribalism is an unfortunate side effect of Ziocane addiction, poor little fella.

    1. Yes, indeed. It's most unfortunate that in his attempt to spread sanity and morality across the American body politic, Ron has placed himself in the position of having to "debate" a whole range of 18-karat morons unworthy of anyone's serious attention, creatures like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannitard, and Ed Schultz, to name just a three of the worst of the lot. Sadly, said morons exercise unmerited influence over the booboisie. Hence, Ron has no choice but to share precious air time with them and try, as best as any reasonable human being can, to provide on-air antidotes to their toxic verbal stupidity. Stein constitutes merely the latest addition to the long list of media morons KO'd by Ron's incontrovertible reason.

  3. ben stein is such a "has been" and a real nonentity. anyone who forms an opinion on what he has to say is truly a moron !!

  4. So often those who can't contend with an argument resort to insults and slander. Accusations of anti-semitism and racism are terms abuse thrown around by those who don't have a valid point and feel cornered. Ultimately, it's a coward's way out of an argument. Does Ben Stein really believe Ron Paul was being anti-semitic when he argued that terrorism is blowback for the government's foreign interventionism? I don't think so. He was out of intellectual ammo and chose the coward's way out. Terrorism is the price the American people pay for empire.

  5. Ben Stein is another Constitutional Jobber. He speaks for no one except himself and his narrow audience, and used the oldest discredited tactic in the book: name-calling, when it was apparent that he had no answer to Ron Paul's question. I always thought he was a disingenuous idiot anyway so this doesn't surprise me. Good riddance as another rat has been flushed out of the wall. Way to go Ron Paul for doing us all a service here.

  6. Anti-semetic is a ridiculous term – both the Arabs as well as a lot of Jews are semetic people. What Ben Stein should be calling people he dislikes is Anti-Zionist. Anti-Zionist is really a compliment. It implies that the targeted person has made a courageous rejection of racism, land-theft and tribalism.. I smile when someone calls me anti-Zionist; I should put that on my business card.

    1. For what it's worth, I see more and more use (especially by Likudnik hasbarists) of the term "Jew-hater" in place of anti-Semite. Draw your own conclusions.

  7. As I recall, Stein worked for the Nixon administration. The Nixon White House tapes proved that Nixon was indeed an "Anti-Semite." What's a saint like Stein doing hanging out with Anti-Semites like Nixon? Hmmm?

  8. Let us all be thankful that Mr. Stein's objections are only to Ron Paul's foreign policy stance as a libertarian, and not his monetary policy beliefs.

  9. Stein is simply parroting the new "party line" coming out of the just-concluded "Fighting Anti-Semitism" conference in Jerusalem. This states that all criticism of Israel and Zionism is to be considered anti-Semetic. And, according to a subsequent Jerusalem Post article, all sources of such "anti-Semitism" are to be considered the equivalent of military targets for the IDF and other Israeli agencies. So watch your step Ron Paul and Antiwar.Com!

  10. It's time we come up with something along the line of "Godwin's law". From henceforth any time the discussion devolves into using the term "anti-semitism or anti-semite… blah blah blah" the argument is lost by the party using it. Straight up! For once this dead cat of a term needs to be buried because it keeps stinking up the thinking process.

  11. Stein is simply "anti-intellectual," which is seriously bad. His reaction to Paul's comment about blowback, where he claimed never to have heard such stuff before, was mind-boggling. Stein either needs to read a bit more (tough for an anti-intellectual) or go down to the schoolyard for a brawl–he might get it.

  12. Who is Ben Stein? Obviously he is a radical left wing anti-American hypocrite. Ron Paul is one of the most balanced and thoughtful Americans in public life today, thank God.

  13. RE: Ben Stein said that Ron Paul calling the US “occupiers” was “using the same antisemitic argument we’ve heard over and over.”
    MY COMMENT: Sometimes I get the impression Ben Stein is not in full control of his 'faculties'.

  14. I was very disappointed in Sheila Jackson Lee. She should have come out and said "the word occupier isn't anti-semitic". But instead she just blathered on about being even handed or something.

    1. Sheila Jackson Lee was a non-entity just towing the Democratic party line. If the Republicans do it; it is bad. If the Democrats do it; it is good. Just Pathetic. No conscious; no courage. How many young men and women from her district have been killed or wounded in these imperialist criminal wars of Aggression and Theft?? How many more over the the next three years. Ben Stein is a propagandist whose job is to always redirect the conversation away from anything that might have the slightest hint or touch of an Israeli connection. In this instance he immediately went for nuclear weapons and called Ron Paul's logic anti-semitic. Guess what it worked. The conversation ended. No more discussion of occupation, premeditated war, war of aggression aloud. That is what a paid hack is supposed to do. Unfortunately, Ms. Lee is just an intellectual coward. One of thousands that crawl around Washington.

  15. The zionists have destroyed the economy, ruined the culture through Hollywood, Got us involved in endless unwinnable wars, and own most of our political class threw bribery and intimidation. They do it with our own tax dollars. If this be antisemitic so be it.

  16. US is occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel is occupying palestine. There are other countries that are occupiers. Since when an occupier is an antisemite.

  17. Ron Paul is one of the few honest Politicians that does not take Kick backs from the Israeli Lobby. i can understand Stein being upset whenever someone speaks truthfully about Israel. because that is the last thing they want to hear. heck, it is even anti semetic to bring up the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

    1. Yes. See my comment on the "Fighting Anti-Semitism" conference in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Post article equating criticism of Israel or Zionism or its Gaza policy as worthy of military-style attack. I commented quite a bit on this on Togethernet (a Yahoo Group moderated by a decent Israeli, Israel Shamir).

  18. this is excellent : Benjamin Stein on Zionacane fighting against anti – Zionism.
    Thanks Guys.

  19. Before you react, you should first ask yourself what's the definition of anti-semitic. From experience, this word has been used to fool people around the world in order to support Apartheid (zionism) in Palestine. All politicians that dare to challenge the Zionists are labelled anti-semitic in order to protect israeli occupation of Arab lands. Even the most obvious war crimes by the israelis (bombarding civilians with white phosphorus and radioactive weapons in Gaza and stealing the victims organs for sale) cannot be condemned by politicians who do not want to be labelled anti-semitic as if Israel was a special country that can violate international whenever it wants!

    1. Definition of anti-semitic: 1. Any disagreement whether great or small with the political agenda of the Likud Party of Israel and its vision of a greater Israel. 2. Any attempt to portray Palistianians as humans, and to write or say anything sympathetic about the suffering they have endured as a direct result of the policies of the government of Israel. 3. Any critical evaluation of the policies of the government of Israel or any account whether truthful or false of human rights violations of the government of Israel especially when those human rights violations involve Palistinians. This definition of anti-semitic is offered as public service to those who thought to be anti-semitic is to hate a person because that person is Jewish, and to associate being Jewish with certain negative charactor traits.

  20. Ben Stein is a Zionist, Israel-first horse’s ass.
    Ron Paul–the only principled man in the District of Corruption–opposes our warmongering, Israeli-approved foreign policy.

    (And, yes, as others here have commented, what the hell was Stein doing working for Tricky Dick Nixon, anyway? Awfully poor judge of character, aren’t you, Stein?)

  21. If Ron Paul is an anti-Semite, how can I become one? Is it free? Do you get a card or a t-shirt? Sounds cool.

  22. The neocons seem to have a script when dealing with Ron Paul.

    When Ron Paul got into a tiff with Guiliani during one of the Republican primary debates in 2007, Guiliani said "that's a strange view. I've never heard that before."

    Now when Stein gets into it with Paul, he says "that's a strange view. I've never heard it before."


    1. Very good call. Worse, it was "Well that's -I've never heard anything like that in my whole life." Next it'll be: "never in the history of mankind has such a thing been uttered." I'm sure I'll hear that tomorrow on Medved.

    2. I'd go you one further too. When someone believes they benefit from a scripted world, they need to respond to truth with astonished incredulity. I think this is also a contagious element of 'Neocon' propaganda. Here we saw the weak & ineffectual reflex that is at the base of more effective procedures that get their opponents effectively labeled as 'nuts,' or even 'dangerous.' You know they think they're winning if you get called 'evil.'

  23. The Zionists are humanitarian interventionists civilizing the savages in the tradition of Anglo-American terrorist alliance and "international" community.

  24. My question is why is Ron Paul even there to debate with Ben Stein. Stein is just a dummed down commercial actor on TV, after working for the Nixon administration. Anything he says, even in commercials, proves Hollywood does not reward talent anymore. He expressed the anti-semetic phrase to infuriate Ron Paul. Except Ron did not fall into the trap. He stood his ground and called Stein's bluff. Ron Paul is truly an international statesman, a man who should have been elected President in 2008, rather than the charlatan we have in office today.

  25. Ron Paul is a leader with vision, and he should be listened to because his views and ideas are the antidote of terror. Implemnting his ideas will save tax payers lots of dollars, save American life, provides jobs for Amercians, and improve the quality of life for all Americans. The US will stay as a superpower and there is no need to continue to intervene in other countries and pay other countries money as pribes to promote failed foriegn poloycies. The US is the icon of liberty, freedom, science, and justice for all. Supporting other countries based on biblical prophecies will cause more destruction and needless resentment and misery for many cultures that existed since ancient times. Mr. Stein seems to prefer invading the whole middle east so we can have a war for ever
    Concerened human being

    1. A couple of disagreements with your comment…..A. I don't know about you but I can lead myself.

      And I was not just right down the line with Ron Paul but one of his delegates, and with him up to the point where he decided place his party loyalty to the republicans over the nation's interests by declining to support his millions of his loyal supporters like myself by not continuing to run for president as a moderate conservative independent candidate, where by the way he could have very possibly won the White House.

      See part B continued.

      Tom aka Texasbacksass Political Independent
      Arlington, Texas

  26. Any objection to the expansion and projection of the world's most benign empire can only be based on irrational hatred.

    That's why both Neocons and liberals worship the power of the State — both want to wield it to destroy the bad, old ways and replace them with their own blueprints for Utopia. And only the wicked and the ignorant could oppose that!

  27. Let alone Stein's statement being a ludicrous anathema which makes the Spanish Inquisition look a club of subtle lawyers, it has now become counter-productive. It does not intimidate people as it used to, before the Israeli Defence Minister called for a "shoah of the people of Gaza" and Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs asked for apartheid to be enforced in Israel against some of its own citizens conveniently labelled as "potential traitors"… When will Stein and the like of his realise that their posturing as the archetype of the exclusive victim, makes more and more people grunt with disgust in the face of zionist crimes and racism, in the face of the wars which the American zionists are waging for Eretz Israel, in the face of the financial crises and scandals and the ruine of America orchestrated by the cosmopolitan finance, in the face of the theft of human organs in Palestine and Kosovo and their sale through New York's synagogues? Will they understand, before it is too late, the warning of French Jewish Professor Roger Dommergue who said that "the conditions are being met for the most spectacular eruption of antijudaism of human History"? Like Professor Dommergue, I write "antijudaism" instead of "antisemitism" by the way, because, according to History professor Shlomo Sand from Tel-Aviv University, the Jews of Israel are the descendants, not of Abraham, but of Gentiles from the shores of the Mediterranean see and from the Khazar kingdom (now Georgia). According to Jewish Professor Sand, the Palestinians – God bless them – are the descendants of Abraham and the owners of the Promised Land. So Stein, again, eructed in vain on more than one account. Do you reckon that his flair will let him know this time, that he spat at a vertical…?

  28. These comments should come as no surprise. Actors usually make an ass of themselves when they comment on current events or take a stand on political issues. I think the reason for this fact is actors make a career out of pretending and playing make believe, and this fact tends to sever the connection they have with reality. I always enjoy the characters Ben Stein plays in movies. I think he is one of the best straight men in the acting business(not as good as Bob Newhart, but then again who is?). He should stick with something he does fairly well, acting, and refrain from commenting on political or financial issues.

  29. Most of the comments above strike the target: Ben Stein could not defeat Ron Paul’s assertion that occupation, especially by people of a different religion, creates terrorism, and accordingly resorted to ad hominem attacks against Paul rather than logic and facts. Ron Paul’s assertion that occupation creates terrorism is largely unassailable.

    At the height of Israel’s bombing of West Beirut in Lebanon in August 1982, the delivery of military goods from the United States to Israel increased by 50 per cent since 1981. In August 1982, consequently, the United States suffered its first terrorist attack by Middle-Easterners and/or Muslims at the Honolulu International Airport when a Palestinian, Mohammad Rashid, detonated a bomb in retaliation (or “blowback”) for the support provided by the US for Israel’s war of aggression.

  30. What's anti-Semitic got to do with American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq? It seems like an open hole to ditch anyone who criticizes injustice.

  31. Well… I don’t really understand where that ‘antisemitic’ argument came from. Does Ben Stein really believe the United States is a jewish state ? Or is it that arguing against the ‘war on terror’ is antisemitic ?

    I believe he is more likely running out of rational arguments. I guess he believes using a 10-letter word will make him sound more convincing than using any 4-letter words.

    It certainly does not. Shame on him for abusing the TV viewers by using such degrading tactics, thus wasting their time. And also for ruining his entire argumentation with a single – albeit composite – word.

  32. Ben Stein couldn't carry Ron Paul's shoes. Stein has no credibility. And is to be put in his place…a shill and a flunkie.

  33. Ron Paul is not an "anti-Semite." As someone who worked with him for nearly 12 years as his personal aide I can attest to that. It's not Jews he hates; it's the existence of the State of Israel. He's not anti-Semite, he's simply anti-Israel.

    Someone should ask Ron Paul, if it's not the culture that the Muslims hate us for, if it's our "troops in their lands," than why is it that the Islamo-Fascists hate the Dutch so much? The Swedes? The Danes? The French? Even the neutral non-intervenionist Swiss?

    Ron Paul is dead wrong on foreign policy. It's our culture and our wealth that they hate us for; not our Military on Middle-Eastern soil.

    What a relief that Rand Paul does not share his Father's extremist isolationist views on foreign policy. Rand will make an outstanding Senator. As for Ron, well, it's time for him to retire, the sooner the better.

    1. Your posts, Eric, are so blatantly constructed to "sell". Your copy is so pathetically stuck in the past terminology of Presidential campaign propaganda. And your identification with "Libertarian" is an incredible bastardization of the thoughts of Jefferson, Washington, and Paine. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to exchange notes with another poster here who calls herself a "libertarian socialist".

      You are a perfect example of the mystery of the human mind, Eric. Countless videos, eyewitness accounts, and quotes of surviving family members pissed off and grieving because of the actions of American invaders and you think it's all about "our culture and wealth". You are insane.

    2. I can't understand why you call yourself a "Libertarian" Eric. I checked out your blog. You seem to not realize what being a "Libertarian" is. At best, I would call you a small-C conservative, or what is called in the U.K. a "wet Tory". By the way the term "isolationist" is a smear and an insult. It is used much like the panic-inducing term "racist" or "anti-Semite" or "Nazi" to stifle all talk of an non-interventionist foreign policy and a defensive stance consistent with protecting America's territorial integrity and its citizenry and not playing some assinine global self-appointed, "dirty Harry" role. The term "isolationist" was coined by Alfred Thayer Mahan, a truly awful person, a rabid imperialist and no friend to Libertarianism.

    3. Eric Dondero is a warmongering barbarian not a libertarian.

      "If you are Anti-War, you are by definition Anti-American, like it or not." – Eric Dondero

  34. Ben Stein is an absolute hero for us Libertarians. His film Ferris Beuller's Day Off was an iconic libertarian/individualist movie in the 1980s. He's been a passionate supporter of free market principles on the various cable news shows over the years. And he's always been stridently Pro-America and anti-Islamo-Fascist. Ben Stein represents the best of the libertarian movement. Ron Paul on the other hand is only a "50%-er." He's superb on domestic policy, but entirely un-libertarian, and pro-Leftist/Anti-American on foreign policy.

    I'll take full Libertarian Ben Stein over half a loaf Ron Paul any day of the week.

    Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican
    & 25+ Year Libertarian Party member

    1. Hey Donderoo, aren't you the clown who took Ron Pau'ls seat…oops…make that tried to take Ron Paul's seat in the last election?

    2. Islamo-Fascist? Is that the same as Judeo-Fascist. Zionist-Fascist, Hasidic-Fascist, Chabad-Fascist, Land Stealing, People murdering, continuous whining chosen-Fascist

    3. ERIC! He was just an actor playing a role in a film, that's all. I bet you think Clint Eastwood really walks around downtown San Francisco, blasting away bad guys too.

  35. Eric Dunderhead: what the devil makes you think "Ferris Bueller" was a libertarian movie? Assuming, arguendo, that it was libertarian, it was just a movie. If Stein played a Nazi officer in a movie would that make him a fascist?

    I'm also curious to know when libertarianism included gratuitous wars and interventions, killing civilians to no self-defensive purpose, and worshipping at the altar of the Pentagon. And don't you find it odd that Islamic terrorism against America started only after our various unjustified interventions and meddling against Islamic countries? Believe it or not, there is cause and effect action in the real world.

    Concerning the Europeans, other than sporadic home-grown terrorists, they have been left alone by Islamic terrorists. That could change, though, according to how much they support America's warmongering in the Mideast. Again, America was prosperous and its culture more intact decades ago than now, yet we weren't under terrorist attack then. What do you think changed?

  36. George, you wanna try calling me a "NeoCon"?

    My positions:

    Legalize Prostitution
    Legalize Drugs
    Repeal Seat Belt Laws
    Legalize all Gambling
    End Affirmative Action for all Groups
    Protect all Property Rights
    Abolish the IRS

    The consistent libertarian position is Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism. How can one call themselves a Libertarian yet align themselves with those who want to institute Sharia Law? Outlawing all booze and marijuana, hanging Gays in town squares, stoning "loose women" to death, opposing "Western Capitalism."

    Those who oppose the War on Islamo-Fascism are absolutely NOT! libertarians in any manner, shape or form, and are nothing less than Leftists who've infiltrated out Libertarian movement.

    1. Eric, do you realize what sort of government powers, money, manpower and resources would be required to even try to transform the Islamic world as you suggest? It would mean an all-powerful state, completely incompatible with Libertarian ideals. Just look at the attempts of the Bush administration just to try to transform Iraq. Nor did European colonialism succeed in accomplishing anything positive either.

  37. How dare one ask the question " why " ? Because if you peel the onion, you will find that the cause of all the terrorism is ISRAEL. It's paid pimps like Stein and the neo-cons , coupled with the whores in the House International Relations Committee, are placing our country on the receiving end this blow back.

    Ron Paul is dead right. Stein move to Israel and forgo your dual citizenship.

  38. Eric Dondero’s Libertarian-Republican fondness for war is exactly why I gave up on the Libertarian Party back in 2001. When the bugles sounded and the flags waved calling for revenge and massacre of innocent people just because of their religion, I saw that the leadership of the Party had the same gung-ho blood thirst as the knuckle dragging GOP “warriors”. I was a Life member of the Party indicating that at one time I gave serious money, but for now ole Dondero can call me a “leftist who checked out of the libertarian-fascist Roach Motel”

  39. Funny, I left the Libertarian Party in the late 1980s for exactly the opposite reason: It had been taken over by a bunch of David Bergland-ista, extremist anti-War Leftists.

    When I first joined the LP in 1985 there was a very active Pro-Defense wing, called the Libertarian Defense Caucus headed by Mike Dunn in Washington State, Kevin Bjornsen in the WA LP, Darlene Brinks and John Hospers in Calfornia and even Robert Poole of Reason Magazine who was a big Pro-Defense Libertarian at the time.

    But then the Anti-War Kooks took over and kicked out all the sane people on Defense.

  40. Eric Dondero:

    Are you also "Pro-War" on Liberalism and Conservatism, and on Democrats and Republicans. After all, those ideologies and parties also oppose most of the "positions" you list as yours.

  41. Obviously, Ben Stein is a senile idiot. He heard Ron Paul speak of the US as "occupiers," heard only the word "occupier," immediately rose to defend the alleged "occupiers" which he must have thought of a smear against the alleged (in Stein's mind) Israeli "occupiers," and said "AHA! Anti-Semitism!", and did it rather badly! He defended an occupation by denying that it was being done by occupiers! Stein didn't even wait for RP to say something about the Israelis!

  42. .
    Pro-War, Imperialist, money-wasting, paranoid, telling other people what to do Libertarians ?
    Maybe the following quote explains everything:
    "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
    — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    The best way to wreck the conservative party, the labour party, the republican party, the democratic party, the green party, the libertarian party ………is to infiltrate it…….take positions of leadership within it,……. and ultimately compromise its principles and objectives.

    1. Exactly the opposite. We oppose Radical Islam PRECISELY! cause we don't want anyone telling us what to do.

      We don't want Muslim clerics issuing edicts that all our girlfriends and wives have to wear ugly black burqas from head to to. We don't want to watch our Gay friends have their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths and then hanged in the town square. We don't want to see "loose women," and prostitutes stoned to death in our fields. We don't want to see our marijuana smoking buddies thrown in jail for life.

      Again, you CANNOT! call yourself a real libertarian and align yourself with Sharia Law. The two are mutually incompatible.

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